How do I make a female friend? NOT a girlfriend, just friend

How do I make a female friend? NOT a girlfriend, just friend

I realise I have no real friends who are girls and want to change that. But I’m scared even of just talking to girls platonically

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If you're in university just go to some faggy art class or something and pretend to care about social issues.

You dont.
Women in real life think the worst of men and often wont be friends with you unless they are already in a commited relationship.
If you want a female friend make friends with an ugly girl.

Have either of you actually spoken to women or are you just getting your ideas from Jow Forums?

Idk, everyone I know IRL has friends of both genders. Most social circles I mingle with are mixed. But unfortunately I tend to gravitate to the guys cause I’m scared of girls

Just put them on the same level as a male friend. Simple.

I don't wamt to put then in a resptable level.

Why would you want a friend you can't do any fun things with?

One of my best friends has pretty much only female friends, yes he's straight.
He's the 'weird' kid and can be a bit obnoxious, he doesn't give a shit at all and treats women the way he would treat a man, but I think that somehow helps

Is he a virgin?

I actually end up having only female "friends" (girls are backstabbers)
Because it is easy to approach a girl, I mean it is accepted. What, approach a guy on the subway? No way.

Nope. Honestly the more I see a guy treating a woman the way he would his male friend, the more female friends he actually makes

Do you set him up with bitches or invite him out etc? I can't see why a straight guy would be friends with girls.

More or less the same way you make any other friend.

You treat me like people, you talk, you connect, you start to hang out, and then you just keep doing it, til one day you realize you’re buddies.

Having male friends isn’t too dissimilar from having female friends, though there are some notable perks (there’s something’s that are easier to talk to women than they are to men about, it’s interesting getting new perspectives, and they’re more vocally supportive at times) and some downsides as well (see )

If you’re scared of talking to girls, you’re kinda doing it wrong. As a whole, people be people bro. Going out if your to treat them like aliens only alienates.

I cant see why a straight guy would be friends with other guys. Just hang out with girls and alone, problem solved.

I'm a gril too.

He told me you can be more emotionally open with girls or some shit like that, dunno

I don't get it either. I've never made a female friend but I've a ton of male ones. What kind of hobbies do you have where you even meet girls?

Yeah obviously but how do I get to that point. How do I start a friendship with a girl without her thinking I'm trying to date her. Also how to overcome my fear of women?

That's dumb user, why couldn't I do any fun things with a girl?

He probably succeeds because he doesn't give a shit. I give too much of a shit so I struggle

Yeah I'm just scared of girls and scared of talking to girls. And thats part of the reason why I want to make friends with girls. To overcome that fear, understand women, and develop friendships that are different to the over masculine ones I have now

As someone with a few female best friends all I can tell you is to literally talk to them the same way you talk to guy friends
If you have to change your way of speaking or something like that then you shouldn't be friends with them
Just talk to them in the same way as you always do and at most you might have to let them know you're not hitting on them if they start to show signs of hitting on you
Girls with bfs are usually great friends to have since you don't have to worry about them hitting on you

>That's dumb user, why couldn't I do any fun things with a girl?
If the only things you consider fun are talking, eating and watching Netflix then you'll have a blast mate.

I'm the poster above you
I play video games with my friends and we go for jogs and sometimes the library
Have you ever talked to a girl?

I had several female friends in high school but me and my male friends stopped inviting them to hang with us because they were boring and always trying to get free drugs.

Woha user, you met the whole female population I see
Woman smell that shit pal, of you're just looking for a fun time they'll know. If you want to get in their pants they'll know. In general any non autistic person can read other ppl social advances.

You must suck at finding friends or something
I'm not a druggie so all my friends are drug free as well
It's been like this for almost my whole life and I've never had trouble finding friends who don't do drugs both male and female

>too scared to hit on girls
>wants female friends to weasel dick into them over time "organically"
>still scared to make "friends" because he knows he wants to get his dick wet so he can't act normal

The reality is that this is impossible unless you find the girl absolutely unattractive to you in every way.

>you met the whole female population I see
I know this is sarcasm but you obviously haven't been to my area. Basic druggies is all we've got.

Kek you have no grip on reality
>t. my only 2 friends in uni are girls
In fact one of those girls told me she has problems befriending women because they are dramatic and shit, men are simple and she's pretty simple too so she feels more comfortable around men

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That's me.

One of my best friends was/is a girl and I ended up fucking multiple of her friends over the years.

can I be your friend

disregard this I just realized the guy in the pic is brown