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I've been using Tinder for a few years and have experienced it as a fat average guy and as a good looking Jow Forums guy. There are usually a lot of threads asking for Tinder advice so I though I'd try to help people out a bit, I've written a quick guide and published it on PasteBin. I'll be editing it as I change the layout, add more formation or update it based on feedback.


Going to make a quick dinner and then I'll be answering questions people may have or offering advice.

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>no friends
>no hobbies
>no dog

should i just kill myself?

if you aren't a chad, don't use tinder as a male in 2018 (or hereafter). you will only waste your time and pump up the ego of your enemy

tinder is nasty and tinder sluts are even worse
use it lads if you have absolutely no standards

With this sort of thinking you're going to die alone user, women are not the enemy. SOME women are cunts, but the majority aren't. Don't let the anger you get from rejection fuel your hatred against women, use as fuel to improve yourself. Get your own back if you want by fucking them.

Read part 1, find something that interests you and use that as a place to launch your hobbies.

give me example of a good bio

how one thinks does not matter, just how you look

bio doesn't matter

Sorry but that's a silly viewpoint, if that were true then ugly/average/fat guys would get NO matches. Looks are VERY important, but just because YOU think you're ugly doesn't necessarily mean others do and that you won't get matches. You can also work on improving your looks by hitting the gym, a slim face is more attractive than a fat face. Granted some people are ugly no matter what they do, but this is a small amount of people. In truth, people are just not willing to try things out because they got rejected once and think all women are therefore whores.

It depends on your interests, hobbies and profile photos. Your pictures matter more than your bio but it doesn't hurt to have a good bio. For instance if you like travelling or sightseeing you could say something like "Love travelling. Paris, New York, London, the local bar; I've been everywhere that's important"

It comes off as slightly funny and gives them something to ask you, I put something about travelling in my bio and when I matched with girls they'd ask thinks like "Where's the most exotic place you've been?" or "Furthest place you've been?"

Where from did you even get that attitude that only looks matters for femanons?

wrong, ugly people don't get results on tinder. by your own admission, a fat cunt gets as many matches as a chad - what hope does a facially sub 4 male have to get a match, let alone convert it?

if you are male but not a chad, do not use tinder in 2018. source, 2 years of rejection despite all the meme advice (gym etc.)

If that's your outlook on life then I'm sorry mate. If you want to give up then by all means do so, however I stand by my point that ugly people can get results on Tinder and they can also improve there chances at getting results. You're not going to get tonnes of matches, but you will at least get one a week. As for fat unattractive women getting the same as a "chad", that's more to do with men being more desperate for sex and willing to fuck anything whereas women are more selective

I'm generalising a bit, yes there are SOME women who don't care about looks but in general looks are quite important when it comes to dating. In fact I'd say the percentage of women who don't care about looks is so minuscule that it can honestly be ignored. What is a key factor is how much WEIGHT some women will give looks. If a guy's personality is great and the chemistry is there they will be more lenient with the looks requirement.

As I stated in the guide, "Looks open the door but your personality is what keeps it open". If you just want to bang then looks are all you need, if however you want a relationship then you need to have a personality as well.

Okay, so I got problems with Tinder. For one, the women on my area don't interest me. They are either obese, have multiple children, or have bios that turn me the fuck off. I just can't stand how uninteresting and unappealing they are. Then there is flaking.

I had plenty of girls flake on days we where supposed to meet up. I get that flaking is a thing, but goddamn is it bad on my end. One time I had four different girls with an arranged date one after the other for mon, tues, wed, and thursday. One was at a bowling alley with arcades, one was a coffee date with a walk to the park planned, another a meet up at an ice cream shop, and the last one was a netflix 'n chill with pizza at my place. Guess what happened? They all texted in a few hours before the date on each fay, saying see-thru excuses. From "oh hey, I remembered I had an appointment", "I had a date planned with my other girlfriends" , and "something came up with a family member", and so on.

So all of this has put a damper on me trying out Tinder again. I haven't gotten a date with anyone on this app, and I'm not sure how other guys do it. This shit actually hurts my self-esteem and self-value.

wow 0.1% chance to 0.2%, and just of a match not even an actual date

your problem is you are not a chad, hence the girls drop you for a chad as soon as one becomes available (something has suddenly come up sorry!)

if you are not a chad or a girl, do not use tinder in 2018

If the girls in your area don't interest you then start looking in another area or move to another area. I'd keep looking in your area though first because you're bound to find at least one person that interests you unless you're in a tiny coal mining town in Alaska.

As for flaking, you need to firstly have a strike policy. I have a two strike rule, if they flake twice then I don't bother asking any more and leave the ball in their court. Stops you from getting desperate and it forces them to make a decision. Otherwise look at your conversation, maybe you're saying something boring or doing something that is turning them away. Are they replying with short replies? How long does it take them to reply?

With Tinder, and inf act any dating website/app, you need to treat it casually. This is why I tell people to do other things and think of Tinder as just an app they check when they're in bed. Don't limit yourself to just Tinder, go out with your friends and try to meet people in real life. Not necessarily to date/fuck but to keep your mind occupied and to improve your social skills. You want to be thinking "Coolio, I'll see if Mike wants to come round to game" rather than "Fuck, why do I keep getting flaked on"

Sorry mate

Better than 0, no? Either way mate it seem more likely that you'd rather blame people than work on your issues and on improving yourself. You blame chad and hate him for getting girls, but do you think he sits at a PC all day crying about not getting matches?

No, he goes to the gym and works on his body so that he can get more matches.

and why should we have hobbies when neither of the girls have one.
why their hobby can be watching netflix and shitposting on social media but we must do something interesting like skydiving or rock climbing.

I did gym but you can't lift an ugly face away. chad didn't work for anything, he got it for free

if you are not a chad or a girl do not use tinder in 2018

Because girls have vaginas that you want to play with. Hobbies aren't to impress girls, they are there to enrich your life and make you seem like an interesting person. By all means sit and play games all day long, but don't be angry when girls would rather pick someone who is doing something interesting rather than trying to clear a game with no deaths. There are girls who will be quite happy that you play games all day long, one of my friends sits and plays StreetFighter all day and loves talking to guys who did that as well. However by having one or no hobbies, you limit yourself to the number of girls who are available to you.

So chad came out with a 6 pack and muscles from birth, never went to a gym? Never ate right? A good body won't fix an ugly face, but it gives you a better chance over an ugly face and ugly body. I think you're better of on Jow Forums mate

chad doesn't need muscles as he already has the face. he just needs to eat well (easy)

I do more than chad does, I have better hobbies, interests, opinions, stories, thoughts and so on

nothing can fix an ugly face

if you aren't a chad or a girl, do not use tinder in 2018

Gosh you're fucking pathetic. Your face isn't the problem, it's your personality.

>chad doesn't need muscles as he already has the face.

Right, literally two minutes outside and I'll see loads of ugly fuckers with hot girls, if you want to do that.

>he just needs to eat well (easy)

Eating is probably the hardest part of looking buff.

>I do more than chad does, I have better hobbies, interests, opinions, stories, thoughts and so on

I hate to break it to you but chad ISN'T FUCKING REAL it's just a fucking bullshit meme you keep telling yourself so you don't have to think about it. You're saying that you are quantifiably better to an imaginary person. Moreover, I don't really know how you can even begin to claim you have better hobbies, interests, opinions, stories, and...thoughts? How the fuck do you even quantify thoughts?

What a load of shit- your hobbies and thoughts must be so good that you've concluded (through your bountiful wisdom) that crying about it on Jow Forums is going to work

>nothing can fix an ugly face

Yeah it fucking can, you're probably average anyway

>if you aren't a chad or a girl, do not use tinder in 2018

What a fucking wuss, no wonder you don't fucking get anywhere "I'm better than everyone, I'm so misunderstood, it's not worth trying"

Jesus fucking christ what is wrong with you?

You're no better than anyone else, you're no more intellectual, you've not better thoughts or hobbies than anyone. The reason no one dates you is because you're an entitled piece of shit that doesn't fucking listen to anyone and is so self-assured of how wonderful he is- and how wonderful you are, alone, reading this on your computer.

I'm sure jeremy meeks has a great personality haha

didn't read the rest of your whining as it's just rage projection

As I said mate, you're better off on Jow Forums if you want to just have an echo chamber.

> try to make a stupid post encouraging pointless behaviour
> someone disagrees with the post
> "heh, go to r9k if u don't want people to disagree with you"

smelly dumb NPC scum


your shit thread is dead

>tfw ectomorph
Permanently a skeletor.

That would be a basic bitch bio you fag. Did you ever use tinder? Travelling is a meme tier bio of the worst kind. Fuck off.

Travelling when the furthest you've been is the next city is possibly meme tier, but if you've been to different countries and still want to travel it's a great topic for discussion.

assuming you are a chad aka talking to a girl in the first place

t. zoomer

I'm 5 hours late, but
>having girls message you first

I've had tinder for almost a year now and I think it's happened maybe twice.

Is Tinder actually viable for relationships, or is it just for mindless hookups only?

I'm currently a POF user, and I'm looking for something relatively serious. I don't expect to find the love of my life through the internet, but I do want something more stable than casual sex.

it just depends. i think alot of twenty-somethings are looking for something real but things just kind of veer into a solely sexual relationship. i actually joined some apps hoping to date, maybe have sex, but really to have company and eventually a boyfriend. but its so easy for the vibes to just become casual/sexual.

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