Is this building high enough

is this building high enough to jump from? would there be a likely chance of death?

>inb4 hurr durr i did a reverse image search and i know where u live!

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>4 stories
like 60%

find something taller

Gross you live in Ohio


some guy just jumped off of this yesterday and died... it’s in the general area i just didn’t want to be a copycat

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I take it you’re trying to jump from the highest building possible without dying. Otherwise, this thread is a fucking pointless ploy for attention.

not attention i just don’t want to fuck up and end up a vegetable

Aim for 10 stories

I'm planning on checking out some steep cliffs personally.

i feel like my best bet is a building or something... there’s really no cliffs where i live

Also, if you're in america, why the fuck don't you just get a gun? Point it up and hit the human off switch

then pick something higher. see how there’s actually no issue here?

on the off chance this isn’t a troll thread, your brain clearly isn’t working at full capacity, and therefore making such a decision (to commit suicide) is probably not good to make right now.

i can’t buy most guns until 21 and i’m 19... also it’s a bit gory for me

Dumb bastard, guns have a much higher success rate.

I wish I had one to turn off my brain.

it’s hard to pick something higher that i would have access to. the highest thing i have access to is a parking garage

you’re in the UK i assume?

i just don’t want my parents to find me/see me as a disgusting meat pile

Yes I'm UK, we get cucked on all the good suicide methods because nobody wants to live in this fucking shit hole of an island. Can't even take a shit load of fentanyl here. Guns would make it so much easier desu

again, taking it for granted you might not be trolling...

everyone in the modern world with enough money and/or social connections to put a roof over their head has eventual access to a very tall place, much taller than the building in your picture.

see, your brain isn’t working. depression is bad like that.

i’m a kid i don’t have access to a building of that sorts. if i tried to get to a tall building i would be booted out by security asap (the tallest buildings- office buildings have heavy security)

So what why do you wanna jump? Ugly? Incel? "I'm a kid" doesn't go too far when you wanna splat yourself.

don’t do it

i’ve had clinical depression for about 6 years and anxiety since i was 4 years old... i’m decently attractive/have a boyfriend but all my friends live far away because they go to the college i transferred from this semester

i have no passion for anything, no hobbies, i drink a lot

i just want to sleep forever... i’m done dealing with regular life bullshit it’s not worth it to me

That's all? What a boring pussy, you'll chicken out.

no, not this time

Shotgun faggot. Cheap and foolproof. 12 gauge in your mouth and Kickstart the sumofabitch. That being said since you are too dumb to die try living.

You've probably got some basic chemical deficiency like a B vitamin, iron or D deficiency. You ain't gonna kill yourself punk. Nice LARP though, I take it you're female to jones for attention like this?

op is trying to say that a 19 y/o person from the UK couldn’t find a place to jump from?

that’s a ploy for attention. my advice, stop drinking. and if you want to sleep more, go ahead and sleep.

Bullshit. Retards aim wrong and blow off their faces all of the time.

then go somewhere remote where you’ll be unconscious and die of blood loss

OP isn't from UK.

I'm from the UK. Thinking of going cliff diving. Just saying guns and fentanyl would make this shit easier, and OP is an idiot for not using them.

i take a shit ton of vitamins and have tried 10 different antidepressants that haven’t worked. i’m done with this

fentanyl would be good but i really don’t know where to find that at all

If you dive off a building you'll pop your head open all the same. Your parents would be traumatized at any form of suicide as well.

find something sturdy and tie a noose to it. use the updated hanging chart to find out how much of a drop you need for proper spinal severance. for me I'm 5'11 and 125lbs. I have a 7' length on my noose for when I finally stop being a coward