Taking down my nudes from internet

My ex posted 2 porn videos of me on xvideos.
I asked xvideos to delete those and they did it.
The thing is that there are still three google results of justporno.net with my face in the thumbnail even though there are no videos.

I understand i cannot take down google results, but I know that I can claim copyright on the images so they have to delete them.

The question is, can I do it without paying and attorney???

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Sue your ex for the money to do it. There's laws on your side for it.

I already told the police and they're collecting proof from my phone, the problem is that I live in a third world country and the police agent told me that my ex has a lot of gangsters in his family and there's a lot of crime related to them in that area, I'm afraid I'll be raped ad killed or my family will be killed aswell.
Honestly I would have killed myself long ago if I didn't have family i wish I was so fucking retarded to date a motherfucker like that.

Now my friends have seen me spreading my ass and I feel like a fucking whore.
I mean I never cheated on him.

He started to blackmail me with those photos and asking me for sex, honestly I was really afraid until a friend of me convinced me to tell the police.

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your freinds dont care, and your friends know you arent a whore. the freinds who do care or do think your a whore either dont know the whole story which means its up to you to inform them. anyone else are not your freinds.

call me naive but i doubt all of your freinds think your a whore for what happened

i have received a lot of support from 2 of my friends and my aunt, I'm grateful to them.
However to the public eye I'm just a bitch who loves taking it in the ass, thanks god this shit has not reached my university.

The webpage is on netherlands, should I try emailing them about the matter?

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fuck everyone else, they aint shit. focus on improving you. the fake fuckers who give a shit literally dont matter

and i wouldnt bother trying to get them to take it down, you could email but i wouldnt get your hopes up

like i cant emphasize this enough if everyone thinks your a whore just say like im not a whore idc what yall think imma do me

just literally act like you dont care and it stop mattering. bit different if your like trying to be a teacher or something but you get my point

>you could email but i wouldnt get your hopes up
I'll try, but if they ask me for personal ID or pictures I'll leave it there.

Well that's what I've been doing, I mean they don't care about you until you fuck up.

Honestly I just want this shit to get removed from internet, If i can't well I'll live with it.

may i see

Shouldn't have done something so stupid lol

It's the cool thing nowadys user.

>I understand i cannot take down google results
What? Yes you can. Contact Google and have them remove the cache entries.

Is it possible you can change your appearance a little bit? Not enough for your friends and senpai to stop recognizing you but enough so that, in case someone watch the video, they may think you look like the girl but "meh its not her, just someone who looks like her".

How bout a link? Niggas already watching it anyways.

Fuck the cunts who are judgin you, you dont need them. Will it not just blow over? In school some guys nude got leaked and it was talked but after a while life goes on and people forget and he became a chad. Its not the end of the world, just move on as hard as it seems.

I know someone who went through this and trust me my opinion of her has not changed at all because I know why she did it and I know everyone does it, your friends know too and they probably exchange nudes as well. I can't imagine what it's like to feel the way you do, but I know that my friend got over it, well she still can't discuss the subject obviously but she showed great strength and pulled through. I'm certain you can do it too.

You probably alredy did

You just send a DMCA letter that you write yourself. (You claiming copyright means it was you that filmed the video).

Thank you so fucking much. I didn't know you could submit a request, thank you.

I'll do this if they don't delete the images, I already sent an email kindly requesting to remove the images, I guess that if a philipino at a call center receives the email I'll have a hard time getting them removed.

Thanks everyone for the support, I guess I'll just live with it.
And I agree everyone in my neighborhood already saw my ass so there's nothing more to it.

I just hope google deletes that shit because it can damage my job prospects.

please post the video

Can you guys just make a noose? I know where I am but still...holy fuck

>The question is, can I do it without paying and attorney???

What's your age now and then?

post the video ffs

There is /soc/ / porn, you asshole

Well if your entire hood has seen it send us the link.

This aint /b/. Fuck off.

You can do a lot of things if they will be effective is another question....

You deserve it desu

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Nice boyfriend u picked there, good job

What makes women pick absolutely garbage partners and then regret it afterwards? I'm stunned at how dumb some females can be. Can you answer this OP, or any other female browsing the thread? What do you find in idiots that will abuse/rape/murder you and your family if you don't give them what they want?