Is it normal to still feel like a child at 19?

is it normal to still feel like a child at 19?

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yes, that is called mourning for your childhood. This a very common thing, usually from an overly involved mother. You need to embrace the classical definition of masculinity and yes, grow up. but you need a strong male role model to be inspired by, Its sad you know longer have no responsibility for what you do, but wants you start taking responsibility pride will be a much more rewarding experience than sloth.

i still feel like a 16 year old at 21. im suffering for it.

Yeah, especially if you're still at home or don't go out much. You probably have plans in motion to move out in a year or so, you'll start feeling grown up after a while of that. The whole being able to move house and not needing to inform your parents, or drawing up contracts etc. that makes you feel like you've moved on.

I'm 24 and going through this now. It feels like I'm late to the party but I'm told I seem pretty mature for my age all the time, so I guess there are a bunch of manchildern out there.

I mean, I got a degree, am fully employed, moved out, am in shape. Now I just need to make mental and emotional strides. Currently working on that now.

Yes. It's a sign that your parents failed to do their job. You are what the japanese call a "Parasite offspring".

I'm 24 and still feel like 15.

>but I'm told I seem pretty mature for my age all the time
Probably because you have your shit together and aren't a dickhead, This isn't really a new thing. I am 29 and everyone I work with is older and thinks of me as a kid. Really what they are trying to say is that they like you. It's like when an older lady says they remind you of their son. Its a less awkward way of saying your a good guy.
keep up the responsibilities and you might be a little lonely or depressed but you will admire yourself, and that is worth more at 30. trust me

>feeling like a child at 19

You need to grow the fuck up otherwise you’ll end up a manchild

I feel like an old man. I need to have fun haha

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Thanks man.
this past year has been rough as fuck, but I think part of that is just what comes with post collegiate life in America. Nothing is really bringing me satisfaction and I'm abusing alcohol and weed a bit.
I've been taking better myself the past couple of weeks, finally going to a psych to see if I need therapy too.

I'm 27 and feel/look 15

It took me like 6 years after college to really be comfortable with my situation. Don't make my mistake and go down the booze rabbit whole. It would have taken me 2 had it not been for that.

You are still a child, but start working on not feeling like one so you won't still feel like a kid at 27.

how do I grow up. I have a job and an apartment but still feel like a kid


still feel like a child sometimes even though I work, in school as well as married.

Yes, I only started to feel like an adult at 24-25+

>in school at 40
thats probably why, right?

because you are a kid. Think about it.. its the cycle of life, you are literally unfulfilled until you have kids of your own. Every one who has kids will see you as still a child in their eyes.

I dealt with some things in life that robbed me of time and sanity. Better late than never.

I still feel like a 12 year old (live at home, never had a GF, no friends, no full time job ect.) at 26. Guess I win the thread.

here. How long did it take you to 1) become an independent adult and 2) get married? Is there hope for me?

Regardless of the age it took me, which was 36. Anybody that puts effort into their life will eventually see results. Some people it takes more time than others. There is always hope, never give up.

>Every one who has kids will see you as still a child in their eyes.
Who cares what they think though? Many people who are emotionally childish jump into having kids young or just end up marrying whoever they knocked up.

true, But that doesn't mean what I said isn't true

Join the army. They’ll pull your head out of your ass.

It is. And its never ok to kill the child inside you. Trust me, it is perfectly normal

Army? Fuck that. An organisation of horny man childs who cannot even hold a conversation when it matters shouldn't be even allowed to shape a man's personality

It's not uncommon especially at your age.
I mean if you think about it, 1-2 years ago when you were a senior in highschool you probably still needed to use a bathroom pass like a child.
Society still treated you as a kid not that long ago so it's not hard to think that adolescents may have not transitioned well.
And if you didn't work during school or not going to college, you're pretty much fucked and have to learn how to grow up the hard way because you may not even notice how bad it can be until it's too late.

At the end of the day it depends on your personality and how much you perceive your social values.
I got a friend that is insanely successful but still childish and it didn't hurt him, in fact people saw it as charming.
But I also have another friend that was so childish and irresponsible that we don't trust him for doing anything.
I'd say to break out of your bubble and see what you need to change or not, especially if you feel uncomfortable with yourself.