It is very common for me to hear Morse code when I am trying to go to sleep at night...

It is very common for me to hear Morse code when I am trying to go to sleep at night. I think it’s the government sending me something but I am uninterested. Does anyone know how to get it to stop?

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Did it start after having dental work? Some older pager systems and Ham radio operators still use it.

Stop? Are you kidding? Start transcribing that shit

it's either tinnitus(which means you're shit out of luck and need to increase the ambient noise if it's too annoying to sleep) or an ear worm (the musical type), or you're just bat shit crazy.

if it's the second one it can be easily fixed by listening to some morse code messages on youtube until you've become tired of the same noise.

Happens nightly for a week the goes away for a few weeks. Has been happening for years now. Sometimes I see a strobe light in my eyes when I’m trying to sleep also. The Morse code is very rapid so it would be hard to transcribe.

For sure not an ear worm. Tinnitus I guess is a possibility but seems unlikely because of my age. Is the government outside the realm the possibility? I was thinking about getting a lead blanket to cover my head to block the signal

i used to hear muffled astrounuant voices and a TV flipping channels/ a male game show host in my head

i was on heavy psychiatric medication for depression but it gave me auditory hallucinations

if you’re not on any meds it could be an early sign of a schizo type disorder

get this checked out asap

what’s your age? my ex developed early mild symptoms of schizophrenia when he was around 16-17 and had full blown schizoaffective disorder by 21... if you’re older than like... mid 20s i doubt its a schizo disorder but either way still get it checked out


i’m tired

it is at the very least very unlikely
why would they target you out of all the people?
there is no reason for that and since most other people here do not experience this it's not something they just do to everyone

I’m almost 21. I started hearing it before age 19 but I can’t remember exactly when. It’s been around awhile I just ignored it. The only meds I take are adderal for my add but from what I read adderal is unrelated to hearing issues. I don’t think I have schizophrenia lol that’s not me

It could be a form of harassment

See a doctor man

You need to get your head checked. Those are auditory hallucinations, 100%.

Yes, government is outside the realm of possibility.

Not joking, man. Schizo can get really bad but if you catch it this early it'll do you a world of good. I feel for ya.

>I don’t think I have schizophrenia lol that’s not me
40% of people who get schizophrenia start showing symptoms around 19. You really need to get this checked.

by the government?
why? what could they possibly gain from that?
you're not nearly important enough for them to waste time and resources on just to play stupid pranks on you

>trying to reason with a guy who thinks the gov is sending morse code into his brain

>or an ear worm (the musical type)

Not even joking, if a neighbor is broadcasting code, some people’s head and teeth structure can pick up the broadcast. Your teeth are apatite, and like a crystal radio, it needs no electricity to amplify the sound.

Probably tinnitus

Which is a 24/7 occurrence... OP is describing something different.

I have tinnitus and i only notice it in bed. I have to plug my ears or sit in a silent room to hear it any other time.
It's not a 24/7 occurrwnce either. It can fade in and out and switch ears.

Tinnitus doesn't have to be caused by age. I'm only 28 and I have it a decent amount. It can be caused by listening to stuff too loud, even music just a little bit too loud over a long period of time.

It's pretty interesting how it works, really.

Tinnitus doesn't usually manifest with a belief that the men in black are sending secret messages to you.

It follows me around so if it is that it would have to be coming from something that goes with me. I’ve heard it in four different places I have lived

Well then it’s not actually radio. Mental.