I'm 21, female, and in community college looking for a degree, now what...

I'm 21, female, and in community college looking for a degree, now what? I don't know what I was put on this planet to do.

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>I don't know what I was put on this planet to do.
You can start by making me a sandwich

But seriously, people twice your age still don't know the answer to that question, so the answer is that your life's purpose is whatever you decide that it is, and at 21 - there's no hurry, just 'be alive' until something meaningful happens.


How about you try harder and stop giving up? Fucking spend your weekends with a math tutor, my old community college had free tutoring, maybe yours has something like that too. That negative outlook is poison.

my community college in ohio has free tutoring for all subjects. look into that but at your college i know they have something similar

don’t give up

You think I haven't tried? I've taken the same math class twice along with two math computer classes twice, I've gotten tutors to help me, I've even reduced my class load during the semesters I've had to take math.

Oh hey I’m taking enviro sci and I’ve taken most of the math classes already if u need help

I get good grades in every other class, it's just math that's fucking me up. My physiatrist thinks I might have a learning disability, but I'd need to take a test to prove it.

CS is easy mode when it comes to actually getting a job and it is easier than engineering

my uni has a math assistance Center that had TAs in it all the time who could explain stuff. If yours doesn’t khan academy is good for intro calc

the tutors are nice but often don't know what they are talking about, I've looked through khan academy and it hasn't been much help either.

What's so bad about being a cashier or something like that? I really don't get dumb but wealthy people.

It's like if you don't study you're not worth anything anymore. But that's not true especially for woman. Studying is more like wasting your time.

I don't wanna be a cashier, that's my part time job right now and it's boring and only pays 9 an hour.
I don't understand, I do study, long and hard every day.

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But to answer your question, continue on your degree. If you're getting your AA then try some electives that give you a taste of what you really want to do. If you're really confused and want hands on, start job shadowing.

Well often than not people who go into degrees try to live with in their means. So instead of looking so inwardly focused look too see what you can do for society or environment that plays well to your skillset.
For me I chose theater because i love entertaining but that is a dead end unless i get lucky. So i have to find something else for the time being.
You are a female, so do you like animals? Think of being a vet tech? Or maybe you are a environmentalist so maybe park ranger? Or what about things like informing the public? Have you thought about being journalist? There are a plethora of options for a young woman like your self but as I see it its also very over whelming.
So I suggest finding out what you can do and finding jobs where they can be executed. Look at what you like to do on your free time.
What do you enjoy doing as a pass time?

If you are bad at math you need to be pushing yourself harder to study and memorizing formulas. Its tough but the more you push eventually it will stick in your mind.

A good starting point is making and raising babies.

You have the power to create life. That's pretty damn cool.

this isn't the 1950s

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Nature has pulled you out of the void to do its bidding and it will discard you when you are no longer useful to it.

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If you still don't know what you want to do after the semester, drop out and get a job if you weren't before. Take no aide from parents or anyone else in any shape or form except food and clothes maybe.

Being entirely self responsible to survive will put your life into perspective, and give you a clearer image of the goals you want to achieve in life, and if any thing will give you time to explore (or develop, if you dont have any) hobbies on your free time which lead down interesting and fulfilling roads. Also hit the gym for basic exercise, by being more healthy you will feel more motivated to do other things

College is a scam that'll put you behind in the job market and in debt. Find a hobby. Put all of your energy into it.
I'd highly recommend a free trade school.
I'm also a directionless femanon but it'll all be okay
If you can try to rear kids now then focus on career, if you want kids at all.

You don't recommend college but you recommend a trade school? both can be free. You don't have to take a rip off deal. Several member of my family including myself actually profited from studying when you add up all the bursaries and rewards. Also, I took a loan deal that meant I wouldn't pay it back unless I got a really high salary. So I don't have to pay that (got a slightly above average salary) so double profit for me.

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typically universities and community colleges will require you to take a certain number of credit hours in various subjects not related to any major, you don't have to declare a major until these are completed. Take a look at what your college has to offer and if it counts towards the general degree, take a few classes in a diverse range of subjects and you'll probably find something you like.

Idk mang, med school doesn't seem like a waste of time :^)

anally raped my financial funds tho

Wait, just how difficult is this math?

Algebra 2, but I'd have to take more then just that and go above that.

You're generalizing how degrees work as a mechanism to earn a higher level of income.

Allow me to be frank and agree and disagree with what you said here.

>College is a scam that'll put you behind in the job market and in debt.
If you do research into what types of jobs are available to specific degrees, you will not have wasted your time. An example is how I live in California. I researched the types of jobs my field has to offer, based upon degree, and chose which career path made the most sense. I decided on Organizational Psychology because I plan to get a PHD. In my state, and I believe it might be my state alone at this point, Organizational Psychologists are very sought after. The starting pay, with a PHD, is anywhere from 80-100k, where you start earning upwards of 140k at 5 years of experience.

I don't think College is at all a scam, but it is not realistic for all career paths. Take, for example, the Humanitarian arts sect of the Liberal arts. Those majors do not, on average, produce well-paying jobs. Good luck getting a job if you are a Philosophy major.

>I'd highly recommend a free trade school.
I agree that this is a good path for some people. If you are GOOD at school, studying, and getting high grades I might suggest you go the University route as it can be more lucrative IF you pick the right major for where you live.

A lot of people go to Universities and think degrees are synonymous with getting a job. That isn't, nor ever was, how this system works. You need to do research and prepare an optimal long-term career path.

Not that user, but I dropped out and started a business. It's doing well and we are starting to expand, im able to live nicely and am fully independent. The way college is marketed to us in general is a scam yes, but school itself is not. Like you said it depends on the degree and the networking you do.

On a personal note, I suggest doing something that makes you happy, because if you're only doing something to make lots of $$$, there's tons of way to do that without ever stepping foot on a campus