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Doctor please tell me how to heal my broken heart

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I’d have to prescribe you a big ol’ dose of time, it heals all wounds you see.

Masturbation helps too.

Please name the muscles that are used in individual finger flexion.

Flexor Digitorum Superficialis, Flexor Digitorum Profundus, Flexor Pollicis Longus, Flexor Pollicis Brevis, Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis

Thank you!

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heavily suspect I have sleep apnea for at least 2.5 years.
It was bearable in the beginning, but now both my brain and body are so wasted I'm sleepy and drowsy 100% of the time.
Today was one of those reallybad days where I can hardly keep my eyes open and dose off easily if I'm sitting or lying down.

I'm waiting on an appointment to have it checked out, but until then...
How in the FUCK do I deal with this? I absolutely cannot function like a normal human being as is, scared to death about how to deal with my master's degree in less than a month from now

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thoughts on pharmaceuticals

Good, have it checked out asap, it is potentially dangerous. Sleep apnea occurs in most patients only when sleeping on their back, so the simlpest advice I can give is to sleep on your side. If your bed is near a wall, try using that as back support, or get a sturdy pillow and put it behind you. Also, chew gum until your jaw hurts right before bed, this tightens the lax tissue in the back of your throat that’s blocking your airway. Make sure you’re nasal passage is clear as well.

This is too general a questions. There are many condition that I treat using pharmaceutical drugs, and they all work, or I wouldn’t prescribe them. If you’re asking about alternative medicine or medical marijuana, it helps some people, but in most cases, there’s a pharmaceutical solution that’s much more effective. If your asking about the industry, I’m not happy about that, but it is a necessary evil until we find the elixer of life.

Just to elaborate, in a perfect world people would smoke and drink alcohol and eat massive amounts of sodium for years. I agree with the principle of natural medicine, but for most people, by the time they get sick, it’s too late.
In short, we create artificial problems, so they require an artificial solution.

*Wouldn’t, jesus.

Can't poopy all the time. Feel bloated rn.

You can’t all the time, or you can never?
This can have any number of causes, from stress to bad diet. Try drinking a large amount of water, and eating a couple of bananas. The fluid combined with the fiber should move things along. If this doesn’t alleviate your symptoms, you could have something called Irritable Bowel Syndrome (especially if you feel bloated). You should see a doctor if your symptoms persist, not pooing can be a serious problem (it killed Elvis!).

I shaved around my asshole a few days ago and now there's a lump there that is probably an ingrown hair

A. Should I worry about getting septicemia

B. How do I fix ingrown hair orbiting my asshole.

Why don't medical schools want me?

I have the grades and experience :(

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Allow me to specify as I was in a rush when I posted it. My bad, f@m. I did pass a stool last night, however when I finished I still felt a bit bloated and still had gas.

Roughly 3 days before I had an enema that cleaned me out, as I had that problem over the weekend that even a laxative couldn't quite deal with. It's almost a week now and while I did pass some stools, I still feel a little bit bloated and admittedly my anus felt a bit weird when I sat down. My father said it was a bit swollen from straining too hard but I'm not sure, and I couldn't make it to the doctor yesterday to have a professional opinion.

You told your dad you shit so hard you caused a prolapse? I'm not the doctorfag but you probably have something wrong with your diet, or your diet is wrong for you.

Doctor doctor, I feel like a pair of curtains.

I had a lump in my right titty the other day and it hurt and now I can't find it anymore but my chest still hurts. Is it nothing since I can't find it? I have a lot of t it to dig through so it could just be lost.

1. Not unless it’s an open wound.

2. It is probably a cyst due to ingrown hair. This is common, but it does need to be drained. Get a doctor’s appointment.

Get a cocaine problem, they’ll take you on immediately

This is indeed irregular (no pun intended), definitely see your doctor.

No I told him that my butt felt a bit weird and he said that it's a bit swollen from straining most likely and that it'll go down in a few days.

Pull yourself together!

That's not funny man, I lost my legs two years ago.

thanks doctor user

Ask any guy to look for it; if it’s there, he’ll find it.

On a serious note, you can develop fibrocystic breast tissue, which is a cyst filled with fluid. These lumps can come and go with your cycle, and they can certainly be painful, however they are not related to breast cancer. You can always visit a doctor if you’re in doubt.

I’m sure you’ll get back on your feet.

thank you dr. user it was probably that! and if I had breast cancer I'd want to just die anyways

I will. I'll try to see him this week or tomorrow even.
One thing I noticed too is that my stools aren't the normal shape when I do go, like a little bit narrower. I marked that up to a slightly puffy anus(hopefully) but still concerned nonetheless and I'll mention it to my doctor

thanks man, I'll try those out.
>Make sure you’re nasal passage is clear as well
that's a though one. My nasal passage is about 30-50% blocked on average in relation to that of most people's. I never feel like I'm truly breathing as I once did and should.
Will nasal strips help?

my balls have been really itchy to the point where theyre raw and red after scratching them, this has been going on for months now. i wash them usually with either soap or body wash and that does the trick and i get relief but if i dont shower they get itchy again. also sometimes my butthole with itch too like how my balls itch and i guess i scratch my butthole when im asleep because i when i shit my butthole hurts.

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History: Obese male (310 lbs), 25, sedentary lifestyle.

I've had a dull ache (sometimes it burns more than it aches) in the upper left area of my back for about a month now. It's most pronounced when I'm sitting on my chair (like right now) or when I'm laying flat on my back. If I'm walking around then I don't feel it as much. However, if I flex my back muscles, (trying to crack cartilage), the dull ache turns into a very sharp pain.

Looking at this anatomical drawing, I would say the pain is originating from the "inferior angle of the scapula," or right around there. But I could be wrong; I'm a layman.

I've been taking Tylenol and naproxen when it's really annoying me. I've been trying to sit up right and exercise in the past month, but time is not healing it. I'm too lazy to visit my primary care doc though. So what do you think is going on?

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Those will help. You could also use a steam inhaler.

You’re probably dealing with something called Tinea cruris, which means you’re skin is infected with fungus. It’s not a big deal, but you should get some over-the-counter antifungal cream to put on the area. It is important to wash often, as you do, and to dry off immediately. Also make sure to wear clean, loose fitting cotton underwear.

This could simply come from vigorous exercise or even sleeping in a new bed. If you’re experiencing other pain, say in your neck or back, it could be related to spinal disk displacement, but isolated pain near the shoulder blade, especially during motion, points to a muscular problem. Sometimes this symptom is related to more serious conditions of the heart or lungs, and considering you’re physique and lifestyle, it would not be a bad idea to visit your doctor anyway.

I've started working out recently after being a fat dlob for 4-5 years. Goimg well lost a ton of weight.

I can't seem to loose my belly a though. A few days ago I had a horrific pain in my bwlly while doing sit-ups.

Went away after a day or so. Pretty sure it was just a pulled muscle; but I'm a little paranoid about gritting a hernia.

Could you describe to me whqt a hernia would feel like and how to tell if I have one?

Hey doc, my mom got bit on the New York subway by something and now her ankle is swelling up. Any idea about what it may be?

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I got some white dots on the tip of my penis.

What could it be ? Uncut btw

The most telling sign of a hernia is a bulge in the sport where you experience pain. Both the pain and the bulge will increase or occur when you lift a heavy object, cough or bend over. If this doesn’t happen, you do not have a hernia. You most likely strained a muscle. Most people don’t realize that jogging strains your abs as much as sit ups do, so combining the two could lead to severe pain attacks. It could be a sign that you need to slow down.

Hey doc

I was b12 deficient, and after treating it, I suddenly gained a ton of weight. I went from 9st to 12st. I'm 24 and male. How the fuck do I get rid of stretch marks?

How do sti tests work? Are they invasive at all? I made some awful decisions a few nights ago now I suddenly have a YI and it's terrifying.

This looks to me to be a rat bite. You should clean the area with alcohol and apply an antibiotic cream. If she hasn’t had a tetanus shot in the last 10 years, she needs that as well. In the worst case, she could develop rat-bite fever, which usually presents after 3-10 days. If she develops symptoms like convulsion or high fever, she needs to see a doctor.

Not doctor-user the OP, but I rolled the dice more than once and finally got tested not too long ago.

A blood sample will obviously take care of bloodborne diseases like the Heps and HIV so depending on how you are with needles it might not be that big a deal.

First-catch urine is when they have you not drink anything for I think it was 8 hours and then collect your piss in a jar and that covers other diseases. They might do a urethral swab, especially if those results come up with something.

>now I suddenly have a YI and it's terrifying.

are you a gril

Since you’re uncut, I assume you mean the foreskin of your penis, not the actual head? Those white spots are known as pearly penile papules, a very common phenomenon, completely harmless and they don’t need to be dealt with.

A very common question, to which there is unfortunately no answer. Countless studies have tested different creams and lotions, but none of them work unfotunately. A balanced diet with vitamin D and fatty acids take care of the skin in general, but the stretchmarks that you do have won’t really go away.

Fuck, will they at least fade? I have them on my thighs and it's intimidating :(

I hate needles, but if it's just a standard blood sample then I'm relieved. I heard it was worse but I guess it was just my friend trying to scare me. Swabs seem really embarrassing though. It's something I can get done by a random nurse at some clinic far away from my primary care place, right? I'd guess it's covered under health insurance as a preventative measure.
And yeah, but sti tests must not be crazy different between sexes if they just test fluids, right?

Yeast infections are very common among women as you may know, so that’s no cause for alarm.
Depending on what you are concerned about, you will have to give a urine sample, have blood taken or a swab (note that infections passed anally or orally will not show up in a urine test, so be clear about what you want tested). There are incubation periods for each disease, meaning that you will have to wait a while before getting tested. Talk to your doctor about it, and schedule the tests if you want to be certain.

>It's something I can get done by a random nurse at some clinic far away from my primary care place, right? I'd guess it's covered under health insurance as a preventative measure.

I live in the socialist stoner soviet state of Canada so I just walked into the nearest clinic and they sent me to the hospital next door to get the tests done and it cost me not even a loonie. If you're American, do you not have Planned Parenthoods and similar types of free sexual health clinics?

Also don't really about any sort embarrassment, it's a medical treatment like any other like getting a cast on your arm.

My vagina burns occasionally, and when it does, so does my left foot at the same intensity. Why is this? Why the left foot, too?

I've had myself checked for UTIs or STIs, so no dice there.

They will fade over time, and become less noticable white scars, and some research suggests that removing the cause of stretch marks, such as weight gain, may erase them all together. So the best you can do is return to your original weight and stay there.

I was skinny before (6ft, did weigh 9st so like ~57kg, now I weigh 12 (75 or so). I don't think I could get back down to that weight if I tried.

I know that it happens after sex for some women, but I've always had perfect sexual health. Never had any pH problems, never had crazy bad symptoms during my period, nothing. It doesn't seem like just shitty luck that this happened the first time I ever took a risk. Maybe I'm paranoid, but I want the full spread of tests.
Yeah I'm American, but never really paid attention during sex ed so I don't know much about the resources I can use in this sort of situation. It still feels embarrassing, it's a test of shame that I wasn't smart enough to be careful. If I got a cast on my arm because I broke it doing something stupid, I'd be equally embarrassed.

How long have you been having these symptoms? And were you tested for HIV, and if so, when?

A couple years? Maybe a year? I'm not quite sure, it's intermittent. I've never been tested for HIV, but I've only slept with two partners and know them well, so I know they did not have HIV. If they did, they'd both likely be dead by now.

Right, and are you diabetic or taking medication?

How do I cure the ugly?
Also, is there some way I can get discounts on plastic surgery?

I am not diabetic, nor am I prediabetic anymore. I am on several medications. I take four grams of fish oil a day, 145mg of Fenofibrate, 25mcg of Levothyroxine, birth control, and Claritin/Zyrtec.

Sometimes hypothyroidism can cause what’s called Peripheral Neuropathy, which is basically a breakdown of peripheral nerve endings, such as in the feet or vagina. This causes tingling or burning sensations in those areas. You should talk to your doctor about these symptoms and potentially upping the Levothyroxine dose.

>doctor memorizing the muscles of the finger
very suspicious

Whoa dude seriously? I'm not whoever you were responding to but that might explain a lot of my pain.

Shit nigga, I didn't even think about something like that. Can that still happen even if your TSH numbers are good?

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Dunno if this would be the proper thread:

>suffering with depression for as long as I remember
>over-eating, sleeping, loss of interest in almost everything, can't keep interest or attention, poor memory, can't make decisions, occasional panic attacks
>autistic tendencies
>due to issues, my job resume starting from 2012 has 10 different jobs, the longest held was barely over a year, shortest 2 weeks
>feel I'll just repeat the cycle if I go for something else, if anyone hires me with that history
>I've been unemployed since march 2018 after showing up late to work because I had a panic attack on the way and I was in no state to respond or defend myself
>tried at least 5 different medications; no or minimal effect over the years
>therapy feels like a waste of time and was just a chore
>suicidal thoughts frequent but can't decide how (the irony)
>was hospitalized once (voluntarily) but bailed as fast as possible due to it making the situation quite literally traumatized me
>was assigned to some group therapy thing just after getting out of the hospital, I ended up being too uncomfortable with everyone around and the therapists came off as disgustingly pretentious

So, now I just sit and waste away here, becoming even more distant to the few friends I do have.

What do I do? What is left to do aside from my mood finally wearing away at the indecisiveness to on suicide?

I got a perscription for antibiotics last week (supposed to take them 4 times a day) and stopped taking them before I was finished bc I ended up partying and drinking heavily for a few days and forgot. Should I start taking them again and finish the bottle?

Dealt with serious pain from Lyme disease for the past seven years; gradually decreasing pain and symptoms thanks to some stuff I did (posted below). Since it is chronic now, and antibiotics didn't fix it, a. it's not considered a real disease and b. my pain isn't considered real by most doctors. See my other thread here, for what I had to do to save my own hide: What the fuck?

Oh also it was diagnosed later than 5 years after contracting it, via Western Blot.

Good, so you should get your levels tested.

If your medication is maintaining full thyroid function, then it is less likely, it could also be caused by b12, b6 or folate deficiencies. Either way, you should get bloodtests done.

Your specific condition and treatment requires your own GP’s advice, starting after an interruption could have dangerous side effects.

How does one treat hydropirosis for 4 months

So you had symptoms for 5 years before receiving a Western Blot or ELISA test?

I have an ant eater dong (fully intact) and I've tried pulling it back and it hurts so I don't do it. Should I get a circumcision or keep pulling on it? Am I pulling down on it the wrong way or what?

it was just for a cyst/boil i have. but i guess i’ll ask him. thanks.

Please explain

No. The ELISA came back negative, after four years of symptoms. I was diagnosed a year and a half ago via the Blot. Or something like that. Memory is hazy.

If it hurts when you pull it back, or it doesn’t go any further, the skin is simply too tight, and you should get a circumcision. Don’t tear it, because it will bleed profusely.

When I lie down on my left side there is a deep 9/10 on the pain scale pressure/ache in my hip and upper thigh. It feels like I am being crushed. There are no bruises, no trauma, and it doesn't hurt when standing or sitting. I've tried putting a pillow under my hip as cushioning, and putting a pillow under my thighs to lessen the pressure on my hip but no change.
WTF dude?

I’m very sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, medication doesn’t work for everyone.
Group therapy sounds like a bad idea for you. What you need is to build a trusting relationship with one person, which is what therapy is about. It may seem like a chore, but you very badly need to vent your frustration and negative feelings to someone. If you are desperate, which is what it sounds like, try more experimental treatments, like active meditation, EMDR or kynesiology. You definitely shouldn’t give up.

>you should get a circumcision
What the fuck is this misinforming bullshit. You didn't even ask how much he has tried pulling it back. Some guys just need to stretch it out bit by bit overtime to become fully comfortable with it. What kind of doctor immediately opts for surgery in a situation like this? Circumcision isn't even the main surgical treatment, there are other surgical options less drastic

fucking googling wannabe. I could tell by how you ask so few follow up questions that you are just googling this shit on the fly

But how? I'm unemployed and have no medical insurance.
Also look up Zembrin aka kanna

It sounds like the joint area of your hip is inflamed. This condition, known as Trochanteric bursitis, can give awful pains when pressure is applied to the area. If you’re overweight or and avid runner, that could explain these symptoms. Resting and cooling the area, as well as some over-the-counter anti-inflammatory will probably heal it up.

"how do i not be such an incel? Or how do I not shoot up a school?"

I have this weird fear of throwing away certain things that I never use or don't need. Like I feel like if I get rid of something I will be stressed out and end up buying it again. For example I bought this natural deodorant last year but ended up not really liking it but for some reason it is hard for me to throw it away. I am moving at the moment and trying to get rid of things to make the move easier but I am finding out I am a nut job with throwing things away how can I stop being so crazy?

This is simply a form of obsessive compulsive disorder, and quite a common one. You’re just starting to develop this habit, but I’m sure you’ve seen shows lik hoarders on tv.
It may sound trivial, but these manifestations often come from a form of loss in childhood, which you may not even be aware of. You can simply try to will your way out of this behavior, but if you want to be concise about it, you may want to consider therapy to resolve some of your issues.

hang in there dude

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I have schizoaffective disorder. My questions to you are;

>is there any hope for me?
>does the mental health industry know what it's doing?
>how can I stay well?

i have pcos, causing hirsutism and small breasts. ive already lost a lot of weight and almost entirely cut sugar out of my diet for 3 months. will taking birth control help get rid of my other symptoms?

A sibling was schizoaffective and ruined my family's lives for a full decade. I hope you creepy parasitic things kill yourselves, sincerely. You are the biggest wastes of time to anyone who is forced to encounter you, you schizophrenic, violent, incomprehensible, bipolar freaks.

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how can I drive with nystagmus?