Advice on getting rid of depression? Anything other than kys is helpful

Advice on getting rid of depression? Anything other than kys is helpful

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Find a hobby cunt.

You cant.

Run everyday for an hour

I walk every day for about to


Yeah whatever I said run.

Waking does not give you that rush I'm taking about.

Try what I'm said at least one week.

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I can’t run very much I’ve got eds and elder danlose it hurts me so much. Just walking is painful but I could try it

Drink beer or smoke or do molly

>Anything other than kys
It's only going to get worse unless you do something about it. Doesn't have to be kys but sure is an option!

Drinking and smoking weed but don’t wanna get into Molly I’ll go broke

"or" cunt, not all 3 at once you're just upping the effects to the point of anxiety at that point. also molly didn't work for me.

try a flat white and a lightly packed joint, see how you feel after an hour

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Already hit the bong so I’m not sad anymore but I can’t always be high/drunk

Go outside even just for a walk.


Avoid Jow Forums and world news and politics and facebook and tje internet in general

Experience new things.


Reach out for the help, don't be an idiot and whine about it on facebook all day, there are resources out there to help you get out of that hole.

Actual serious answer because I was in your same position a year ago.

If it's low-grade, exercise / better sleep scheduling / eating right / social interaction helps.

If it's actually really severe though, get professional help. Seriously, depression's a fucking bitch and sometimes it's impossible to get out of alone. I tried to get out of mine by eating like a health nut and running 4 miles every other day and all it did was make me look better while still feeling dead inside.

Nothing worked for me except medication, which was a literal no-joke fucking lifesaver. Not saying it works for everybody, but if you're posting on Jow Forums it's probably bad enough it's worth giving a shot. Maybe consider seeing a therapist or trying out some meds to see if any of them work for you. You're not alone, OP. Best of luck.

How severe was it?

Really, really severe. I was 'functionally' depressed, which meant that I still got good grades and was excellent at hiding it from the people around me through humor (and college kids are expected to drink a lot, so no one commented on that). It's easy to hide the fact you want to die if you're quick enough with punchlines.

Eventually, though, it got less and less functional to the point where I self-isolated really hard, pushed away all of my 'friends' (who were really people I didn't even like but drank a lot with), and ended up going weeks without talking to another human being outside of lecture or ordering food. Slept like 16 hours a day, stopped going to most of my classes, sure as hell didn't study. I just felt... nothing. No real highs or lows, just empty numb miserable blankness. Wouldn't wish it on my worse enemy. I actually only got real help because suicide wasn't an option for me and the concept of staying alive another 60+ years living like that sounded like a fate worse than death.

You're depressed because you're physically unattractive. Figure out how to be better looking and then the depression will go away.

this, and you never get out of depression completely, the medication just controls it effectively enough to live a normal life. unfortunately for me, I'm depressed and a sperg so when I went on SRRI's I was so hopped up on serotonin I tried to fight a cop. luckily I avoided jail by playing the autism card. but that said OP you need to seek professional help if you feel at all similar to as no amount of drinking or weed will help.


>not a single person asking why he's depressed
ty Jow Forums

If you're like me , you don't want to see a therapist that will look at you like a fucking "patient" and will just puke the shit he learned at college or whatever

do you know why you're depressed?

If yes , just try to resolve your problems
>can't stand your family/entourage anymore?
grow some balls and leave the house

If not, try to find why you're depressed and try to resolve it , or comeback for advices

If you're not like me and don't mind a therapy, then you're a fucking normie and I can't do anything for you

not OP but what 'resources' are there?

Try different things and get out of your comfort zone. I used to be depressed once my brother died It lasted all throughout middle school and most of high school. I took Army JROTC on a whim and we did various activities that just made me feel like I could do more than I was leading myself to believe. Made me more confident and wiling to try new things.

I'm still a bit socially retarded due to being a depressive loner throughout most of my adolescence, but I still don't stray away from conversation as that's the only way to improve. I don't really like to have many conversations though.


If you feel depressed and you have been for a considerable amount of time. The first thing you should do is take a very critical look at your lifestyle.

-do you exercise? If so, how often? (should be at least 2x per week)
-Do you get atleast 7 hours of quality sleep per night? (actual sleep, not lying in your bed texting)
-Do you have a healthy, varied and complete diet?
-How is your social life? Do you have plenty of friends and family to count on?
-What are your stress levels? Do you have enough time to relax and spend on your hobby's? (aka not working 80 hours per week)

If you miss any of the above, you should work on improving those. If you have all of them in check and you still feel depressed, you should go seek professional help.

Not OP but the thread applies. My social life is pretty much nonexistent. How do you build one as an awkward 25 year old?

>My social life is pretty much nonexistent. How do you build one as an awkward 25 year old?


(tennis, book club, cycling,painting, board games,etc)

Easier if you're in a city though.

>>not a single person asking why he's depressed

No one knows why they're depressed, that's the magic of depression. it just fucking happens.

If you know why you're depressed (your girlfriend cheated on you after your mom died) than that's not depression that's just being sad.

I know why im depressed and it makes it worse.
I could elaborate for hours, but being a human being is just a disgusting, unfulfilling experience.

>I could elaborate for hours

Then it maybe sounds like you don't know exactly. When people have actual depression, they'll try to scan the entire universe and existence itself to try and explain why they feel the way they feel.

Get over it you pussy.

Thats literally what I did.