I have no idea how to deal with this

A friend of mine just told me that she was sexually abused by her father as a child. What do I even do here?

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You just say "I'm sorry that happened to you," and give her a hug. Ask if there's anything further you can do, ask if she's ever reported it, but... these things are extremely complicated, sometimes there is no good solution, it is her family and her decision if/when she wants to tell people about it. Encourage her to report him and get justice, but don't try to force it

Jow Forums answer: Masturbate to the mental image of it happening
Actual answer: Don't let it bother you, be supportive towards her, and treat her the same as you did before. She is the exact same person as she was before you knew this, nothing has changed. Don't baby her or be overprotective.

>Get a ski mask and baseball bat
>Go to her dad's place on Halloween
>Break his legs and act like nothing ever happened.

>Only let her know
>She'll see you as a protective alpha
>You will now be her father figure & male role model.

>A friend of mine
Ditch her.

Literally cut off people like this from your life as they will only breed drama and all sorts of messed crap.
Next thing you know, you try to support her, she tries to find a lost father figure in you and winds up repeating the story and accuses you of rape in the #MeToo era.

Unfortunately it's out of the statute of limitations in our state and I'm not really nearby enough to do much in person.
I wasn't planning on that, but I want to help and really don't know what to do.

>implying I'm a man
Also she still lives with her parents and brother so I can't go all Keiichi in Tatarigoroshi-hen.

The best way you can help is by being there for her, you can't fix her and you can't really alleviate the pain.

>again, implying I'm a man

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you know the rule for femanons

>Implying women can't be alpha father figures or role models
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How old are you two even?.. Jesus. You can't do much but I suppose being there for her would be very nice. Personally I'd tell her how sorry I am for what happened and that I'm in a way happy that she would trust me enough to share something like this with me. I would basically support her in any way I could. Try not to change your attitude towards her, don't make her feel like you see her as a victim or with pity.

>she tries to find a lost father figure in you and winds up repeating the story and accuses you of rape in the #MeToo era.

t. pic related

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I'm 19, she's 22. I've pretty much done that much already.

Wear the same aftershave as him, and make her call you daddy when you tuck her into bed. That will ensure your healthy relationship continues to flourish and blossom


femanon here who was sexually abused by a family member.
Support her, believe her. Say you're sorry that happened to her. Say you'll always be willing to listen if she wants to talk about it or seek help. DONT ask for details unless she offers info. If you are present during an interaction with her and her father be senstive about how you handle that; don't make it clear that you know anything, but try to keep them apart. Eg. she's talking to dad and seems uncomfortable. You: hey friend, can i borrow you for a minute to talk about x project. you take her aside and ask if she's doing okay or needs help getting out.

I've pretty much done this so far, so I guess that's good.

Just to let you know, women do this type of shit to weak men.

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Not deaf either?


Get sexually abused by her father too so you can relate.

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What have I become?

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Asking this here is the worst place...

She needs therapy right away, you aren't capable of handling it. If you care about your friend, don't want to see her kill herself, become a hooker or drug addict, you need to get her to talk to someone. If she is protective of her dad, make sure she gets the therapist to agree not to contact authorities before the first appointment.

I can't really force someone to go to therapy, though I did suggest it. As far as the law is concerned, it's out of the statute of limitations in our state so there's probably not much that would happen to her dad at this point.

Talking to somone isn't the same as going to a therapist, start from there, get your friend someone to talk to if you think talking to you isn't enough.

You say something like this:

>Shit man, I'm so sorry. Thank you for telling me. Is there anything you need to say/need me to say?
You let her say yes or no or go into a rant. When she's done and you've listened, you go
>Well, I appreciate what it means to disclose this to me. If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you. [compliment about being brave or strong or whatever if you feel like it]
Then you never bring it up again unless she does and don't tell anyone unless she says you can. That's pretty much it.

t. woman with sexual assault experience who also has done crisis training

Of course. But I don't know who could convince her to go to therapy.

That's basically what I did

Then you're good. Don't press it further and stop worrying.

Alright uwu

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