Incel here. How do I into online dating?

Incel here. How do I into online dating?
I've tried for two months now on three separate websites + tinder and got ONE message. ONE. It was from a 60 year old, sorry to say I turned er down.
Am I hopeless?

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If you stay in your basement - yes.

Isn't that the fucking point of online dating? That I don't have to leave my home until someone agrees to meet me?
I'd love to leave but I have nobody to leave with. What's your point?

not OP but :
>dude go out there, don't stay at home
no success
>dude try online dating, plenty of people meet that way
no success
>dude go out there, don't stay at home

OP if you have no response from anyone you're probably too unattractive, it sucks but you'll get used to it.

What activities do you do? (not in your house obviously).

It's a nice thing if you have some life outside your house. For a NEET it's practically useless, because no one will date a NEET.

I sometimes play tabletop RPGs with a small group of friends.
I used to have a job but the restaurant I worked for closed, haven't found a decent (not minimal wage) one yet.
Sometimes (like once a month) I take a walk in the woods.
That's it really.
I didn't mention having/not having a job on any of my profiles, and I made them when I still had one. As of now I get more money from unemployment checks than I'd get from working a shitty job.

It's more like

>Hey man go outside more, think of it in a long-term sense, you need to build your social skills and develop a support network that is healthy, eventually relationships will materialise and be easy, but you'll also be well-adjusted so that it isn't the be-all, end-all of your life

The reaction is normally
>So I did it, I went outside once and knew it was gonna be shit and it was shit so I'm going to tell everyone that it's simply because I'm not perfect

Seriously, what the fuck is your point? Literally, most of the people that have ever existed have managed to form relationships- but, oh no, suddenly evil feminism and capitalism have ruined it all for you (despite the fact that we all routinely see normal fucking relationships ALL the fucking time)

The whole point is: going outside is what works. It might not feel like it works, it might take a long time, but it works. Throwing your toys out of your pram doesn't help, and basing it all on a fucking girl is just stupid.

Well, you gotta be a dreamer if you want to get a GF with a life like that.

>Seriously, what the fuck is your point? Literally, most of the people that have ever existed have managed to form relationships
THAT is my point, most people do, some don't.
OP is probably one of those people but here you are, kind of belittling OP even though he clearly made (fruitless) efforts.
You could have just said "yes, you are hopeless" but you'd rather tell him what you did for some reason.

> I sometimes play tabletop RPGs with a small group of friends.

You are a living American stereotype.

I think it should be obvious why you're not getting any chances if that's your world. What should you do instead? Anything else, break away and do some normal stuff.

why? he has a hobby, he goes ot sometimes and had a job.

>your hobby is worthless, go do something you don't like instead OP.

Keep that hobby, it was only mentioned to highlight how he's such a cartoon stereotype. In addition to the hobby do a lot of other things.

OP here, what the fuck is wrong with you?
I just said I don't want to go outside for the sake of it and you created this retarded strawman, sperging out about capitalism or whatever.
The vast majority of my hobbies, the few things I enjoy in life and keep me from ending it, involve me sitting in front of a screen in some way. I just don't want to force myself into doing something I know I'll hate, like going to clubs, for the vague promise of "improving social skills". I already have a group of friends I can trust, all of them male. I just want to form a romantic relationship and, as you said, most people manage to do it. If that's the case, why can't I do it? So far all I got from this thread is insults.
Listen, unless my life depends on it I'll never set a foot in a nightclub or something similarly outlandish, it's just something I'd hate doing. I have hobbies, you just asked me for ones that involve me going outside of my home.
I'm not American, not that it matters.
I enjoy it and so does the group, I'm not going to quit something I like if it's harmless just because some user looks down on me for it because popular media told him it's something to make fun of.

TL;DR: Not that I'm not willing to improve as a person if I knew how to, but everyone ITT is asking me to become an entirely different person.

>Am I hopeless?

Judging from your attitude in this thread, yes. Just go to Jow Forums and blame women for all your problems and refusing to sleep with you. I mean you can tell you're a catch, right? Refuse to leave your house, no aspirations/dreams, no money, no job and no willingness to improve your life.

I'm fat (working on losing it) and have a VERY average face and I got 6 matches on Tinder in the past week, 3 of them turned into dates and 1 of them seems like she's very interested in me. How? Because I realised staying at home all day long playing video games and jacking it wasn't attractive to woman. Internet dating isn't about not leaving your house, it's about cutting out the middleman.

Why don't you do an honest assessment of yourself first? Are you even attractive enough to date? Maybe the problem isn't them. Maybe you're the one who's undatable. If that's the problem, then go change yourself first.

Not OP but can you tell me what normal people do when you refer to 'stuff'? Examples?

>Incel here. How do I into online dating?
>Am I hopeless?

Answer the following (highlight then click my post number)
What sort of pictures are you putting up?
What are you claiming your intentions are?
What sort of content does your profile have?
What sort of conversation are you making?

Then answer:
What do you do for a job?
What do you do as hobbies?
Are your pictures selfies or group pictures?
Do you wear semi smart clothes, keep clean and style your hair?

>I know I'll hate, like going to clubs, for the vague promise of "improving social skills"

You're too much of a lost cause, you seem to think that normal people go clubbing and that's where you'll have to go to meet women.

can you show us the pics you used on tinder?
how would they know you don't spend your day in your room jerking off? Tinder is just a bunch of pics and 3 lines of text. Your anecdotal evidence doesn't even fit the point you're trying to make.

>TL;DR: Not that I'm not willing to improve as a person if I knew how to, but everyone ITT is asking me to become an entirely different person.

News flash faggot , no one wants to date the current you. Current you fucking sucks. Now go get a gym membership and start socializing or just stop whining and accept you're gonna die alone.

>I just want a girl who accepts the fat gelatinous piece of shit that I am.
No girl is willing to fucking do that faggot. Women want men not crybaby vaginas like yourself.

He sits with social outcasts and waits on hand outs from the tax payer.
The only woman who will consider that on a bad day is someone in a similar situation.

Can you tell me what they do instead?

well I wasn't talking about me. But in my case yeah, I'm pretty unattractive and I don't try anymore. But when I asked for advice years back I wish there was an user who would have spared me the go outside bullshit and just told me to give up.

what is he supposed to do? Get fucked up and go clubbing? Given that he had no response on tinder at all, he'll just end up embarassing himself.

What are some good hobbies? Where can I get a social circle?

>how would they know you don't spend your day in your room jerking off?

>"So what are your hobbies?" "I play video games"
If the first thing out of your mouth is about video games then women automatically assume that you sit in front of a screen all day long. His Tinder profile will also not show him outside or with people, not to mention his clear lack of social skills will be the final nail in the coffin that proves he sit at home all day gaming and jacking it to 2D porn.

Musuems, escape rooms, art shows, sitting in a pub/bar chatting, playing boardgames at a pub/bar, hanging out in a park, going to concerts, going to plays, going to Karoke.

The list is endless mate, you're mind is warped by your incelness that you think ALL women are "thots" and that hey all go clubbing. In truth, quite a lot of normal women don't go clubbing and there are many different types of women from you to choose from. The above are just some of the things I've done to meet people.

Develop a hobby that doesn't involve a screen, meet people by actually going outside. Don't know where he is, but there are websites like Meetup that have pretty much every sort of hobby and ways to meet people.

Playing board games in public at a bar > playing board games at home with a bunch of neckbeards

>you're mind is warped by your incelness that you think ALL women are "thots" and that hey all go clubbing
I'm not OP. Can you do those things alone?

yeah you can but unless you're very confident around people, you'll just end up making a fool of yourself

So what's the best course of action? How do I get friends?

By all means you can go to these places alone, but I'm assuming that since he's an incel it means he's other very skinny or overweight, has poor hygenie and thinks that PUA approaches work. So going to these places alone is a terrible idea.

A better bet is to find people to go with, or find groups that are already doing this and join them. He'll need to tone down his autism a lot so as not to weird people out but that's the first step.

>le you can only socialise when clubbing may may imagined by autists
No. Walking/hiking clubs. Running clubs. Anything involving other people is socialising, honing social skills and making new friends and getting exposure to women. Hiking/walking clubs are a great choice because people have no choice but to chat otherwise it's a long walk.

I lost count of the amount of women I met and fucked from attending a running club.
Even coffee places are a good idea if you can cold approach women (if you're not sure, you can't do it), along with libraries. You don't have to go to places that sound like UNTISS UNTISS UNTISS and have flashing lights and nobody dances like in Fortnite to meet people.

Worst case scenario: sign up to meetup, there's always a club that you will be interested in nearby, it is almost always made up of weird extroverts and other introverts you can hang out with.

I'm asking for myself, OP clearly doesn't want to change. I genuinely do but I have pretty much no contacts after 2 years of severe depression. I want to start living again.

if you don't have friends there is probably something wrong with you

I know, but is it irredeemable?


But OP tried online dating because he is probably not very confident is social settings. I can only speak for myself, but going to a running club sounds like medieval torture to me, I wouldn't know how to speak to anyone. Usually even when I keep to myself people seems to be amused or bothered by my presence, how worse could it get if I actually try to have social interactions.
I tried in the past and it only made me even more afraid of people.

>Answer the following (highlight then click my post number)
t-thanks, I didn't find this website yesterday
>What sort of pictures are you putting up?
A picture of myself in the mirror dressed casually and another one from a different angle.
>What are you claiming your intentions are?
"Hopefully a longlasting relationship but I don't mind seeing how things turn out."
>What sort of content does your profile have?
Photos, hobbies, personality description, "I'm vegan", so on.
>What sort of conversation are you making?
I'm not and that's the problem, read the OP again.
>What do you do for a job?
Currently? Nothing. A month ago I was bookkeeping for a restsuran but it got closed.
>What do you do as hobbies?
Aside from what I mentioned? Anime, video games, shitposting, stuff that'd doxx me if I said it and sometimes karaoke. Thinking about learning to play a guitar but I'm too stingy to buy one.
>Are your pictures selfies or group pictures?
>Do you wear semi smart clothes, keep clean and style your hair?
Not sure what you mean by "semi smart", they're all in my talking heads album cover t-shirts sincd they're my favourite and my hair is as well kept as ever, that is to say normal.

I'll be carefully waiting for my evaluation.

depends on what's wrong desu. You have to figure that out by yourself

The whole point of this thread is to give advice on what I (and others apparently) SHOULD be doing. If you just tell me "go outside" the image it gives me is just me sitting on a bark bench bored. You need to be more specific, not just go "yeah you're a loser lol"
I don't want to upload pictures of myself.

First things first is to work on yourself. I'm not a mental health person or anything, but this is merely what I did to improve my life.

Get out of your house as much as you can. Your house is to sleep in, shit in and eat in. You can't do this cold turkey of course but try to get out as much as possible. Sign up for a gym and start working on your body, get a bicycle and cycle around your area, if the weather is good sit in a park with a bike. Explore your local area, if you're in a city looks for cheap/free entry into museums and exhibits.

Sign up for Meetup or search your local subreddits (yes it's a shithole, just make an account to ask questions and that's it). For instance I moved to London and there's a subreddit for weekly meet-ups. Find something similar or find a meet-up and start turning up. Hide your power level, be friendly, make sure you're clean/smell good and interact with people. Ask them questions about themselves, don't call everyone a nigger and don't talk about your political beliefs openly.

Improve your mind. Drop the shitty sci-fi novels and start finding non-fiction genres that interest you. Pick up a language, learn to cook, learn to drive, learn to service your car, learn to fish. Find something that interests you that isn't based around a PC. By all means game if you want to, but don't make it your main hobby and your only hobby.

When you've done all of this, THEN you can look at a girlfriend. A GF should be something you WANT, not something you NEED. You should meet women through meet-ups, but treat Tinder/OKC and such VERY casually and don't use them all the time. You want to be so aloof and casual that if a woman doesn't reply or unfriends you, you shrug and carry on, not call her a whore and think all women are cunts.

well pictures are probably the reason you didn't have any success, but I can understand not wanting to post pics of yourself

dont bother with NPCs, OP.
no matter what you do they will twist it and turn it on you.
>actively approaching women
ur trying 2 hard bro
>not actively approaching women
u gotta try bro
>improving looks
u gotta focus on ur personality bro
>improving personality
u gotta get a haircut, new clothes and new shoes bro

you are unattractive, the only thing you can do is assess if you are salvagable, if you can looksmax and become presentable. nothing else matters, you can be a basement dweller, but if you're hot you will still get laid if you just go outside.

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Thanks, this is a pretty good post. I do spend a ton of time outdoors which helped me a ton to get out of my own mind, but I'm always alone. I'm having a really hard time finding any casual meetups nearby but I'll keep looking.

I'm actually in pretty good shape and don't hold any extreme beliefs, so I think I'm not a complete lost cause.

I'm not even fat. I just don't want to abandon everything I enjoy because someone told me that'll help.
>start socialising
I don't know if I made it clear but I DO. You think I play tabletop by myself? I play MP from home too, fuck. Is that not socialising to you?
>get a gym membership
I know I'll hate it and I debut me having some muscle will fix this but hey, that kinda resembles advice. Please elaborate.
Fuck, I can go into the woods and take a selfie there, that's what you want? Sorry I play video games, is this really what destroys my chances?
>Musuems, escape rooms, art shows.
I actually like going to museums, haven't been in at least a year though. Might just go because you mentioned it. I don't see how this would help though.
>pub/bar chatting, playing boardgames at a pub/bar
Never been, what am I even supposed to do once I enter a bar? Just... Talk o people? Or am I supposed to take someone I know there? Could be arranged but idk what I'd do.
>hanging out in the part
Ah yes, sitting on a park bench by myself bored. Might as well have suggested wormcharming.
>concerts, plays
Not a fan of crowds and they're expensive.
>going to karaoke
Don't know of one in my city.
>your incelness that you think ALL women are "thots" blah blah
Okay listen, I've never heard of someone asking s girl out in a museum. And bars are just as alien to me as clubs, might hate them as well but they don't look as intimidating.
>boargames in public
I haven't played a traditional board game (not GURPS) in at least 3 months, I don't think you realise how an RPG session looks like. Playing in a bar would be distracting for us and other people present.

K, ignore all the advice and die a virgin then. :)

>using a website to meet people, trying to market themselves
>not having any social skills or confidence
Do you really think OP genuinely thinks he stands a chance? Women aren't sifting through the profiles of every NEET loser thinking "he seems nice"

Don't take pictures of yourself in the mirror, prop your phone up and set it to a timer, make it look like you have friends taking pictures of you.
Don't state you are looking for something long term if you've never had it.
Don't mention being a vegan, don't describe your personality as you're bound to be biased.
Consider approaching women with something off the cuff and thoughtful.
Get a job, if you spent half the time you did whining on Jow Forums looking for work you would be swimming in offers.
Don't mention hobbies you do sat at home on your own, anime isn't you, vidya isn't you, sell it as you being slightly outgoing, a karaoke date would be out there.
Don't take selfies, you're not a 15yo girl.
Drop the graphic t shirts if you're over 22, button up shirts with no graphics, mid range jeans and smart casual trainers.
Your hair should need cutting at least every 3 weeks (provided you don't have long hair) and need more than 2 minutes to style (combing doesn't count).

> TL;DR: Not that I'm not willing to improve as a person if I knew how to, but everyone ITT is asking me to become an entirely different person.

I think it's more like becoming a person, to do more living with your time. Doesn't really matter what as long as it leads to female interaction long term. I don't know how table top role play games work, but imagine if you refused to move every turn and you got no quests. You know what I mean.

>Do you really think OP genuinely thinks he stands a chance? Women aren't sifting through the profiles of every NEET loser thinking "he seems nice"

Dating sites are good if you've sorted your life out but want to date down for some reason. The thing is losers don't want to date each other, they aren't attracted to each others boring lifestyles. Just like ugly people don't look at each other and think "hot".

>I'm not even fat. I just don't want to abandon everything I enjoy because someone told me that'll help.

No ones telling you to give up the shit you like dipshit, they're saying you need to work to make yourself a better person. Go look at pivtures of Chad. Do you think he was born that way? Fuck no. He worked to be Chad. You want to have the benefits of the Chad alpha male without doing any of the work. You don't have to give up being who you are, but you do need to be the best version of you that you can be. Take an hour away from video games and go jog and push weights around it'll do you wonders. Save up some cash and learn how to dress properly, it isn't to hard and will be a huge positive.

>I know I'll hate it and I debut me having some muscle will fix this but hey, that kinda resembles advice. Please elaborate.

You need to stop this "I know ill hate it" shit and get out of you're comfort zone, just try some new shit out man, nothing good will come from limiting yourself. Who knows you might even like some of the new shit you've been or even *gasp* meet women doing them.

Start browsing Jow Forums and /fa/ and get to it famalam.