I feel like I've been fucked over by almost everyone in my life I tried to be nice to and years of being treated like...

I feel like I've been fucked over by almost everyone in my life I tried to be nice to and years of being treated like shit have ruined my kind and empathetic views and turned me into a crazed and hateful person. I have no one I can talk to and basically all I want is revenge against a long list of people because I can't shake terrible memories. What do?

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Get therapy and digest these feelings so you can move on.

I did and I'm not sure it even made a marginal difference, I'd consider going back and maybe trying harder to make it clear to them I wasn't fucking around and I have problems but it's not convenient for me right now and I have some concerns about privacy.

Fuck you guys responding to all the 'no gf' and 'im a girl teehee' threads but not ones about actual problems

You gave up on therapy, dude. How can we solve this for you in a day? I do have some advice, though. Notice how when things don't go your way you get mad and start throwing shit. THat's not gonna make people like you.

'you stopped going to therapy so therefore this is all your fault and I dont have to even respond haha entitled much?' go to hell

You stopped working on it. What can we do against that? It's up to you to want to try. We can't make you magically believe people are good. That takes effort, you need to address the deep-seated trust issues you have and find better ways to engage. Jow Forums can't solve that.

In the same position as op, blow your brains out. You people could be suggesting something that helps other than therapy.

OP, invest in yourself and fuck everyone else. Take up something YOU personally enjoy. It doesn't matter what it is as long as you immerse yourself in it. Make yourself happy first.

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I mentioned one specific thing that I stopped doing, and that was just because the therapist declared me 'cured' despite never really engaging with me on the original problem and at that point in my life I thought I was ready to forget about it all. I've been trying really fucking hard to do better and have made serious *tangible* improvements to my life and am a lot happier when things are going well but I still have what are essentially PTSD flashbacks dozens of times a day (and we're talking actual shit here, not going to go into it but trust me this isn't all just bullying on the playground) and it feels like its getting worse, not better. I've tried all the normal things but I can't do it on my own and no one has really bothered to help me despite my asking.

If you're the kind of person who listens to this and responds by just trying to show me how cool and well-adjusted you are in contrast while telling me that of course its my fault (because if I was actually trying then of course everything would be perfect right?) and the fact that I would even be annoyed just shows how I deserve to be this fucked up, then you're a cunt and I hate your guts.

So closing off even further is going to solve his issues? I don't think you have thought this through.

>If you're the kind of person who listens to this and responds by just trying to show me how cool and well-adjusted you are in contrast while telling me that of course its my fault

Dude, you didn't get a reply for 40 minutes and you started throwing shit. That's why I called you out. I'm not flaunting my own life, when did I even do that?

I'm trying to explain to you that Jow Forums doesn't replace therapy. For example, the dude up there trying to help is telling you to give up on other people. That doesn't solve your problem, you'll still be lonely and angry! You need to face this and deal with it. And we can't be there for you. A therapist can.

you have to talk about it until you've said it all enough times to be sick of talking about it

I think you're an idiot.
If his negative stimuli is people and he has no desire to be in contact with them because he's obviously hurt by people then I see no problem with investing and improving oneself and ones state of mind through new hobbies. It's actually therapuetic. I was completely alone after being abandoned so I picked up the piano, I didn't have anyone to prove something to and I did it for me. Now everyone thinks it's so interesting that I play and they want to hear. Now I have 3 carefully selected friends that I talk to, hang out with, and have fun with despite being shit on by people my entire life.

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It wasn't at you for not replying to that one, moron. It was the fact that it seemed to have already died when any girl complaining about her shampoo bottle being empty would have 20 replies before she refreshed the page and even virgins bitching about women usually do better than this. And this isn't a substitute for therapy, it's just a convenient option to talk to people who (I thought) wouldn't try to make me feel worse about it.

How did you make those friends? By sitting alone at home playing piano?

What do you want to hear from us? Get help! That's all we can offer. Notice how your pretty friend above is more concerned with fighting me than with helping you. That's not the sort of people that you want to advise you.

I have some skepticism but this is a valid theory, I'll consider it.

It's not all people that I hate but it's a whopping fraction of them and I've gotten burned from people I got close with so many times that I'm losing the ability to go on, I can't handle pleasantries anymore because I'm just to fucked up to put my heart into anything. I've been having a lot more fun on my own (with a few good friends I keep at a healthy distance) but my mental issues may be getting worse. My issue with therapists is really just that they openly claim therapy doesn't do anything, I kept waiting for my therapist to give me some real advice or insight but he just listened and even seemed to enjoy my suffering as an 'interesting situation', no help given ever.

There are a million things you guys can say and I've already heard some of them in this thread from everyone except you, go fuck yourself.

>I kept waiting for my therapist to give me some real advice or insight

That's not their job. They don't tell you how to live, they listen to you and give you a place to work those things yourself. YOU work it out, not them.

Then there's no point and you're just giving me the run-around, retarded cunt.

That's the best you can hope for in here, too. We can't solve your issues. We can't tell you "Do this and your life will improve". You have to make up your mind and work for it. Don't be lazy.

You ignored everything I said and youre a low-iq loser

Okay retard I'm going to elaborate on why youre retarded so you won't do it again somewhere else. First of all, if you think asking for advice is pointless then there's no reason for you to post on an advice forum. "Just work for it" is only useful advice to people who do nothing at all, it's insulting to people like me who try hard but seem to be headed in the wrong direction, we already have the work, we need information. Even simple goals like getting physically strong can't be accomplished by "just working for it", if you don't know what you're doing you can actually end up making yourself less strong by lifting weights, that's why one of our most popular boards is dedicated to discussing all the complicated ins and outs of picking up pieces of metal (you should note that Jow Forums is one of the only boards that actually gets people results, that's because they have a wealth of practical knowledge and opinions that they share).

Emotional issues are way more complicated and you can't always just strong arm your way through them with the force of your will, I punched a wall a few minutes ago out of generalized rage but I'm still a PTSD-ridden screwball, should I punch harder next time? I've been trying hard to deal with myself for years but I see no real options that I can just get up and do, so I'm seeking help from people who might have knowledge and experience I don't. If no one in the world has anything useful to say about a problem, it's probably an unsolvable problem. Hope it's not in my case, I hope I can get some advice or insight that will steer me out of the fucked up path I can't get off of, but thanks to cunts like you it's hard to get the tiny speck of it I hoped for here.