How could I improve myself to become interesting to women?

How could I improve myself to become interesting to women?

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Grow up. Stop being an idiot. Once you do you will understand why this question is worthless.

Sorry I'm a brainlet, why is this question is worthless? If I could improve myself in the right aspects maybe I could get a gf.

Improve your social skills and try to think before to say something.

stop thinking about improving yourself just because of women. improve yourself for yourself and women will come along

>If I could improve myself in the right aspects maybe I could get a gf.

Jobless druggies get girls. Fat ugly rich guys get girls. Funny lanky nerds get girls. There's no "right aspects" because girls want different things. The only requirement to get a gf is to spend time with girls.

How do I do that when they don't want to talk to me

Why don't they talk to you? Do you not share classes or work with any women? Do you not have female friends? Do you not hang out with women?

Like I said grow up and get smart. Some things can only be learned by experiencing it yourself. Like swimming.

You've already made this thread today jesus fucking christ can you fuck off already?

Just stop. That argument will lead to nothing.

How do I find girls to talk to?

Well how about ignoring or sage you dandilon?

I gotta try once.

By doing shit with other people. Anything really. Hobbies are the best option, hanging out with friends, that sort of thing.

My only hobbies are working out and playing vydia with friends, so that's a dead-end there.

So, you have two choices: Add new, more social hobbies OR stay like you are right now. Pick one.

I need a job. Dont care about women for now. But muh dick...

Well, then that's your choice. THere's no reason to believe you get to have a girlfriend while spending all your time alone at home. That's just not how it works. Even to use Tinder you'll need to leave the house every oncei n a while.

Glad you made your choice, though. Now you can stop making dumb threads.

How could I improve myself to become interesting to about half of all 7+ billion people on the planet?

See how ridiculous that sounds? Trying to be interesting to everyone will make you seem phony and boring.

Pick a thing that you like and commit to it. For the longest time I was into punk and metal, then I was into anime and video games. I met plenty of girls that way.

>working out

plenty of women at gyms, just don't try to PUA them.

> and playing vydia with friends

There's amateur game tournaments all over the place and clubs and you can also do TCG and whatever else as social cativities to meet girls there.

I'm open for new hobbies, but don't know what to pick up. All of my friends are the same as me, except they have girlfriends.