I just discovered my family was richer than I thought, and I just inherited 2 million dollars

I just discovered my family was richer than I thought, and I just inherited 2 million dollars.

I'm a single mid 20s NEET and have no idea what to do now.

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give it to me, I'll put it to better use

Buy a small house; I live in a 500 square foot home that cost a grand total of around $40,000 when building it from scratch. Live simply and within your means and you can probably retire right now, depending on where you live.

LOL, that's fucked up, mate. I honestly wouldn't do anything for the first couple of years until you learn how to invest it properly.

Get a financial advisor and have him tell you how to manage your cash so you never have to work. Congrats, you just retired at 25.

Invest some money on real state and gold/diamonds. Those never los value. Put some in the hands of some financial group.

With the rest do this

Personally I'd buy ten houses and hand them to Renters Warehouse to print money forever, buy a ranch in East Texas, and invest the rest.

Could I somehow get a US visa with it without losing too much?


Dude, go buy a diamond ring at the jewelry store then walk it in a pawn shop, report back their offer to buy...

There's a program for people with money, you promise to invest X dollars and a Visa/Green Card is throw at your way.

At least that's how work with my country.

An EB-5 visa means that $500,000 can buy U.S. citizenship.

Personally I would just put all of it in the safest international bank, eart 5% interest, compounded daily, that $100,000.00 a year in interest, you could live off that, travel, whatever.

Yep, unbranded gems are like $20 each and it's mostly shipping.

If you're getting a visa why not somewhere nice like Switzerland? Careful though, you don't want to be wasting it like that. 2 million dollars (note the currency) is only a normal flat in London or a falling down house in a Chinese ghost city, it's not fuck-you-world money but it's enough to NEET on as you usually do.

This is a good idea (not the visa thing). Put a chunk of it into an ISA (it has a set number of years where you can't remove the funds) - the interest earned in these accounts are significantly higher than a generic savings account.

I have lots of other ideas, but pretty sure this is bait. So I'll just drop stuff about ISA's because they're useful for people with even small savings!

As long as you’re vigilant, you could live just fine off of $100,000. The key is never touch the $2,000,000.

Might depend where you live. In my country ISAs are a bit crappy, lower interest than some savings and current accounts (naturally you just pick the best from the list). Much easier to have a generic investment account.

It's not bait, I can assure you.
I'll look into those accounts.
Switzerland is too far from my family and friends. The US just seems nicer in a lot of ways than Canada.

Yes, definitely the banks will have higher rewarding options, especially if OP could resist breaking up the $2MM.

OP, people are scum

If they learn you have money, they will ask for it. They will sell you pity stories. You will think you're doing something good, but really, they'll just be manipulating you.

Waste it all on rent, food, video games and sex toys. You'll be able to continue living as a NEET for the next 30 years for so and have enough money to fund your complete waste of an existence.

Dude, just visit. Lol. You will rack up frequent flyer miles. Don’t waste your money on buying citizenship, you’re close enough.

Hire a financial advisor and invest it well.
Spend a small portion on something nice.

That’s why if he ties it up in a bank and lives off the interest, he will not have enough to give them.

Buy a small apartment in Munich lol

And he will be broke in six years...

He will be broke if he just starts spending it willy nilly.
What he needs to do is find quality investments.
A professional is needed.

Yeah, and OP has little knowledge or experience with stocks/bonds/shares/home ownership and handling such large amounts of money, it would be best to keep income earning simple and relatively risk free.

Silly billy starts by buying something nice for yourself. Then subtract the investment advisor’s constant fees...

Five percent interest (or more) by having $2MM in a certificate of deposit with automatic renewal is a safe, none greedy approach that requires zero financial planning with no threat of your planner absconding to Tahiti with your money, ever.


That’s my point, if OP can’t live off of $100K, he could get a job.

Says a greedy man...

Build up your credit score then get into credit card churning. Since you can pay your bills in full, you'll rack up lots of airline points and miles. When you want to travel, you can fly in luxury for pennies on the dollar.

I would recommend NEVER getting a credit card - I know it's a popular choice in America (not sure why?) but I was taught that debt is horrendous. Especially for someone with little financial knowledge or experience, keep it simple OP.

If you want to travel, it's actually easy to do it cheap. And do you really desire travelling in luxury? Plenty of ways of travelling modestly and experiencing new places. Your money isn't significant because of the THINGS it can buy, but the TIME it buys (and this is the most precious thing when it comes to travel).

Credit cards are totally a non-issue IFFFFFFFFF you pay it back in FULL every month. If you pay it back immediately, interest accruement will be minimal and user's recommendation would be a valid option.

Invest in real estate and stocks, money will shoot up faster than Dylan klebold on a Monday

Paying in full each month means 0 interest. There may be annual fees due at the beginning of card membership and each year thereafter, but if you do your research, these costs can be mitigated and you can actually come out ahead if you're doing it right. This is on top of huge sign up bonuses credit companies use to compete for your business.

I have a first class trip around the world next summer I booked using points. My cost was about $400 for tickets that total more than $30k. Credit cards need to be respected but if you have self control, you can profit from things you'd be paying cash for anyways.

>take small buisness management course

at a good college.

network open restaurant.
or bar.

hire people run businesses.

also ya relestae is good.
buy rental houses.
near univercitys colleges.
9 month leases

If you're going for income property don't handle any of the renting at all. There are dozens of companies that are essentially just the front end office of an apartment complex but instead of apartments they rent out homes that people have signed on to have them rent out. For the homeowner, you effectively just get a fat check in the mail each month for doing jack fucking shit.

watch out for
>relatives asking for money
>random people begging because their cat died (don't ever pay the dane geld)
>business deals that you don't understand
>investment advice from relatives
>splurging on things you don't need (easy come, easy go)

Never buy a diamond.

And gold and real estate definitely can lose value.

OP just look up 'the permanent portfolio' and do that.

All these people talking about managing your own real estate are stupid too. Unless you want to be a landlord, don't do that. It's a shitload of work and involves a lot of risk if you do not know exactly what you are doing (and still some even if you do). Just put it in financial instruments and live your life. Not a bunch of random tenant's lives.

Yeah I don't think I really want to be a landlord. I'm happy being a NEET and just want some cash to live.

First of all, don't tell anyone, no matter how nice they seem. They will ask for shit and they will also probably talk. It's one of the big reasons that people that win the lottery end up broke is that everyone around them turns shitty. DON'T. FUCKING. TELL. ANYONE.

Secondly, don't make any big purchases or lifestyle changes until you've figured out a long term plan. If you're a NEET, you have no idea what the value of a dollar is. 2 million might sound like a lot, but you can easily blow that in a year or two if you're not careful. Even if you don't blow it all on a fancy car, simple lifestyle changes can start to add up. However, 2 million could let you live better than 99% of the world for the rest of your life if you're not dumb.

Third, I'd approach it by dividing the money into three categories: Long term stable investment, short term riskier investment, and immediate living expenses. Obviously, there is no magical formula to determine what the proper ratio is, but I'd lean towards half into safe investments, one quarter into riskier investments, and one quarter into living expenses to be divided into a certain number of years.

Fourth, when it comes to deciding how long to make the living expenses last, remember the the second point: you're a NEET and have no idea how much a dollar is worth. I'd recommend starting at a lower income, something like 30k a year or $2500 a month. I don't know what your current life style is like, but even 30k a year is probably a step up from what you're used to.

Lastly, start figuring out what you want to do with your life. Obviously, money cannot buy you friends, but it can let you participate in things that will let you make friends. Money cannot buy you fulfillment, but it can let you do things that are fulfilling. Money can clean your room though. Money is a tool. It opens up options, but it can also fuel things that will destroy you.

$2million is enough to live on for the rest of your live if you know how to use it.

Best thing you can do in the immediate future is to invest in something not too risky and spend a bunch of time figuring out what you want from your life so you spend it wisely when it comes time to get your live going.

"The average annualized total return for the S&P 500 index over the past 90 years is 9.8 percent. For 2017, in just under half a year, the S&P 500's total return is over 9.5% percent."

Invest, mull it over for a few years.
Learn a trade. You are too young to know what you really want but you can still make safe investments, and just because you got 2 mills doesn't mean you should stop learning & improving yourself

Learn a trade, sustain yourself independently of your cash stack and become someone. You have the biggest fucking parachute for your age if shit hits the fan. When you have experience you can turn 2 mills into 10s of millions with hard work

Its like getting a fat stack of cash in a MMO from somebody quitting. You can spend a lot of it on fancy shit but unless you raise your level & skills you don't have the best options to make that stack grow bigger

An oddly apt metaphor

>2mil in the bank
>learn a trade
>work hard
You’re fucking sick

>doesn't understand basic things
>lectures people on Jow Forums
And you're fucking dumb. Congratulations

Buy an expensive property to rent out, then buy a humble property/land to live in and fix up/build on. Live off the rent you collect for your basic expenses, then do whatever the hell you want.

>2m in the bank means i should opt out of the world and let my body and brain waste away while i jerk off to anime

It's because that's what he does while broke-ass
The idea of getting tendies whenever he wants while being able to jack off whenever he wants has caused his brain to just end function

Why thank you

You're right, sometimes i forget im on Jow Forums

Tradework is abuse of your body and brutally boring

When you got 2m in the bank and tye knowledge of a trade you can begin gradually investing in your own trade company

Every cent of the money you use without a ROI is opportunity loss
At the same time sitting idly with it is also opportunity loss

And then you can spend decades of your life to get 5 million dollars worth of rusty tools, e350s, and court cases that will eventually pay off. That sounds much better than living within your substantial means.

>t. Peter Pan

Every second spent working or investing is selling your limited lifespan for money. Op already has money

Yeah I can't imagine all those tradesmen getting a job if they had 2(!) Million dollars in the bank

I’m a union worker

Maybe there is more to life than the comfort of laying under warm blankets and waking up in the afternoon

With the way you're posting, figures you're hardly working

Exactly the why to stay wealthy is to live cheaper than poorfags


Oh I agree, I’m one frugal motherfucker. I have never owned a new car. In fact I take public transportation and rent a car when I absolutely need one, lol.

it’s not mindless labor

>Inb4 give it to meet
Give it to me

About 50 hours a week,which is a bit more than I’d like

Dubs OP gives me 5k, trips 10k

Hey OP wanna give me 6 grand so I can fix my teeth?

Well it seems they were right about sob stories

Why do I even try to survive when neckbeards can get it for free?

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Some people are just special man, don't worry about them.

99% of life is luck

never marry, and invest some of it in properties (might as well educate yourself on that business first though)

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not even LTRs. Laws will fuck you in the end. No pussy is worth 1 mil.

$80k annual income adjusted for inflation in perpetuity, go volunteer or something
look into umbrella insurance

Can I not protect it somehow

it's entirely possible that we're related, OP

I'm not giving you money...

Read up on finance/economics and see if you can make that 2mill last your entire life.

buy a mansion and hire asians girls and make all of them your waifus lol

Do not spend it; keep it somewhere very safe.
Read Benjamin Graham's book, The Intelligent Investor.
You now have something that can ruin your life or be a great source of freedom and security. It comes with great responsibility. Do not hire a financial advisor. Learn to be an expert in preserving your own wealth. Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger, Benjamin Graham... These are some mentors to guide you. Unless you are just lazy and stupid, then blow it on lambos and meth.