Is 22 to old for being male virgin?

Oki, I am about average(maybe even ugly), very introverted with low self-esteem. Is 22 a point of no return for me? I am very depressed and lonely and probably ugly too.

Also, I became very rich when I was 19(start up for mobiles) so I can never leave my house till I die, I don't work or go to uni. So I have been basically sitting home last three years. When I was studying at Uni nothing really was going for me. I was very lonely without friends. Sooo... What should I do?

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Google "age of losing virginity" Something like 15% of people are virgins at 22. That's a minority but not so small a minority that it's suicide time

hire a good escort. explain your situation. if shes good she'll help you out. if not try another
took me 3 escorts to finally fix me. now im getting laid on tinder once a week.

No, you literal retard.

You are too old for being so dumb and asking such questions, though.

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Lost mine at 22, really hapened out of nowhere

And I was a guy living paycheck to paycheck

Go use your cash to treat some friends to drinks, don't have any friends? Then just go into a bar every night from wednesday till saturday!

Still scared? Come hang out with me and my mates and give me some of that sweet though

Anywho, it'll be fine

It's no longer 1980. Only cougars can be found in them now.

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Not OP but it looks like I'm part of the 5% (27khv). Didn't think it was that bad. Was not expecting to feel bad this morning. Oh well.

>lonely without friends
Let me guess: you have never ever tried to talk to anybody, have you?

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I'm a 22 year old virgin, it's not that uncommon.

Is 32 a lost cause? Asking for me.

Lost mine at 24, fucked two different chicks in the span span of a couple months and was working on two others. Now I have a gf and she's convinced I was a player (going to keep her thinking that, makes them more afraid to leave you). Being able to fuck them properly helps.

Talk to who? Do people somewhere in the world make friends by talking to strangers in the street?

I lost my virginity at 22. It's weird because I didn't have a job at the time and I've been single since I got employed. It might be because I had lost a lot of weight from being on the unemployment diet for several months and ended up getting fat after I started working.

Read that book. Fast google will allow you to pirate it if you are that lazy to go to library.

Then try dancing lessons, school, work, gym, night club, concert, badoo or even

Mate I live in a small dutch craphole filled with only 70000 inhabitants and we got several places where people ranged from 18-32 meet up, make a fucking effort dude

I have read the book. The main points are good, but why does it get such praise when it includes a bunch of anecdotes that barely apply to the modern world? The gist of it could be reduced to approximately 10 pages.


OP here. How do you feel about losing virginity at that age? Does it still bother you?

That's terrible. Treat your gf like a person and show some commitment.

if you have money, do something with it instead of being a shut in. buy yourself a fun car, start doing shit. look at some of the things that are around you, try new things, explore, enjoy yourself.

wrap up your degree so it can keep you busy and you can work later on in life in order to keep yourself busy. if you're living a stagnant life, you're going to be depressed. 22 isn't a point of no return for anyone. if you stop being a shut in and go do shit, you'll find someone to fuck sooner than later.