How dominant of a man do I have to be to get a bitch like this?

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He's pretty damn dominant user - like, the most forward, charismatic (yet intelligent) man I've ever met. But also built like a Greek God and treats me amazingly.

Fuck off faggot.

You don't need to be THAT dominant, most women actually like the feeling of being woken up by you fucking them in the middle of the night.

Funny story : couple years ago, and believe me I was no Chad Thundercock at the time, I fell asleep after not having slept for like maybe 30 hours or something like that, and when that happens I get into a weird state of altered consciousness just before I fall asleep for good, when I think I'm in a dream and can do whatever and have a weird logic, while I'm actually not asleep, hard to describe.
And so I fell asleep like this, with my gf in the bed, in the spoon position (me being big spoon), and I instinctively started to rub my cock against her ass, then processed to fuck her. I don't actually remembered any of this when waking up but she's the one who brought it up and told me I done this and she liked it and wouldn't mind me doing it again.

Since then I have retold this story to a fair amount of girls and every single one of them thought this was hot and was up for it.

As for the rest of this post on your screen, I think it's more about the kind of person the girl is than how dominant her man is. Some girls just want to be the best gf possible and please you the best they can.

If you're good looking, girls will let you do anything to them. You don't really have to be dominant just good looking.

My boyfriend isn’t afraid of being a sexual entity and that really makes me hot. He wasn’t a milqetoast faggot scared of claiming a girl as his like so many dorks who tried dating me. If he feels like groping my ass, it’s getting groped. If he feels like kissing me, I’m getting kissed. Our first kiss he just grabbed hold of me and it was really exciting instead of some bitch stuttering if he was allowed to kiss me.

Not really. I’ve gone out with some guys who were really cute but complete girls in term of dominance and they didn’t even get so much as a handshake from me. No girl wants to be with a dude who’s boylike and frightened of shit.

So basically, women are objects?

More or less.

Well this kind of fits in well with what says actually. You don't have to be dominant as far as personality goes, you just need to act dominant around them.

Like, you can be the most beta faggot in the world, if you make yourself slap her ass unnoticed, you're good. Women think they can make the difference btw, but protip : they absolutely can't.

In terms of sexuality, most of them like to be treated like one, yes. Not all of them, and not all the time, and most like some respect outside of sexy stuff (otherwise there's some underlying mental issues).

I'm afraid that post smells of larp.

I wouldn’t say that, we are people after all. But we do wanna feel like we’re just totally owned by a mostly benevolent dictator.

Not even. I'm the user who wrote that post - and the first post in this thread is also mine.

I've never said no to sex with him in 2 years of our relationship.

I'm seven years deep in mine and my girlfriend has never said 'no'-- more like she or I will notice the time and go 'holy shit we have to be up in three hours we need to sleep'

It's not about dominance. It's about actually wanting, and being wanted, like that. And the thing about that is it's not like it's something that just falls into your lap.
A lot of guys don't get it, though, they keep muddling through life with this "I N E E D TO HAVE A GF" air and they just never get rid of it or find a way to live life for themselves and they never understand why that's horribly unattractive to pretty much everyone.

Every thing is an object. Every human is an object. Even when you add "sexual", you're not saying anything wrong. Saying that women are sexual objects does not imply that they're not humans and living beings. If your dick is hard, she's an object of your desire.

I mean, for fuck's sake, people should look up "object" in the dictionary.

>most women actually like the feeling of being woken up by you fucking them in the middle of the night.

No that would be rape actually.

kys, moron

What an excellent nuanced response and thought out argument

>this entire thread.

Everyone posting ITT is a male incel. I can smell it.

Real women aren't like your animu waifus who squirm and cry when a man sneezes next to them. They actually want a guy who shows that he wants to fuck them, and they want to be fucked good.


Normal advice from normal people

This. My bf does respect my boundaries and if I’m not into something he’ll stop, but he’s sure as shit not afraid to go for it. And that gives me permission to just go for it too instead of overthinking or being self conscious, “if he’s not afraid, why should I be? If he’s so into me, what do I have to feel self conscious about?”

>Women think they can make the difference btw, but protip : they absolutely can't.
Are you saying women can’t tell the difference between a man who’s generally dominant vs one who’s only dominant with them?
I can’t speak for all women, but I’d say it doesn’t matter. Who cares if he’s a beta fat with everyone else as long as he’s getting the job done where it counts? Unless it’s a situation where I’ll be fighting his irl battles for him or something. It’s like what they say about women, you want a girl who’s whore in the bedroom, a chef in the kitchen, etc. Imagine if I was just a whore all the time.
A man doesn’t need to be dominant in every facet of life, how one-note.

Behold, the liberal faggot. Unable to argue logically he begins to spout wild strawmen.

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I'm a stupid insecure pussy of a man, and I'm dating a girl who I really like. Please tell how I'm stupid and how I need to man up and take what I want. I have anxiety issues and need to force myself to get past them. I'm planning on asking her to be my girlfriend tomorrow and I need to change my tone and not be so hesitant

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Why? She should be the one asking you

Do you really think that? We've been dating for 2 months and every time I mention that we haven't had "the talk" yet, whatever girl is in the room tells me I need to get on that. From their perspective, I should have asked already

shut up onions boy i love waking up to wet panties dripping in my husbands cum from when he had zombie sex with me the night before. its not rape when hes fucking you on the bed/sheets/home he paid for you femme , thats atleast what i subconsciously agreed to by tying the knot.

She’s just not that into you if she hasn’t given you the “Soooo...what are we?” speech. You making the attempt at committing first is a display of dependence. You want her on that side.

I really hate these games, I'm not into this at all. She seems pretty into me, perhaps my hesitance is pushing her away though. I gotta figure this all out. Maybe we're still not far enough into the intimacy zone for her to bring it up. What if she's just waiting for me to bring it up? I don't want to fuck this up by trying to play games that she isn't playing.

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How often you two see each other?

>wild strawmen.

Theyre paraphrasing actual statements from the thread.

Feminists always do this.

>Hey, girls are happy when you show off dominance over them


Please don't ask her. I did it once and it fucked the whole thing up. Wait for her to ask you, like ahat the other user said. Just keep going on dates until, she asks you. Make sure the frequency of the dates increase.

Idk, girls are great at being nonconfrontational, she could just as easily decide you MUST be bf/gf by now without actually addressing it. My bf had to bring it up with me and it didn’t seem beta or anything. Plus, if user’s kind of a pussy, she probably knows full well that he’s avoiding that conversation out of fear and not because he’s coolly running the DENNIS system on her.

Paraphrasing and misrepresenting are not the same thing

Well, we see each other at [spoiler] church and Bible study [/spoiler], so at least twice a week usually. Then usually we can fit at least one date during the week. She works two jobs and is spending time with her cousins whose parents died suddenly, but she always finds time for me it seems. We went out on Sunday night and we're seeing each other again tomorrow to rock climb. A few weekends ago she also took an entire Saturday off to go on a day trip with me and some friends, and because she took that Saturday off, she had to pick up extra shifts elsewhere.

I don't want to exaggerate things, but it feels like she's giving me a good chunk of her free time. This is the most effort I've ever had a girl put into seeing me.

I think you're right, actually. Now that I have a second to think about it, there's no need to rush things.

Fuckin forgot spoilers don't work on Jow Forums

I think she sort of gets that I'm a bit weird and that I'm moving slower than I should. One time we were driving back from the day trip and sitting in the back seat together, and she decided to sleep against me. I kinda had my arm around her but I was too stupid to really go for it, so she literally just grabbed my arm and put it around her waist. So... I dunno I think she understands what she's in for. Dunno if that's a good or bad thing but I think she has a picture of who I am at least

my bf is a fucking beta but i still fuck him whenever because i have a high sex drive

it’s not about you it’s all about your partner’s sex drive (typically predetermined by genetics)

First I was a liberal and now a feminist. Typical incel wolf cries.


Who did I misrepresent? The guy who says to fuck women when they sleep?

Can you quote it, because I’m genuinely not sure if that was even said now that I’m skimming the top of the thread again. There’s an anecdote from a guy who accidentally fucked his girl in HIS sleep, and anecdotes from women who enjoyed being generally dominated (and men with such experiences of women), but that’s as far as I can see.

>You don't need to be THAT dominant, most women actually like the feeling of being woken up by you fucking them in the middle of the night.

Most women actually do not like date rape. But I'm just a milquetoast limp wristed sotboy beta liberal feminist so what do I know lol go ahead and fuck women in their sleep and see what happens

That’s not saying “go forth and rape.” Read the rest of the post. And obviously you can and probably should discuss this sort of thing with your partner first, user was just saying you’d be surprised how many women would be up for it.

>date rape
>long term boyfriend enjoying you in your sleep

Does not compute. As long as he’s not hurting me or ignoring me if I say no then I’ll let him hump me to his heart’s content. We are lovers, that involves making love. Male and female like nature intended us to do together.

>most women actually like the feeling of being woken up by you fucking them in the middle of the night.

First of all

>most women actually being woken up in the middle of the night.

No. No one does. Men or women.


>most women

I wonder where he got that survey information from. Doesn't say anything about being in a long term loving relationship where the two talked about it beforehand.


>Male and female like nature intended us to do together.

The fuck did this come from lol

You’re boring, go away

>Does not compute. As long as he’s not hurting me or ignoring me if I say no then I’ll let him hump me to his heart’s content. We are lovers, that involves making love. Male and female like nature intended us to do together.
Ladies ans Gentlemen. This.

>t. Women, 12 years happily married

just need a girl that loves your cock and aims to satisfy, quote by my gf
also im a horny horny man that fucks 3 times a day unless sick

good guy satan speaks truth

What are you talking about? I love being woken up in the middle of the night. That’s why I set my alarm clock for 3AM. I especially like being woken up by a penis though. There’s nothing better than getting a penis in me at random while I’m sleeping.