Befriend woman

>befriend woman
>ask her out
>get rejected

And the 25 years cycle continues. How do I break the wheel ?

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How many rejections so far, OP? And in what time period?

Dont befriend women unless you're flirting with them too. Use a lot of innuendos and play dumb when they catch on them. That usually gets the sexual tension going without ruining a potential friendship or making things awkward. Dont be afraid to make physical contact and keep eye contact most of the time.

about 3 a year (average) since I'm 19, age where I got over my social anxiety.

The problem is I must reek of cowardness because I'm not short nor ugly but no woman ever wanted of me.

I'm good at keeping eye contact but I'm way too scared to make anything sexual with someone I don't feel confortable with yet


There's your issue. When you like a girl you don't be her friend. You make it clear what you are looking for from the first 5 minutes into meeting her.Friends say "Hi! Nice overwatch hat. I play too. What's your ign?" Potential mates say "I couldn't help but come over and talk to you. I think you're really cute/beautiful. Can I get you (contact method here)? Maybe we can go out for lunch sometime." If she turns you down in the first convo then you move on. Half the human population is female. Stop being a pussy. Make your intentions clear.


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Your numbers are low. I mustve got rejected more than a hundred times when I was figuring out how to women.
Your issue seems to be that youre getting friendzoned cause you act like a pussy. I dont mean to be rude to you, I have nothing against pussies but women do. Being shy about your sexuality and timid to approach and flirt is extremely unattractive to most women.
Watch Californication imo. You dont have to turn into that guy (youd get arrested and thrown drinks at anyways) but that show has some pretty good ideas of what people do to get laid that youre not doing.

But I don't want some random girl, I want to be sure I like more of her than her body before I start dating her. Also I don't wait that much anyway, about a week usually.

yea then flirt with everyone and bang only the ones you like on a deeper level. youre just making excuses to not face your anxiety regarding the issue

>Your numbers are low
I agree with this OP. If you are an adult single guy you should be flirting and trying to date different women on a very consistent basis. I'm talking about you should be meeting new, fresh women every week and trying to pick them up. You say you get rejected on average 3 times per year. This means you invest way too much time and energy into specific girls.

Then how do I meet a substential amount of young single women ?
No dating app please, we've allready established I have anxiety issues, not seeing the person face to face is worse for me (something about not being able to read her body language)

For me personally, dating apps and going out to bars/clubs during the weekends are my primary 'source' of girls.You say you don't want to use dating apps, fair enough. Do you go out during the weekends?

Bars and clubs at friday and saturday nights feature high amounts of single women looking for anything from one night stands to potential life mates.
Alternatively, flirt with any chick you interact with, even if you dont plan on banging em. Fuck the alternatively part actually, just do it. Dont be creepy tho, innuendos are your friend.
Also ye dating apps blow but its good practice. Think about it as training, you need to grind that “flirting” stat.

only at friend's or with friends. I find the idea to get to a bar alone kinda depressing but I'm willing to give it a shot if it's what it takes. I have no clue how to approach a woman in this situation tho.

>um hey, nice dress, my sister has the same one hahaha
>suits you better tho, where you from
Idk dont overthink it. Looking good and body language are more important than the words you pronounce.

>Alternatively, flirt with any chick you interact with, even if you dont plan on banging em.
Yeah i wanted to add this one as well. Practice on becoming more socially skilled in general. If you are talking to any girl, try being a bit more playful as you usually are and tease her a bit if you can. It helps build up you skills and some of these girls might even open themselves up to you.

You have to just try. You will fail miserably. That's to be expected if you have no experience. Just keep doing it and you will get better.

How can I flirt?

won't this label me as a creep for every girl I end up meeting ?

Well I'm not ugly but I'm not really a good looker either (kinda skynny, bland face) so I feel that I'll need something better than the old sister's dress trick

Nope. People enjoy talking and interacting with people who like to have fun conversations. If you take every interaction too seriously, people will consider you boring. If you are having a casual conversation with a girl (or any person for that matter), it's completely okay to be goofing around a bit every now and then.

That's you'll learn in practice. Fail often, fail better. Dating isn't fantasy search for the only one. It's a game, a hard and an interesting one. The game where failing is a part of the process, and is fun by itself.

Watch some patrice o neal videos on how to treat and talk to women. Very informative.

Fucking trash. OP probably is looking for love anyway. You ain't gonna find that shit by trying to act like some retarded dudebro. You niggas act like women are some weird animal that needs to be tamed and not fellow human beings with thoughts and feeling as varied and confusing as the rest of us. Maybe it'll work if you are after easy puss but fuck that shit I ain't catching no chlamydia nigga.
You aren't doing anything wrong you just haven't found anyone right for you yet, how else is one to find love other than seeing who you get along with? If anything if you enjoy each other's company just try making her laugh and gradually be more flirtatious, try and make it something you fall into rather than something you awkwardly build up the courage to ask one day. It should feel natural and as if it was inevitable.