Is suicide really selfish? I never asked to be born, I never wanted this...

is suicide really selfish? I never asked to be born, I never wanted this. I've suddenly come to a point where I'm expected to make something of myself, but I was just born and went along for the ride

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yes it is selfish
nobody asked to be born so sorry to say it but you're not a special snowflake

when did I ever claim to be special? I asked if suicide in general is selfish, not specifically if my suicide will be
can you explain how it's selfish?

Because you will cause exceptional pain and suffering to your loved ones, simply because you were unwilling to deal with un-exceptional everyday pain. I had a friend who killed himself. Everyone in his family was just fucking destroyed by it. I've lost people, I know what normal grief looks like, this was different. Especially his mom has taken it so hard, everyone is worried that she will do the same thing, it's literally like she's dead inside already.

I know this. but what should I do then? just stay here and be a pathetic burden to everyone else? I have zero motivation to do anything

How old are you? What's so pathetic about you?

not him.

It's selfish because most people do it because they can't deal with life, their sole problem revolves around their capability or lack thereof to adjust to difficult situation. With a mindset that doesn't accept different viewpoints you disregard everything that you influence and has influence on you, mainly people. Your family, friends, co-workers, etc.

Suicide is ignorance and ignorance is selfishness because you won't accept any other possible explanation and resolve to an issue, just so you don't have to deal with it

>I have zero motivation
nope, youre just lazy. too lazy to get help you need, in fact

Yes, it is usually selfish unless you are saving somebody else from danger/harm.

>grew up with dysfunctional dad (no longer part of my life)
>on anti-depressants
>psychiatrist gave up on me because she couldn't figure me out, making me feel like a stupid waste of time
>couldn't finish high-school
>had to leave military because of a nervous breakdown
>pretty slow, people get frustrated when I get stuck with simple things
>all my friends have jobs or go to school
>can't find joy in anything
>sleep most of the day

It's just disrespectful towards people who went through a lot of trouble to have you and keep you alive.

Fake it. Pretend to be the person you want to be. Lie to yourself until you get enough things done so that your lie becomes reality. That's what every dream is in the beginning - a lie.

stop pretending like you know everything. I went to a psychiatrist which made me distrustful of them. she seemed like she was there for he paycheck and got frustrated with me

Psychiatrists/therapists are just people. They aren't all equally good. If you find someone that you actually "click" with, who makes you feel comfortable opening up, it can be very helpful. It's also possible you're on the wrong medication, or that being on meds at all is doing more harm than good. Revisit and re-examine your treatment, get second opinions.

As for the motivation thing - in my own life, the hardest part of doing anything is getting started. It gets easier once the ball gets rolling, but getting up off your ass and starting the process is hard. I never feel internal "motivation" to start a task, I have to kick myself in the ass and force it. But once I get working, depending on what I'm working on, I do feel motivated and even excited to keep going, do it as well as I can, and finish it. The feeling of pride you get from a job well done can be a big boost for your self-esteem, whereas the shame of sitting on your ass and doing nothing can be a massive drain, for anyone.

And why would you assume that and how can you take that one time experience as a reason to not go visit another one.

You are a grown up man, if you want to shit to be fixed you gotta do at least 50% of the work, that's taking the necessary step towards another shrink. There are tons of infos on the internet that help you understand conditions, there are tons of books and lectures on these topics, as well as a shit ton of forums and rating sites that can recommend good doctors.

Do something ffs

thanks for the advice
I know they aren't all like that. it just left a really bad taste in my mouth and I'm anxious enough as it is. I opened up all I could and really tried, and her giving up on me was extremely demotivating

Dude, I'm in a similar situation but I'm older than you. I'm 29 and a waste of human being. If you want to ask me anything I'm here.

sup man
what were you like when you were 21? what did it take for you to think "man I'm fucked"?

That was maybe the best moment of my life. I was in the second year of college after having dropped another degree the year before that affected a lot. But I started another degree and it all went fine.

So I was feeling the best of my life. Things going well for me in this new degree, having friends and going to parties with them, thinking about girlfriends, gaining confidence in me... Also around that year was when I met the only girlfriend I have had. So yeah, when I was 21 maybe was the best time of my life. From 20-25, those were the best years of my life. The only moment when my life had a course and I feel good about myself.

what was it that triggered the turning point?

I finished college in march 2015. Then in september I was going to start a post-degree. I started going the first days but I started to feel extremely nervous and having like panic attacks again. I say again because I had had 2 panic attacks the previous year. I was some months that I couldn't even go out of my house, much less meeting with friends, then I went to a psychologist and things seemed to get better and I started to meeting with friends again, etc. But then, as I said, I started having these panic attacks again when I started that post-degree. Specially when thinking about speaking in front of the class or similar things. Besides that I had lost contact with almost all my friends from college, I had had problems with my parents so I was very depressed for that too. So because of all of that, panic attacks and depression, I dropped that post-degree. Since then no more than a miserable life.

Suicide is selfish, in that you're taking your own "wellbeing" or happiness/lack thereof ahead of other people's. If you have family/friends then they would likely be happier if you were alive than dead. The government and society in general as well would likely prefer you remain alive, so that you can add value and productivity to society.
Now, the important question is: is your suicide MORE selfish than you continuing to live? Will your family be happier with you alive or dead?

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>The government and society in general as well would likely prefer you remain alive, so that you can add value and productivity to society.
Are even reading what you write?

>Are even reading what you write?
I try not to. That said I don't see what's wrong with that, at least the gist. Most societies expect their members to contribute to it at least some. The assumption is that you'll be worth more to your community alive than dead. Committing suicide therefore is selfish as it puts your wants/needs over the needs of your community.

Anyway, my point is OP that I imagine your family would be happier that you remain alive than dead: therefore your suicide would be selfish, and unless you are willing to take the time and effort to make your family so unhappy with you being alive that your death would be preferable, that you should not kill yourself.

Do you think that someone that has thought about the possibility of suicide is a valuable member of society or sees himself as one?

it is not. but you're stuck either you live or go to hell.

I don't really believe in hell

no, it's not.

Fuck everyone else. They won't do a god damn thing other than sit there and tell you exactly how you should feel. They won't help. They won't listen. They don't give a fuck about what you think and they never will.

It's not really, it's just your choice.
You can't unmake it though

>boyfriend of cousin apparently hung himself
>cousin changes facebook photo within a day to black image

who the fuck would think bother changing their facebook shit when something like this happens

dude leaves behind a kid of 5, now that does seem selfish to me

Just keep doing things you love.

If you do kys at least make it mean something. I'm not saying kill a pedo but kys livestream with a sign that you're pissed off the Clintons aren't locked up already.

I'm kidding. Just be like me and live for other people.

>Just keep doing things you love
My problem is that there are literally no things that I enjoy doing. Apart from instant pleasure things like eating, watching porn and masturbating, hot showers, etc.

>Just be like me and live for other people.
What do you mean exactly?

It's only selfish if peoples livelihoods rely on you, you have children for example.

If you don't then it isn't, if you have had enough then leave. I'm certainly considering the same thing at this stage.

What about reading or doing something you liked doing as a kid. You're depressed like me.

I live for other people. If I had no one that loved me, I'd kill myself.

>What about reading or doing something you liked doing as a kid.
I like reading but I don't have the motivation I had in the past. I have been reading a book since like a year and I haven't finished it. I haven't read a page since months ago. The only things I still read daily are Jow Forums posts, news and some things in Wikipedia.

>If I had no one that loved me, I'd kill myself.
I have people that love me. The problem is that I don't love myself and I can't stand being with my parents for example because I think living with them so much time is the main reason that I ended up being so psychologically destroyed as I am now.

It takes time and work to crawl out of the pit, but it's worth it. I suggest you read 12 rules of life by J. Peterson.

Yes unless you don't know anyone never bonded with anyone never took any help

t. Bootlicker

Thank you but I already cleaned my room.

>I never asked to be born

You also never asked to not be born.

I'm looking forward to when the government of canada makes promiscuity illegal and incels are given universal girlfriends, peterson truely is a genius.

I sure as fuck would if I knew things were going to be like this

I just don't give a fuck about anything anymore but won't kill myself because nature will do that sooner or later. The only fear I have is that my parents kick me out of the house and I have to go live in the streets but I don't think they could do it.

Would you please consider co-signing a mortgage? I just really need a hand getting a loan to buy a $39,000 home.

>is it selfish?
Stop asking answers

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funniest shit I've read all week

If people would care so much about you you wouldn't feel suicidal in the first place.
The people around you fucked up, if you kill yourself they won't care that you're gone, they will care because they look like horrible people to the rest of the world that got someone to kill themselves.

But even after all this my advice is to keep going, because no life situation can be worse than death, they all are temporary

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Just wow

It sure is selfish, it is not about anyones life, it is your own one. Every human on this planet has the right to end his life, it does suck for the others and sure is no thing i want to happen to anyone. But after years and years with mental problems you may hit rock bottom and want to end it all, reflect about yourself and the situation you are in and think about it if this what should happen. What still can come, good and bad.

>fake it
Yea throw yourself further down the pit. Rather stay who you are and ad some sarcasm and self irony

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thank you for being understanding

Well if they are going to do it, at least something good can come out of their lack of care.

>they all are temporary
I would like to think that is true but I think that there are things that are forever with you and don't change.

>because no life situation can be worse than death, they all are temporary
* Being Mexican
* Torture
* Being African
* Being fat enough to have no visible penis
* The crippling reality that people are all designed to be hollow sociopaths in your mind every waking moment
* Groundhog day on the worst day of your life ever conceived
* Thinking skateboards are a socially acceptable means of transportation
* Being stupid enough to believe vaccines are evil/the world is flat

There are many situations that are worse than death.

Truth is OP, you can't die even if you want to; you will always awaken in another time line where you took another choice. This is your prison. Where you die in one reality, you awake in another, with the slightest shift to the left you'd never know you'd killed yourself.

you can move, lose weight, go on meds and so on
no situation is forever
well the torture would suck but you're privileged enough to waste your time on a vietnamese knitting forum, so you're just a little spoiled cunt that doesn't know what real pain is

No. If someone actually wants to die, it isn't that hard to just buy barbiturates on a dark net market and eat about 100 of them, or OD on fentanyl or some other opiate. You don't really have to make something of yourself though. Everyone ultimately just make worm food or ash in the end. Live your life however you want. For as long as you want. Fuck anyone judging you for what you want to do or how you are.

Said the pot, to the kettle.

Laziness is usually just a dysfunctional dopamine system or some other biopsychosocial motivation issue. You can't just will yourself to be less lazy. If you can, then you weren't lazy in the first place and you would already do so.

The economy will figure out how to handle you sooner or later. Personally I would rather be dead than a hobo. But I would rather work than either.

I love you OP. Don't kill yourself.

Life's pretty short anyway...
Stick around for the ride!

>It's just disrespectful towards people who went through a lot of trouble to have you and keep you alive.

>It's just disrespectful towards people who went through a lot of trouble to have you and keep you alive.
That is one of the reasons that I don't want to have children. Imagine working all your life to give the best life to your son and then he becomes a total disaster like me. Imagine the guilt you would feel or the despair seeing that all your work didn't was for nothing. Imagine the shame watching that all the other parents talk about how proud they are about their children and your son is just a thing that exists, nothing more.

Your argument is absolute horseshit. You argue that under some conditions suicide is a legit solution, which at no point was even remotely the question that was being asked.
The question was, quote: "s suicide really selfish?", not if it's justified by any condition.

Stop posting

Just wait, motivation will come at its time, u cant rush things. Find something u like to do, there must be something. If not, then just learn to enjoy what youve got. And no its not selfish. They are selfish for expecting something, to make them proud. That makes them think they did a good job as parents.

Fuck I deleted my reply.

>is suicide really selfish
Well it's kind of centered around the self. It will probably hurt your loved ones if you do it, but you would need to weigh that with all other relevant factors.
Sorry I wrote you a long post and accidentally deleted it. Is that like suicide?
It would be hypocritical of me to say you shouldn't feel this way because I'm suicidal, but try to get counseling and see if it helps. You may discover some new reasons to live.