Al/ck thread

Al/ck thread

>Slamming a beer in the bathroom at work edition

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This is an advice board, not a AA blog.
Either you ask a question or gtfo.

Wish I could do that.

It's already been established that it's acceptable here.
Lurk moar

Why drink beers when you can get drunk off a smaller amount of spirit instead?

>sainsbury's basics vodka
>aldi dry gin

Not op. In my case it would be because I can get buzzed safer with beer than vodka. You want to be fucked up enough to stand the work day, not so fucked you get spotted and fired for it.

Once I go down that road I don't stop until I'm out. Haven't touched anything but beer for about 4 months now. Last time I had some, it was a liter and a half of the cheapest shit you can imagine.


How do you control how much you drink? How do you sneak it in? I am working a shit factory job and have considered doing this but we aren't allowed to carry anything in.

Self control is the hardest. I rarely maintain that. Just use a flask with your favorite rum. Other than that leave a bottle in the car for when you grab a cigarette.

Hello friends, it's been a while.

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Interesting! I measure out my gin on a food scale for accuracy lol but I see what you mean.

These threads are the sad pathetic equivalent of DUDE WEED LMAO's
Your alcohol abuse isn't cute, funny, or endearing.
It just makes you a waste of space

The bottle will have to be my go to. We can only have clear bottles... fucking assholes can't run a business worth shit or maintain some actual fucking standards about their products but they do have a bunch of rules that prevent me from getting fucked on their shitty fairly safe job.


Bro you fucking drink on the job and you think you have the right to bitch about anything they do? Go fuck yourself and put down the alcohol you deadbeat

Not bad my man!
Their banned on /ck/
Jow Forums floods us with anime pics
Can we just borrow one spot on the catalog?

>tfw rather sweet guy wants to date me
>reject him because he's a full-blown alcoholic and destroying his life
>feels bad but it's for the best, dated a guy with alcohol problems before so I know

>meet another man, we start dating
>find out he drinks 5 beers or more every day too and he admitted he's a functional alcoholic

Am I destined for this? I try to cut down my alcohol use because it's been affecting me badly but the slightest encouragement makes me drink way more than I should

Huh, haven't been to /ck/ in a while, didn't know al/ck/ threads were banned.

Any way of hiding the smell of strong spirits from people who are VERY sensitive to the smell of booze?

Maybe you just get along with these people. Ironically they turn out to be like us 99% of the time. Limit your money when you go out so you don't even have enough cash to get shitfaced

not op and haven't done it yet. And when my supervisor has no medical training, like at all or supervisor training and there is no one else there because it is a newly started night shift, I think I do. I could break my leg, have a heart attack, or have any kind of accident and no one there would have any idea what to do. They literally shipped bags made with film so thin it would rip in your hands with the slightest movement. They did this because they didn't want to remelt the plastic and give their customer a decent product, nor did they take any steps to fix the problem. They have no routine maintenance but bitch at YOU when the machines break. The maintenance guy who is "on call" literally refuses to come in at night, which is when he is on call. My drinking, or so far lack thereof, is the least of their fucking problems.

Go see a therapist for your problem you autist

It's practically impossible, as it does seep out of your skin when we're digesting it.

Them fucking their customers out of their money is worse than me drinking enough to get slightly buzzed.

Two wrongs dont make a right
Didn't your parents ever teach you that?

I don't care if it is right enough I care about not killing myself. This job is making me want to die so IF I decide to drink it will only be on the days when it is bad enough that I can't function anyway. And I am looking for other jobs that will pay the same, so as soon as I am out of there I will stop. The only thing that might actually stop me is the fact that my supervisor is a fucking god compared to the rest of management. Sweet, caring, and kind. Willing to work with you no matter what, has relaxed rules because none of the rest of management is there and has defended us at multiple points. If I don't, she will be why.

Rate this drank
>Red Bull in a large cup
>add vodka until you can just barely not tolerate the taste, 6 shots sounds reasonable
>Drop in 400MG caffiene
>Play video games until you physically can't from mania

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>400mg caffeine

That's not smart.

I gotta tolerance, N00bs can do 200

Yeah I know, pisses me off when threads like "can I serve Merlot with lobster" get you 24 hr b& with no appeal. But this thread in all honesty suits /ck/ more than Jow Forums

It does suit /ck/ but I'm still grateful that mods here allow it.

Mods don't exist on this board that's the only reason you're allowed here

Oh ok. Well oh well