Punched my dad's laptop and now the screen is broke

>Punched my dad's laptop and now the screen is broke

What the fuck do I do now

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Buy a new screen

Why the fuck would you do that?
There goes your allowance.

blame the dog

He let me borrow it for the weekend for work purposes but I've also been using it to browse Jow Forums and do dumb shit. A few hours ago when the captcha broke I got so angry with the site for not working I falcon punched the screen in rage

Its cracked to fuck but it still works good enough to just about see shit. but I can't fucking give it back to him like this

You're not very smart, are you?

You have 2 options:
1) come clean as a grown man and tell your father what you did. Explain to him that you're sorry and that you will work your ass off to pay for the costs of the new screen. He will probably be surprised and upset but the last part will give him some hope that you're not a lost cause and also he will definitely like your attitude of being honest.
Unless your dad is a violent psychopath he isn't going to get mad at you on serious levels.
2) craft a perfect fake explanation for why his screen is broken. The risk is that he finds out and kills you so be very careful if you choose this one.

I personally would do the first one since as a father I would rather have an apologetic retard that will fix the damage he's done than having a jerk retarded egoistical liar.

Buy him a new screen you angry fuck.
What model of laptop is it?

He IS a violent psychopath to be honest and has a really short fuse. He'll probably beat the shit out of me. Fuckfuckfuck

Its a mac laptop, one of the newest ones, he only got it this year

If he is an angry fucker then there is no point in blaming anyone. He will put you responsible, regardless who and what.

You've totally inherited his traits.

Try not to be a gigantic autist that damages other people's property and take personal responsibility for your actions. Buy him a new laptop or pay to get it repaired and apologize profusely.

>He IS a violent psychopath to be honest and has a really short fuse.
I mean, YOU’RE the guy punching and breaking shit in fits of genuine tard rage, are you the one to judge something like that?

The laptop deserved it

Bring it to the repairshop and if that doesn't help, say you dropped it, it's less embarassing.
Don't watch pewdiepie videos next time

haha I can see why you would punch the screen

I work in IT, I know how to fix this. Get a pitch black film to put over the screen same width and length. Older people wont know the difference.

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punch it again

You suffer the consequences of your actions, thats what you do.

Tell him that the internet people tricked you into punching the computer, then begin to cry

Just come clean it's the best option

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