Is the NPC meme just an incel cope

Is the NPC meme just an incel cope

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refresh me if I'm wrong but it's basically

>everyone but me is a mindless drone with no real intelligence or personality - they are but NPCs in a video game while I am the protagonist

when in reality, the people who say that are themselves some of the most retarded and boring shits on the planet.

so yes it is an incel cope

Yes, it is.

Spotted the NPCs.

That was something I used to think about as a kid in like the 2nd grade, but I soon realized that even if everyone else was a NPC I still had to live the rest of my life among them so it really didn't fucking matter at all whether this was the matrix or not because it was my reality.
So yes, it's just an incel coping meme.

Why do you have this peculiar obsession with "incels?"

If you despise them so much then why do you spend hours and hours shitposting about them daily?

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because they are for bullying, easy targets.

Do you base your self-esteem upon how much you are able to deride others?

Jow Forums is right around the corner, dumb frogposter

No, that's what incels do

not completely, but moment based sometimes

Projecting much?

>why do you spend hours and hours shitposting about them daily?
I don’t.
I’m not the only one that despises incels.

stupid frogposter

There's no need to samefag like you are doing.

Almost everything incels do is coping

Seems like you're punching down
That's not very nice

nicest treatment they'll ever get . I do what I want fag
get dabbed on

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Incels are subhuman and should kill themselves. I wish there was a way to detect them in the womb and eliminate them, but then again, we need serfs after all. But they should be carefully monitored and kept down, only existing at our will and only purpose is to serve us and society at large. I am a very normal, nice, altruistic GOOD person and I am morally superior to you because I say so and because I'm cool and you're not. I only care about social justice when it benefits me and my friends. Incels deserve their fate and their treatment. If you complain about this I'll have you killed or locked up.

A little early to be building strawmen this big halloween isn't until the end of next month

>mfw legitamitly don't know if you mean the incel- or incel-strawman- strawman

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It's very nice, I'm giving them the only legitimate grievance they've ever had so their complaining isn't COMPLETELY hollow and unwarranted, just mostly. It's hard work imagining injustices towards yourself all day so it's a nice break when someone actually does something to them for real instead of burying themselves in a hole and blaming the dirt.

Is the "incel cope" meme just roastie cope?
Not even memeing.

Women do not like to acknowledge their sexual privilege.

Seeing as I’m not a roastie


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everything Roasties do is also coping
yes, there are a lot of people who spend a lot of life coping with the fact that they make up problems for themselves

goodness, you guys.


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