How could I stop being depressed over not having a gf?

How could I stop being depressed over not having a gf?

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Realize that your depression will get away as soon as you get GF is a mere illusion.

You know having a gf is a pretty heavy task and requires a lot of time once you actually get one. Especially when it's forced out of that reason.

stop thinking about gfs, think instead about things you are happy about in your life.
if you don't have such things, it's time to get them.

by getting a gf

>thinking that getting a gf will magically solve his mental issues
just no

>Realize that your depression will get away as soon as you get GF is a mere illusion.
The question still stands, how could I stop being depressed?
>stop thinking about gfs, think instead about things you are happy about in your life.
I can continue playing vydia with friends, but I don't see how that would help me.
I can't get a gf.

>how could I stop being depressed?
get therapy/meds

>I can continue playing vydia with friends, but I don't see how that would help me.
of course it wuoldn't. turn off the computer and go have a fulfilling life. Find some cool hobbies, start doing any physical activity you like, read books, go on adventures.

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ok, then stay depressed

>paying for things and relying on professionals are Jewish schemes
I highly doubt you're a woodsman shitposting on Jow Forums from a homemade computer whole sitting in a basement you dug yourself, feeding yourself on hot pockets cooked from hand harvested food

Actually you got half of that correct.

in fact there are people who managed to cure their depression organically, just by doing certain things (eating healthy, doing sports, spending time outside, socializing with other people, picking up new hobbies) but OP is a faggot so he won't apply himself enough to succeed. He will just keep blaming women for not being attracted to him/asking him out and therefore causing his depression.

That's some quality projecting user-kun.

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Her insta is so fucking useless. Jesus Christ, I don't give a shit about your lunch and zoom in on the bikini pics! God, I didn't follow 50 hot blondes just for closeups of their lunch!

Isn't love for everyone?


checked. how come?


Getting a gf is so easy. Most ppl i know ask how to nkt get a gf but still bang them. Girls want a bf just as much as u want a gf. Fucken easy, once u get them easy u find out how annoying they are.

Then how get gf

If getting a gf were easy, there wouldn't be that much 25+ men around here asking how to get one. I'm 27 and still can't figure out how getting a gf works.

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get one to date you, have everything go fine, then dump you out of the blue because she suddenly 'discovers' she has feelings for a friend (read: she was involved with this dude before), then talk to a counselor and give her all the details and have the counselor say it wasn't your fault, you did everything right, then get upset because your ex gf had planned the breakup for at least a week, invited you to a show she knew you wouldn't attend then when you declined invited the other dude, and broke up with you several days later, so that you get pissed off at being treated like trash instead of as a person, then work out a lot putting your seething anger into doing more reps.

or just hit the gym and find stuff that makes you happy and do those things inatead.

Getting a gf is easy, you just have to ask for their number, go out with them on a couple of dates and go from there.
The hard thing is being mature enough to hold a relationship.

By realizing having a gf, dating, sex, etc are all incredibly overrated and a lot of work and money for little pay off

But why?

Learn that bitches and pussy literally only make you happy in that moment. Its a bitch slap when you're finished and your shit life hasnt changed.

no fap and reddit

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>Get a gf
>Now you're going to be depressed over having a gf

Then just break up. No one’s forcing you to stay with her.

>lol Dude you want a emotional and physical connection with the opposite gender?
>Just stop being sad about your inability to connect with someone like what billions of people are doing right now and be happy of being a loner

This aint it, chief

>Realize getting a gf wont cure my loneliness because women and men can't be friends and can't understand each other.
This is what I think and it works

Yeah, getting a gf will causes some issues and problems but at least I wouldn't be so lonely, bored and wouldn't feel defective for not being able to find one.

i've been with the same girl for 6 years now. its overrated.

Jerk off a lot


>I'm a high school dropout NEET weighing 300lbs and living in the basement who faps to animu all day long
>if I only had a gf my life would be magically fixed

yeah there's no hope for u sorry

Have a life that doesn't require a gf to be happy. The issue is that you've fucking obsessed over it so hard for so long that you're delusional. There are many single men and virgin men who can go through life without having every day ruined by >tfw no gf, and they're the ones who will eventually find someone later on in life while you're still wallowing in self-pity.

Why can't you "get" a girlfriend? Are you social around single females? Have you even tried? Nobody really "gets" a partner. Society doesn't owe anyone a partner. It's all about luck, effort and being at the right place at the right time. It helps having something to offer, not saying you should go for gold digging whores. I am saying that people are attracted to people that have a fairly nice life going on for themselves. A hobby, meaningful job, happy attitude. Desperate super single people that long for compassion and love tend to freak people out. Not saying I don't get it, but it's true.

If you have decided to give up on love my best advice is to work on yourself and find a way to have a meaningful life as a single person.

Yeah your problem is probably wanting a girl like pic related. They date top tier chads or get shit on by rich arabs for money.

I'm shy, don't say much in conversations and don't know how to socialize with women because I've always avoided them. Now I don't even meet women so it's impossible for me to get a gf.

>i've been with the same girl for 6 years now. its overrated.

Not OP, I want to believe you but I just can't.

What's so overrated about ?

You can literally:
>go to the movies, beach, park, etc with her.
>get intimate on a daily/weekly basis.
>talk to/message your girl whenever the fuck you want.

Man, I just can't believe you when you say it's overrated.

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I keep forgetting that to this up and coming generation, "more difficult" is the same to them as "impossible."

>arranged marriage? Now THAT was how you found a significant other

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Its the same way anything is overrated if you do it everyday. Its easy to tire of things and/or take them for granted if you do it every day. A person can get used to just about anything.

you could start with not gawking over photoshopped pictures of women

Everyone in this thread mocking OP is a fucking idiot, lucky to have never felt "tfw no gf" or else they'd be a bit more sympathetic. I've been there, I had never held hands or been on a date when suddenly I got a gf. Now I'm not nearly as far gone as some people, (evidently not,) but having a gf was so fucking nice.

Short term: depression = gone
Long term: depression = returned, but at least I'll never again have to feel the bitterness and frustration from having never having felt love

You probably can't make yourself stop being depressed OP. I'd legitimately try as hard as you can to get a gf, if nothing else you'll dispose of tfw no gf, at least for a little while.

Go on OK cupid and contact all of the ugly fat girls. Video related.

Lift weights, do cardios and pursue a healthy hobby.

Just jack off, the feeling goes away.

No it doesn't, on the contrary it makes it far worse. I feel much better since I've started nofap.

I just jerked off and can confirm I feel much lonelier

I think I'll do it too.

Good luck user. The first few weeks will be very hard, but the increased energy and motivation really worth it imo. It's easier if you keep yourself busy, pick up a new hobby, start working out etc.

can you afford paying for sex? if you have it in your budget just fuck a whore one a week until you feel you have all your sexual needs covered. finding a girl while not being thirsty will help a lot.

Yes these are the positives of having a girlfriend. I've had a girlfriend for 2,5 years and the things you sum up are what makes relationships awesome. Having a girlfriend with whom you can be intimate with and with whom you can share your life with can be awesome. However, i believe you aren't thinking about how much of a hassle a relationship can be. Relationships are definitely not all roses and puppy's.

First of all, the incredible feeling (dopamine rush) you get from being intimate with a girl dies down considerably after you've been together with the same girl for more than 6-9 months or so. So the fun of a relationship always goes down after a while.

Secondly, relationships can be very stressful. Think about how many problems you have in life. Every person has his fair share of personal trouble and drama. If you are in a relationship, you need to deal with at least double the amount of drama you used to deal with. Because now you are not only responsible for your own shit, you are also responsible for dealing with the shit your GF goes through. It can be a massive pain in the ass.

Lastly, relationships are difficult to maintain. Every relationship comes with things like fights, jealousy, doubts and the possibility of heartbreak and getting cheated on and stuff like that. I'm sure every user on this thread who has had a committed relationship can relate to the negatives i summed up. But you tend to not think about these things if you have never had a girlfriend in your life. You tend to only think about the positives.