My boyfriend is balding and I don’t know what to think of it...

My boyfriend is balding and I don’t know what to think of it. I’m only 19 and he’s only 20 and these feels to young. At this rate he’ll be bald in a year. What should I do?

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Tell him to shave it and don't be a retard.

What's wrong with being bald? Dwane Johnson is blad and he's hot.

Dwane Johnson is tall and has muscles

shallow bitch you don't deserve him. fuck you

Tell him to shave it completely and grow a beard.

Or buy a good wig. You'd be surprised at the quality of wigs these days. It doesn't come off even if you play soccer

you're young and don't have to settle for this, go find a guy with a full head of hair since this doen't get better over time.

If you're only attracted to him because of his hair then you're a total bitch. Enjoy it when your boyfriend breaks up with you because your tits are saggy.

Okay, well you didn't say he was also a midget with muscular dystrophy.

Dump him, if he is balding at 20 then his genes are shitty and your kids would probably have shitty hair. And it is just ugly, I would never date a bald chick unless she were a cancer patient and could grow her hair back.

Im not op. Was just saying

This desu. Dont pass down shit genes

He’s in good shape, decent height, has a handsome face, 8 inch dick and is training to be a Dr. Do you think his genes are shit because he’s balding? Really?

Was gonna say this. I’m 22 and my hair grows fine but I love being bald.

I was ok with my ex thin hairline but all my friends made fun of his so much I just couldn't take it any more and broke up. I didn't tell him why. He got another gf and it crushed me so one of my friends signed him up for hair club for men as a joke

That’s honestly incredibly... pathetic


Girls in a nutshell everyone. We can all go home.

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You are weak and simple-minded.

>one girl does something
>that's girls

My friends made fun of my boyfriend when he got fat, I told that even when he was fat he was still hotter than their boyfriends and they needed to shut the fuck up.

People who compare dating a balding guy to dating a balding girl

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>Do you think his genes are shit because he’s balding? Really?

No way unless they had fat bf's too

Good effort, you don't sound like a girl. You sound like a woman, power to you.

But people like OP and her merry band of thots are just girls that need to grow up.

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Don't tell him shit. If he brings it up all the time, tell him to either learn to love it or shave it. If you can't date him because of his hair, break up with him.

Just as much as hair plays a massive role in the female ego, the hair plays just as much of an equal role in the male ego.

If he hasn't noticed he's balding, he probably has a healthy ego that isn't filled with trivial surface level shit.

Nah, definitely. My boyfriend was model tier. He gained 30 pounds when he was on medication and he was still a 7/10. He's 6'3", muscular, and has a handsome face. He lost it in like 8 months anyway, not a big deal.
Their boyfriends were never 7/10s to begin with. Short, with ugly faces, or shit bodies.

Unless you really love him I wouldn't. Shit genes, wouldn't want my children to hate me when they go bald because I didn't have higher standards.

Your friends are jerks who don't have your best interest at heart, and you are weak

>me balding at 21but got gf
>new guy hovering so am concerned
>sneak peak her chat
>guy making his pitch to replace me
>she's kinda laughing everything off
>he asks why you with ME
>she laughs its not because his hair
>they go on to make fun of my head

She never said anything to me but here she is making fun of me with some guy trying to fuck her. Crushed, not sure I will get past this

They just pointed out the obvious about my ex, he had to know he was thinning and I never said anything to him about that, even when we broke up. He got serious with this other girl really fast

Break up.


I want to hate fuck you so bad.

would never even get close to happening user, not even a peek at what you're missing

Some men can definitely rock the shaved head look, those with good bone structure and confidence.

Man, I still remember this shy robot man, was a programmer and super awkward. Skelly looking, pale, and bald (his hair was thin and receding so he shaved it off) - but I still remember him after so long. We went out places but I don't think he ever wanted to be more than friends.

my bf's older brother is bald, but doesn't shave it all off only keeps it closely trimmed and I cannot help touching his head all the time. I know its weird and my bf saw me and told me to stop but I still do it.

She said she wasn't with you because of your hair, implying she was with you for other reasons. She laughed with him about your hair to put more distance between the real topic, which was hooking up with the dude, which she didn't want to do.

I know it's hard being insecure, but please try to see it this way.

rationally I get what you are saying but why did she make fun of me with him, like they had this in common, instead of telling him to fuck off. She has never said anything to me about my hair. I mean if some girl started making fun of my gf it would make me mad not a cause to joke around for 20 minutes. I can't even imagine how they act around each other irl

Honestly she’s just making light of a situation. She sound like a good girl who loves you

>this thread
Loling at people who think an above average height guy with great body and six figure income is bad genetics and ergo, a worse prospect then Johnny who's 5' 8" covered in Acne and works at Home Depot but has a full head of hair.

It’s just cope from full heads who have nothing else, just like people who think Manlets are fucked or people who think dicklets are fucked. You are the SUM of your attributes

Good on him moving on with his life, at least she isn't a shallow bitch.

Honestly if my gf went bald I would still love her. Most woman are the same

The final level of cope is a smart, tall, fit, hung, guy with a full head of hair who "doesn't know why girls don't like him" because he's too much of a pussy to approach.

Hair its just one thing but bad genes, addict, bad diet, etc. whatever the reason its only going to get worse and that's not considering the psychological effect it will have on him and how he'll change because of it. Ignore the bald guys in this thread and think. Do you really want to be around for that?

No. He sounds worth it, user. Just convince him to shave or get a hair transplant.

Rub your clit on his bald polished head.

Balding men have higher testosterone. Also he sounds really cool. Have his babies, user. Have a long and happy life together.

>Short, with ugly faces, or shit bodies.

Why would you associate yourself with friends with poor life decision making skills? If your friends are miserable its likely that they want you to feel as miserable as them.

What an awful logic. Chances are he’s bald because of genes and he’ll shave his head once it’s bad and still be the same man you fell in love with

This is like providence. I'm 24 with a boyfriend who is 25. He's a junior doctor. (We're in the UK, I think it's like America's residency stage?) He's intelligent, funny, kind, 6'2, about 5 pounds overweight but otherwise very healthy and very strong. Overall, he's a wonderful human. He also went from having thick dark curls when we were 18 to balding very severely by 24. A week ago, he finally had the big shave, and honestly? He looks great. If you love your boyfriend and have a good and happy relationship with him, that should matter more than his hair. Your friends sound like assholes, honestly I'd dump a friend who made fun of my guy before I dumped him for having a fairly common and harmless flaw.

Where did you get this guy being an addict from? You are making a lot of assumptions there buddy.

Call me immature, but I lol'd

Hi immature Im user. I never even touched or saw a clit. Huh...

My boyfriend seems on track of losing his hair and I'd be lying if I said it doesn't bother me in the least. I like playing with his hair and I like burying my nose in it. But that's only a tiny part of what I love about him and even when he losed his luscious locks he'll still be an entire mans worth of amazing. I'll just have to switch to playing with his beard.

Something about guys who shave their head is off putting and idk why. Maybe I just associate it with feminine jerks. Same with well groomed beards. But that's just a personal opinion I wanted to get out. Not even an opinion, just a feeling.

Why do you choose to be bald?

Get new friends you baby.

This desu.
Also, if he is worried about losing his hair maybe not comment on how much you love it. My boyfriend talked a lot about how much he loves my long hair. When I eventually had to cut it shorter I just couldn't believe any of his new compliments. (The only compliment I could still somewhat believe was "it's still long enough to grab and hold on to :)")

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>Chances are he’s bald because of genes
His chemical imbalance could be a genetic defect like you say or environmental or a combination. There's not enough information to theorize.

Learn to read, baldy. Also "drug abuse hair loss".

You sound sweet. I hope you worship that clit when you finally get to touch it user. Men who go down with enthusiasm are treasure.

95% of hairloss in males is hereditary male pattern baldness

Ctrl+F can't find anything about drug abuse hair loss in this thread other than your comment.

Have him grow a beard, it looks good.

>bald with good beard
majestic and sexy

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Fun fact, he started balding at like 19.

have him start taking Biotin. It stimulates hair and nail growth. I've been taking it for about a year and it literally reversed the beginning stages of baldness.

That just proves it. Bald men are superior men.


Mentioning drug addiction as a cause of hair loss has made both of you a little upset. Are you balding drug addicts?

Assuming a bald person is bald because of drug addiction is a bit retarded

Im a bitter woman hater. Too late. Proud incel, mgtow, omega, porn addict.

I dont even know if that was sarcasm...