Mommy-type GF

>mommy-type GF
>does my laundry
>always DTF
>usually tolerable to be around
>huge tits and ass
>only problem is, she's kind of fat
>not like obese, no rolls or huge belly, but she's a bigger girl
>would be super into her if she just lost some weight
>haven't introduced her to friends or family because they would give me shit
>now she wants to move in together

What would you anons do? I really do like her, but I've known her for a couple years now and she's stayed the same weight. Could be a dealbreaker for me.
Pic unrelated, unfortunately

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>not like obese, no rolls or huge belly
What's the problem? Don't lead her on and waste her valuable time if you're going to be like this. She could be giving her love to someone who isn't ashamed of her.

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How old are you and how did you get a mommy gf? I’m hating like a bitch right now

I kept dating her and she's been steadily dropping weight for about two years
But I chase the chubby


How do you get to the point of potentially moving in with someone you’re not even attracted to? Stop wasting this poor girl’s time.

>usually tolerable to be around
>haven't introduced her to friends or family because they would give me shit
>couple years

Those are some pretty obvious signs that this relationship ain’t really gunna go anywhere dude.

After a few months, neither of those should be things you’re feeling hesitant/reluctant about, let alone a few years.

Change your lifestyle with her.
Easier to make a fat girl thin than a skinny girl interesting.

>Easier to make a fat girl thin than a skinny girl interesting.
VERY debatable

Haha you mommy gf faggots are the worst.

>huge tits and ass
Doesn't count when the rest of her is fat. It's like someone with a Prius saying "it goes just as fast as the other cars" when they're dealing with LA freeway traffic.

You should be ashamed of fucking a fat girl because you're too lazy to cook for yourself and do your own laundry.

Fat people don't change, they're just held back on a leash for a little bit of time until they let go.

Is appreciate having someone wonderful that also possess a great rack and ass. You stupid fuck.

>when they're dealing with LA freeway traffic

To be fair, you may as well amend that to:
>when they live in California

I swear one of the most surreally poignant traffic moments I ever had was comming back from Vegas on a Monday at noon, thinking I’d escaped all the rush and seeing perfectly clear roads for the first half hour.... only to immediately see a couple hundred cars lined up *exactly* right under the “Welcome to California” sign that denotes the border.

As someone who lives in Vegas, that's right where it squeezes and gets the most painful, either way you're going.

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Keep her. You don’t understand how bad a woman can be. If you get a mediocre girl, consider it a success.

You obviously are not proud of her. Stop wasting her time and find someone as pathetic as yourself

Maybe you need to cook once in a while so you can change her taste pallet.
Moving in means you share everything.
That includes stuff like finding out if she have bad eating habits or if she does too little excersice.
Take her with you on morning runs if she isn't too fat to run.

This, learned it the hard way.
Im shallow, so are you OP. Own it.

Get into working out and ask her to join you. Make it a condition of you moving in. "OK, but I need a workout buddy and you're gonna be it. We're gonna work hard and look good for each other, ok? I don't want to be THAT couple where somebody gets fat and the attraction fades. I'd hate for you to think I'm too big, and I'm sure you'd hate for me to think the same way.".

>We're gonna work hard and look good for each other, ok? I don't want to be THAT couple where somebody gets fat and the attraction fades. I'd hate for you to think I'm too big, and I'm sure you'd hate for me to think the same way.".
Yeah, OP, don't ever say this unless you want to end your relationship.

Lol. This.

If you fuck her enough she'll lose weight from all the physical activity (wont work on dead fish)

white knights unite!

That's wifey material bud. That's the kind of girl you want to marry. You only get one chance.

Are you happy with her? She doesn't have to be the best looking woman, but does she make you happy? Kinda jealous.

>haven't introduced her to friends or family because they would give me shit

what are you a child?

Having a physical a preference, there's nothing wrong with as long as you're up front about it. But you're not, so youre acting cowardly.

But claiming to like someone, but being ashamed of it in the eyes of others? Thats waaaaay more cowardly.

Fatty is basically counterpart of a male "nice guy".
She has all the needed traits in a female partner, except a crucial one. Attractiveness.

What do you mean "own it"?! This is a big problem. Women aren't going to stay beautiful for life. If you can't overlook a girl's appearance, even if you think she's great otherwise, what hope do you have of maintaining a long-term relationship?

Its time we did

>huge tits and ass
>no rolls or huge belly
What's the fucking problem

Consider this:kids=weight gain.

Just tell her that you would be more attracted to her if she lost weight. Since she sounds like a perfect woman, I'm sure she'll be understanding.


I guess OP abandoned his thread.

This, I don't get why losing weight is so god damn hard for people. It's one of the things Im good at it. Tell her to
>Not buy and have uneccesary food in the house
>Skip meal and snacks in the morning or in the afternoon

> I'm sure she'll be understanding.

Women are never fucking understanding when you bring up their flaws.

Not him but I had this talk with my chubby GF, fully expecting that it might end the relationship, but she was so scared of me leaving her she promised she would try to improve, and she's actually trying but I'll give her a few more months to see results

Sadly logic does not apply to women

Is this really whats gonna be the dealbreaker?
Stop being a pussy and either tell her up front that you want her to lose a little weight or let her find someone who won't run like a bitch from a little extra weight

Yes it is

^^^ THIS

>people aren’t going to stay beautiful for life
Duh. But that doesn’t mean you just throw every thought about attraction out the window. When you’re old together you can look back on being a fun, attractive couple that fell in love, not “boy I’m happy I stayed with someone ugly my whole life!”

Be thankful for what you have? If she lost weight, she might realize the disparity in SMV between you and stop being so.. accomodating.


These. Do you actually like her at all or do you just like that you found someone willing to enable a lazy NEET lifestyle that you can put your penis into? Reexamine how you feel about your girlfriend. Not do you like her, do you love her? If not, break up and find someone you do.

The Chances are such that if he’s willing to disregard all that she does and or is willing to do for him on the grounds that she might “appear” overweight to his family/friends and how this might reflect upon him, then he doesn’t really care for her.

Sounds like OP’s got it made but is under the impression that he can do better. Shame on him for not being grateful and shame on him for being willing to throw away something good for such a non-issue. As others have said, if her weight bothers you that much, encourage her, in a tactful and considerate way, to lead a healthier life. If you are unwilling to do this then yeH, you don’t really care for her.

Just this

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>mommy-type GF
>does my laundry
>always DTF
>usually tolerable to be around
>huge tits and ass
>only problem is, she's kind of fat
>not like obese, no rolls or huge belly, but she's a bigger girl

Dude. You don't realize how good you have it. You have a legitimately feminine woman who isn't a career alpha bitch with flat tits. This woman has actual feminine physical features (big ass and tits). She's a little chubby? Newsflash dumbass the female physique was DESIGNED for a little pouch fat. Don't be a closet faggot and chase a woman with a 6 pack. A woman with big tits and big birthing hips who wants too cook and clean for you and fuck you regularly? Congratulations, you found someone who can actually be the mother of your children and nurture them.

Holy fuck man. Be glad you don't have a thin)/fit feminist fuck who bitches at you if you want her to suck your dick and will proudly say "I don't know how to cook I'm not your fucking slave".

Be fucking masculine and enjoy your domestic wife. Jesus christ no wonder the west is going to shit

>help guys my thicc wife wants to suck me off and cook for me but I only want to fuck Asian girls with pink hair and the bodies of 10 year old eunuchs cuz anime

OP, show pic of your gf to assess fattiness.

God you're such a faggot op
I would literally kill someone to have what you have

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Stop with this dumb bullshit, it teaches people to ignore problems instead of solving them. If she's chubby now, she's going to get fatter and fatter.

Aside from the whiney bitch crying about body image, keep her around. Start being active and get her into the mood. Get on a health kick.

Sometimes you have to be the change you want to see in others.

Pathetic beta

Then why do you keep ignoring your own problems?

Fantastic projection, truly astounding post.

I don't think you understand the comment. Tell me, at what age you will stop caring about how attractive your partner is? Do you think that will just conveniently line up with the age she stops being attractive? If you never stop caring, or you don't stop caring before she gets ugly, are you suggesting that the relationship will survive based on your memories of her younger, better-looking self? If that's what you mean, why is that not wishful thinking retardation?

It's stupid to expect that if being unattractive is a deal-breaker for you, you can just carelessly enter a relationship with a 8/10 and expect nothing to go wrong when she starts the countdown to 0/10. You're one day going to be a middle aged man with a middle aged wife but you're still going to be attracted to hot 20-year-old college girls. Sure, maybe your wife used to be one but she's an old woman now. Why would you be alright with that if you never were before?

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Man be thankful you got a good good and enjoy her big tits and ass, don't worry about being chubby. If she was like morbidly obese or 300 pounds then I would say reconsider. Enjoy that girl man, good women are hard to find.

shes only going to get fatter. try to change her and she may exercise and diet a little while but she will get complacent eventually

Take her on long hikes, long bike rides, monitor her food intake. Reward good behaviour - eating right, exercis
ing. Punish bad - eatting junkfood, laziness, etc - cold shoulder, etc. She will get the drift sooner or later. Or just put her on meth.


Get into fitness yourself and slowly get her into it by leading by example and having a genuine interest in your own nutrition. Got my mom who hated cooking into enjoying healthy cooking because I started saying I wanted to exercise and eat healthier, then saying health benefits of certain foods and exercises in a way where I sounded genuinely enthused and not pushy or anything.