Spicing sex up in the bedroom

I’m kind of tired of the routine sex I have everyday with my gf. I want to add something new and hot.

Any advices or toys to buy?

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What kind of routine do you have? I warmly recommend buttplugs if she might be into that, great orgasms. Start small to ease her into it.

role play with her different scenarios, like you are the boss and she is your secretary, she is the teacher and you are a naughty student. it's fun, I do it with my gf all the time. I'm into supernatural stuff so last time we role played the scenario was that I find out that she is a Reptilian and her mission is to forcefully breed with me. shit was hot

Start choking her and slapping her face when fucking. It will turn both of you on more than you imagine

We already do anal

That sounds super nerdy

I choked her once and she hated it and asked not to do it again

Bad dragon

monitoring this

I'd just browse an online sex shop with your girl, get inspired and learn about each other's preferences/imaginations. They typically have everything organised in different categories that'll give you an idea of what's available and how it can be used.
If you're looking for toys, LoveHoney's a great one if it's available in your country. They have product videos for pretty much every device giving you an idea of what to expect, and lots of information about toy types/materials/etc. If you're American, Babeland looks amazing. They're online too, but also have very bright and friendly looking brick-and-mortar stores you can actually take your girl to without feeling like you're going to get a disease (never been, myself. They're not in my country and I'm jealous).
Check out pretty much any generic costume shop for slutty 'halloween costumes,' and fast fashion retailers tend to have pretty racy, cheap lingerie.
There are also plenty of sexy board/card/dice games around if you're a playful couple. That said, I find there's a LOT of garbage to wade through - lots of stuff is either boner-killingly wordy and convoluted, or else it's so simple that it basically amounts to 'pick one of these cards that says "have sex" and then have sex.' So you have to do some digging to find something good, or just pervert the rules of an existing game (like 'Monopoly but rent is paid in sexual favours').

tell her to wear a latex or wetlook lingerie next time. that's about it.

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Any toys in particular you recommend?

hedonistic thrill chasing in sex is the way of the homo, its why their degeneracy knows no bounds. i would suggest adding meaning to sex, it'll get you farther and last longer.
or dump your bitch and chase different ass

Lol try not fucking every single day? The issue isn't the sex is boring, the issue is that the two of you have turned it into a routine.

The LADY and I constantly want to fuck but we both agreed from the beginning that sex is way better when it's only a few time a week.

Daily sex is lots of fun in the beginning until you're only doing it because it's what you do every day.

Might not be what you're looking for, but I've been in your shoes in the past and since I've been doing it this way, sex has become way more fun.

>hedonistic thrill chasing in sex is the way of the homo

Getting pussy is gay

Asking this here can only do more harm than good, because they don't know what the other persons' preferences or limits are. This is a COMMUNICATION situation.

T. Clueless Cuck

Come back and talk when they put AI into your RealDoll™

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Oh cool. Which can you recommend me? And where did you get AI? Do you have like a robot inside it?

Go to Mexico, buy a midget and a donkey.

>That sounds super nerdy
Tap into her weird Freudian bullshit where YOU'RE the teacher and she's the highly illegal student. If you're educated in something she's not, you can sell it to each other more with a little study session. If she's got any old uniforms or mannerisms from adolescence that she wants to dust off, it's fucked up but hot for both parties.

Alternatively, you could get more daring with it. You could have her meet you somewhere after work, dressed up like a hooker, so you can pick her up and take her to a seedy motel. Keep in mind that if the cop sees you, he's going to stop you for about 20 minutes, 15 of which will be him laughing uncontrollably.

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You know what... I’ll give the student a shot

Do you have autism?

New location can do a lot, especially semi public locations - changing-rooms, elevators, bushes etc. There can be a lot of sexual tension build up when looking for spots...