What do I do if I live in a crazy small town where everyones a maniac

what do I do if I live in a crazy small town where everyones a maniac

everyone is a fucking dick head they're either just straight up ass holes or evil. everyone I talk to is just an ass hole I can feel them just hating everyone they just want to tear away everything from a person. every time someone gets happy I feel them just hating it and jealous and wishing they could rip it away

everyone here either encourages you to do stupid shit and its like a contest of who can do the stupidest shit or people are just crazy and angry. everyones so fucking angry just talking to them they snap at you constantly even if you're not doing anything and its like you have to get in a fight every time you want a conversation here with someone or they just hate you if you dont do stupid. if you dont do stupid shit like if they ask you to do them a favor that only benefits them but could get you in trouble and you say no they're just like whatever fuck you bro you're a pussy were not gonna hang out with you

literally everyone here is full of hate. people will only chill with you to use you and they're anti social maniacs or just ass holes. I talk to people and I ask them to chill and they're just like oh I dont really want to chill and start hinting towards they'll only chill with you if you smoke weed with them and everyones poor and awful. that or they're just ass holes and constantly pissed off snapping its giving me fucking PTSD and im so lonely im just trapped with my PTSD thoughts out here.

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stop cluttering Jow Forums with your nonsense, Two DUI Guy

and everyone here autistically brags about everything like every time I have a conversation they find a way to brag at every sentence and it turns everything into some douchebag bragging contest from jersey shore or something

even if your life sucks and you dont have something they'll just rub your face in it to keep bragging about their shit. its like they have autism in the water supply

Just leave.

I cant god is making my life hell on purpose and every time I try to leave I just get stuck more. I cant tell if I died and went to hell or if this is real life anymore

Oh, it's you again. God is not punishing you, you're suffering the consequences of your own bad choices. If you never learn to take responsibility for your own actions, your condition will never improve. You will continue to fuck things up for yourself without understanding why, and shouting "WHY GOD WHY?!?!" isn't helping you at all.

but you've heard this a hundred times already and it didn't help then, so I doubt it'll help now

no thats fucking wrong dude. every time I find a way something goes wrong last second. after I had enough money and a way to leave and a way to get to the airplane the last possible solution that could of trapped me here was probation and that happened

im being trapped

the why did you DUI, retard?

>the last possible solution that could of trapped me here was probation
Probation didn't just randomly HAPPEN to you. You did that to yourself. It is a standard legal consequence for an illegal thing that YOU did. I'm done though, you can't be reasoned with. You cannot improve your life until you're willing to improve yourself, I hope you figure that out someday before you end up in jail for good

god put a layer of ice on the road so I would slip god can do anything

Bullshit, if anything, god punished you for your sins

This is an advice board and you're not looking for advice, you're just complaining. If you really want to know "why is this happening to me?" there are obvious correct answers to that question. But you don't want to hear them. You'll continue to fuck up your own life and blame it on God because you can't admit you were wrong

ok the karma thing is more believable but im still being trapped.

ok ill apply to transfer and then when that gets denied it'll be my fault even though it was all luck tho. me getting fucked wasn't my fault dude the timing of it was too precise it was meant to happen

no one force fed you the xanax

If you smell shit everywhere you go, check if you didn't soil yourself.

dude fuck off every time I find a way it gets cock blocked its just meant to happen I have to literally fight the fucking will of god just to leave and be happy stop telling me im wrong

it never fucking happened before then the second im about to leave it does yeah that timing wasn't a coincidence at all

>take drugs
>blame god

you still chose to take drugs and drive. none of this would have happened if you made a different decision.
you're hopeless. you should honestly just kill yourself.

You're not winning an argument here. You're refusing to improve your own life. Everyone else in this thread gets mildly frustrated, but you get doomed to an increasingly shitty life because you can't take responsibility for yourself. You're only hurting yourself here

dude it was meant to happen. after I got money and had a flight out god knew he couldn't trap me here anymore financially so he trapped me here literally. if it wasnt a dui i could just flee the state and never have to come back but a dui is the only thing that could fuck me because i cant get my license back. god is articulately ruining my life

moving my legal shit is the only way i can improve my life and thats all up to chance so. nope not gonna happen. literally the only way i could improve my life is to just hop on a bus and leave forever and be a criminal on the run but thats like impossible

why can't you take responsibility for what you did?

Well keep your head down, save every penny you earn and move away ASAP.

Where do you live?

Maybe you're mentally ill. I'm not trying to insult you, I think it's a legitimate possibility if you're not just trolling here. You have delusions that are impervious to logic, and you stick to them even when it's ruining your life.

Your probation is temporary. You know that you can just wait it out, and in the meantime, you could be making realistic productive plans for what you will do when you're free of it. You could be working and saving up money so that you could actually move when the probation is up.

But you're just not thinking that way. And the most likely outcome is that you will fuck up again, you will break the law again, you will ruin your own life again. And you'll either be on probation, or in jail, or dead, or some other bad ending. Because if you can't own up to your mistakes, you will keep repeating them

God gave you free will. You decide to take drugs and tried to drive a vehicle. It's your fault. Not god's. YOU took drugs, YOU decided to drive, the fault is YOURS.

its not money i got trapped here

ok. its totally my fault. its not a coincidence at all that i just get cock blocked every time i find a way 10/10 times. it is all my fault for making one mistake and trying to leave. ill just improve my life in the woods 40 miles from a bunch of other small towns with a gas station no jobs and no public transit

no man there's just too much coincidences. every time i saved up money and got a sizeable amount something would go wrong and cost me money that i HAD to pay. every time i got a job there was some fucked up clerical error or something like that that fucked me. as soon as i found a way to make a bunch of money and get enough saved to leave and found a bus route to the nearest airport i blacked out and when i woke up i was on probation and stuck literally confined to my county of like 4 shit small towns with no way out and then when i try to transfer my probation over god will cock block that too.

i have money and there's no point in waiting that long. i will already be old. there will be no point. i would have already missed out on my entire life just sitting in a small town and god would have won. well hes going to win no matter what i do but yeah

yes this is all my fault. every time i have a way out it gets taken away and i get stuck more. its just my fault

I'm done. You win the argument. God is out to get you and your life will be shit forever and there's nothing you can do. But hey - at least you've never done anything wrong, and you have nothing to learn from any of this except that God is being a jerk to you. Is that what you wanted to hear?

how long is your probation?

we will see if trying to move my shit the legit way works but i just dont know man it seems like for years ive been telling my friends oh shit i found a way out and then i just find out it wont work or something goes wrong and im back sitting here alone or with crazy people

maybe stop taking drugs? Is this even an option for you or is your made up depression and PTSD so bad that you have to self medicate?

yeah but i think its too late to do anything now

all you have to do is ride out your probation faggot

first of all, consider the possibility you're full of shit.

im either transferring or killing myself im not wasting my entire life here sorry