If dating is as difficult for men as for women how come there is a huge market telling men how to date and score women...

If dating is as difficult for men as for women how come there is a huge market telling men how to date and score women and nothing of the kind for women?

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>nothing of the kind for women?
you are living under a rock, this has been a thing since the dawn of civilization. Don't you at least have women in your family? is it possible that you've literally never talked to a woman before?

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>what is the beauty industry
Hell, before feminism, literally everything a woman did was in hopes of attracting a good husband.

women don't have to be marketed to to get fucked. By default women will have an endless supply of men willing to fuck them and men will have to make an effort to fuck.
The real trick is convincing women otherwise so you can sell to their insecurity.

I assume OP means promiscuous casual sex, not marriage.

Women have it many times easier in dating and it's not even close.

Which was practically a death sentence for women back in the day. Much less difficult than for men.

A man fucks who he can, a woman who she wants
A man marries who he wants, a woman who she can

women can get laid easier, sure
commitment is what they have trouble with (from dudes they want it from, at least)
the tables will turn as you get older, trust me

Not really, women that are single in their 30s are usually trashcan human beings.

Any woman who is lonely by their thirties isn't somebody you want to be with.

There is!! But they give bad advice to keep them single and needing more advice. At least I think.

Dating is not easy for women.
There's plenty of willing fish in the sea but a lot of them were thrown back in many times or too fat or depressed to get hooked. Using my terrible ckiche metaphor I mean it might be easy but that doesn't make it enjoyable or quality men.

Another comparison, think how many people want to be pop stars and would jump at the chance. Most of them would not be fit for that and will never make it but if you lowered the standards enough sure there are enough willing people.

Tldr: men are eager and desperate so of course it makes it easier for women. it doesn't make it better.

what!? no... getting someone insecure just says you are even more insecure and that's how you end up with a super controlling and crazy girl. don't deceive people.

Most women advice is how to look better. The only dating advice a woman is "if you're fat, lose weight, if you're not fat, literally just talk to people"

Surprisingly the same is true for men.

If the majority of men aren't good enough for you then maybe your standards are too high

oh I see. you're gonna twist my words to make it what you want to hear right?

I don't play this game sorry.

That's literally what you said though

>There's plenty of willing fish in the sea but a lot of them were thrown back in many times or too fat or depressed to get hooked.

Which part says I am the doer of the action? The men are the fish and the women are the fishermen. Like multiple people. You could even go fishing and catch an old boot, do you try for a fish or sette for the boot for dinner?

Here I thought using this old cliche metaphor wouldn't possibly be misunderstood but wow, you managed to do that somehow. I mean come on.

Being easy does not equal being worth it. These guys hate women because other guys are always desperate when they should hate the guys instead for acting that way.

It's also easier for guys to get promoted and taken seriously, life is unfair mate.

It doesn't has to be unfair me make it that way, taking roles it's what makes things happen as they do, when being honest and direct works a lot better.

Men get the worse deal both times.

I don't understand what point you're even trying to make anymore. Also how the fuck are women the fishermen when both men and women agree men have to do all the groundwork in the starting stages (and for most of the relationship as well but thats another thing).

Read the thread again.
The viewpoint is from women looking for men. That is the comparison for the question that was asked.

There's really nothing more to be said

The most common advice I see on here for men is be interesting, be smart, be fun to be around, work out and have a good job. Simply not being fat won't get you laid unless you're also really hot.

Women don't look for men, women wait until a man hits them up and then they pick and choose.

that's why I'll stick to mgtow

>The viewpoint is from women looking for men.
Literally what? At best women are fish waiting to be fished by the right fisherman that doesn't consider them juvenile and throw them back into the lake. In reality they have to be willing as well, but they don't 'look' for men in any sense of the word.

Don't post in this thread. OP is not asking for advice.