Spent all my life laighing at boomer memes

>spent all my life laighing at boomer memes
>see pic related
>It's literally me

How do i became autentic? Already threw alway the piercings.

How do i became a authebtic amd interesting girl?

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Sorry i'm nervous, it's like being hit with a truck of perceptions

Just be interesting lol

Get a better hairstyle.

How do i do that? I just copied badass girls all my life, but all my friends are like me now.
I'm just a brick in the wall.

How old are you?

I don't get it - what are those pics of?


>How do i became autentic? Already threw alway the piercings.

I don't know how throwing away a part of yourself that you held dear for years is supposed to make yourself more authentic. it sounds like you're trying to be more of a normie reeeeee

I mean yeah I get that eventually you gotta grow and can't be playing goth or punk into your 30s and beyond, not unless you're in a band or something, I went through that. The difference is that I kept my long hair and even though I don't wear any of that shit anymore, I still kept my punk jacket and shitty band shirts and accessories.

Sort of like how I managed to hang out to old comic books. I threw out a lot of shit from when I was a kid and then a teen and I regret pretty much all of it.

So your formative years are behind you
Sorry. You're destined to be a basic bitch

>what are those pics of?
Don't know all of them but I guess mainstream "badass" women.

Like Daria, Mia Wallace, the blue hair lesbian, the big titty girl from Mean Girls etc.

Do things that make you happy and stop worrying about whether or not it makes you unique. That is literally the definition of authenticity. You're really over valuing this whole "gotta be a unicorn" thing. There are billions of people on the planet and at least several hundred thousand in your country, there are bound to be patterns and repetition. Personally, I think this overinflated individualism a bullshit marketing technique made to encourage people to buy things thoughtlessly. "Everybody is unique, therefore every fleeting impulse that goes through your head should be obeyed because you're special and can't possibly be wrong. :) "

Manic pixie dream girls.

Quit copying everyone then you looser, just bee ur self

Why anyone would like to be Mia wallace?

She does drugs, fuck bitches and do whatever she wants.

Also gets the BBC

She almost died in the worst way possible and tried to cheat.

I hope you didn't throw away your nipple and clit hood piercings.

You my friend, have awful taste.

Female characters with personality disorders

>How do i became autentic? Already threw alway the piercings.
Getting rid of one aesthetic to please another group of peoples' aesthetic is the opposite of being authentic. You're more authentic with the piercings if they are actually what you want. Letting internet memes affect your sense of self is also the opposite of authentic. I think you need to get away from the internet and stop getting your cues from other people.

>worrying about being authentic
This be however you naturally are, you don't need to be special or different.

Just be*
God damn I'm bad at this.

Also, pretty much this.

>piercings are bad
fuck off normie