I am a pedophile

I am a pedophile.
I’m 30 and 6’1”, my gf is 31 and 4’7”, this height difference in one of the things that has attracted me so much to her due to said pedophilia. Often when we’re fucking I imagine I’m fucking a 9-10 year old. Obviously, I can never tell her this though I sometimes jokingly hint at it.

Anyway we roleplay quite a bit, one thing I’ve wanted her to do is outright play the role of the 9-10 year old I fantasize her being but I know there’s no way of doing that without outing myself as a pedo. The most we’ve done is myself playing the role of teacher while she’s a high school student or me being her father while she’s begging for a car or whatever the fuck. What ever the age play, she usually sticks to upper teen years at lowest.

How can I convince her to play the role of 9-10 year old without creeping her out with my own pedo fantasies?

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Hope she will report you

Your feeding this sexual attraction for destroying innocent and naive humans is not accepted here. Kill yourself.

>How can I convince her to play the role of 9-10 year old without creeping her out with my own pedo fantasies?
Claim it's 1950s cheerleader shit? I don't know mate, your fantasies are pretty socially taboo, the best you can hope for is that she doesn't think you're a fucking loony tosser for wanting to bang kids.

>the best you can hope for is that she doesn't think you're a fucking loony tosser for wanting to bang kids.the best you can hope for is that she doesn't think you're a fucking loony tosser for wanting to bang kids.
but he is just that

He can just hope she doesn't think so.

You've got to just tell her, OP.

>t. girl with paedophilic bf, who shows me child models and faps to them when we're having sex

I feel like shit though because I don't look like a little girl at all (big hips, muscular thighs).

wtf... how do you live with yourself?

>Claim it's 1950s cheerleader shit?
I’m not sure if I follow how she wouldn’t just age play herself down to upper teens again if I did this.

I figured she’d think I was creepy but I don’t know, I always thought I probably had some ground to stand on since she’s really into incest play.

At least you could get her in a short skirt etc etc

She dresses in short skirts anyway.

I’m just trying to find a way to convince her to actually play the role instead of constantly having it in my own head.

What would the role be, though? How would she identify her age?

Males are so creepy

Only do this if you're 100% prepared to lose her. If she even has a hunch you're into kids there's a good chance she will leave you for a variety of reasons, ranging from disgust to not wanting you to give her issues simply on the grounds of being a grown up, adult woman.

Well, his girlfriend would have to be annoying, and get mad whenever OP did anything that remotely annoyed them. They'd have to leave a shit load of mess everywhere, and ask horribly inappropriate questions at opportunity. Bonus points for not understanding hygiene.

Kids suck, idk why pedos crave them

Acting like a child just finding out about sex, playing the role of Elementary student instead of high school student again. Just something.

GTFO, pedos are creepy not males

Good sir I would like to say that you must get to a therapist immediately before this fetish makes a fool.

Not that user and I don't generally agree but I have to say the obsession you see in porn with fucking girls as young (turned 18 today!!) as possible is really unnerving.

I wouldnt. U have an illness that is rightfully rejected by society. Keep the fantasy in your own head and stay with this girl its not often you will meet women like this

Just tell her she’s a really slow High School student...

No but seriously, if for no other reason than self preservation, don’t indulge this fantasy. Women especially will not be understanding.
Try your hardest to redirect your sexual preference. Find some other unique thing, something you haven’t thought of yet, that makes you even more excited.

Also, OP, do you not think she already has an inclining that you're into kids based on her height? I mean, 4'7" is incredibly short and you're already asking her to play a school girl...

Man, I’m 30. I’ve come to terms with my pedophilia.

I’m not looking into discussing the morality of my sexual interests or whether it’s some mental disfunction or not. I just want to know if anyone has ways I can convince my girl to play a role.

To be fair, the school girl/teacher fantasy is really common/well-known and a lot of women are into it as well. Not because they get off on pretending to be a teenager but because they get off on the general role and power dynamics and remembering how they felt towards their teachers at that age (a lot of girls have crushes on one or more of them).

As said earlier, it’s joked about between us but I don’t think I could ever outright admit it.

Despite feeling empathy for sexual minorities I massively despise pedophiles.
I hope you go to jail and rot there.
I'm sorry, I know you don't decide what do you prefer but you are a potential rapist and society benefits from having people like you behind the bars.

If you ask her to play a prepubescent girl that is for all intents and purposes the same as admitting it. And let's say she isn't entirely convinced but distrustful, do you really think you could stonefaced deny her prodding into just how young you like them?

You can't

Truth is even if she does at that point I’m sure I can laugh it off kind of like how we already joke about it. It’s like with the incest play, we tease but I don’t think she actually wants to fuck her own dad/uncle/brother.

But I don’t really know. Hell it’s the main reason I’m here on Jow Forums asking how to do it.

Leave your girl, poor woman she's with a degenerate that fantasizes about raping kids.

It's probably not worth asking. I wouldn't admit to anything on something as monitored as Jow Forums, but IF I had similar inclinations, I would not admit them to anyone, not even a gf, unless I was 200% sure she would respond now and was 500% committed to her. Even admitting to the fetish gives her a massive amount of leverage over you.

Just bury that shit. And if you abuse your own kids I'll kill you.

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Kill yourself

Disgusting. I hope the FBI really does watch Jow Forums to catch people like you.

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I think you are being overly optimistic. Just because so far she rolled with things doesn't mean there can't be a moment where you do it once too often and suddenly she realizes that you joke an awful lot about being attracted to kids and her being like a kid, combined with needing to act younger in the bedroom.

I don't have advice for you because this is something I would 100% stay away from. Imo the only thing you can do is go into the incest thing and ask how she feels about the Daddy/little girl dynamic and how she feels imagining herself as helpless and young (without naming ages). But if she makes it clear that she herself has no appeal to even imagining being a child, imo it ends.

I also think it would be hard to laugh off. Playing a teenager is incredibly different, a teenager is developed and she remembers being that age and being sexual and having fantasies. That's entirely different from asking her to go back to an age she no doubt doesn't associate with sex, doesn't want to associate with sex in any way, evokes protective motherly feelings in her etc.

Confess and pray she doesn't dump you.

Well she’s typically the one who jokes about it first while joking about her size compared to mine and I’m the one who just rolls with it. But either way you and are likely right. There’s really no way to do this and I’m better off just keeping it in.

Then do as I said and ask her if she likes to think of herself as a helpless child sometimes. And try to stress the element of fantasy (experiencing the situation as a kid vs flat out being a kid and watching yourself as a kid, more about the mindset than the body) to make it easier for her to potentially confess. Or varieties that hit that grey area. But don't ask her to pretend she's a child.

Oh yeah and female teachers don't sleep with their underage students ever. Retard

Teens =/= prepubescent children. Women are attracted to youth too if he's good looking.

lmao wtf is this

Sure they aren't, my issue isn't really men being attracted to girls in their late teens or early twenties. It's rather, if it's such a huge turn on for men to have the youngest they can possibly get, how much lower would they like to go if it were legal?

And sure women love young handsome men but not really to the point where they fetishize whether a guy is eighteen or twenty. If it was just about a girl being tight and fresh faced there would be no real reason to stress her exact age so much.

Men would fuck 12 year olds.
Laws were only changed with feminism.
Yes everyone is in on it together pretending they aren't attracted.
Yes people will deny this post but it's the truth, accept it or not it is.

It's because 18 year olds have a longer time you can enjoy their youth. A 25 year old is 3-4 years away from "hitting the wall". That's why just legal girls are appealing

you wont, unless she's into really taboo shit too, sorry op

Why would that be relevant when you are jerking off to a video of a girl you are never going to interact with, let alone date?

And following this reasoning, what should make me believe that an eighteen year old is ideal, and not a fourteen year old who has in your own words another four years of being appealing on top?

And feminism makes it so women can sleep with 12 year olds and no one cares. Not the law and not society. So much for equality..

People fell for it. Psychologists make a killing diagnosing fake trauma, prisons make a killing, everyone makes a killing.

Except OP.

If the topic of grown women with boys comes up online, it's overwhelmingly traditional macho men who make a big deal out of "hurr any non-faggot would looove for this to happen unless she's ugly".

14 year olds are illegal and even though 16 is legal in most places, are not considered fair game in society. Plus 16 is when girls are finished with puberty. 14 isn't

That's relevant to porn because it's part of the fantasy. Porn is also visual, and 18-20 year olds are the hottest women will ever be. Sorry to break that to you

>are not considered fair game in society.
I get that, but if they were? Would most men prefer them? Is the only reason it's not fair game that men don't want their own daughters to get fucked at that age?

>16 is when girls are finished with puberty
This is not true, it is a lot more fluid. The broadening of the hips happens around 16-18 on average and breasts can continue to grow (naturally, without overall weight gain) until late twenties. While this is remarkable, bodyshape still changing into the early twenties is not. If you define puberty as having pubes and some semblance of breasts, it is, but not if you mean her body's done transitioning to that of an adult woman.

>Porn is also visual
Yes, which is what I mentioned earlier: if the sole reason for wanting a girl who's very young is because she looks better, there's no need to broadcast her age, right? Let alone doing the whole "just turned 18" thing. You can just see for yourself that she looks great, case closed.

>Sorry to break that to you
Hahaha man, do you think I live under a rock? It's hardly a secret but that's not what I'm saying, I'm saying I don't believe 18 or even 16 is when men start desiring.

That's the truth. I'm a man and can vouch for this statement too.

Yeah I'm afraid you're right. For the record I don't think every given man would fuck a twelve year old. But I was a late bloomer and I can never "unsee" the amount of grown men who came onto me when I was 10-14 and looking younger rather than older. To be honest sometimes it makes me wish I'll never have a daughter.

I mean, in the wild there really wouldn't be a disadvantage to you going with one of those men, provided they were of adequate status and your parents vetted them.

It's just that in modern life it really isn't needed as much anymore, and women can now provide similar amounts of value to society as men so we educate them.

I know people will reeeee at me but it does make economic sense. My great grandmother (14) married my great grandfather (35), at a time when there really wasn't anything else for her to do. What would she have done, sit around her parent's house for 5 years twiddling her thumbs and draining money?
Now she would be educated and eventually be in the workforce for a bit before having kids, instead of starting having them immediately, and so produce more value for society.
It's all a numbers game.

I don't necessarily disagree but I remember the deep feeling of unsafety and the idea of (some? many?) men wanting to be in that position for such a young girl just makes me recoil.

Besides people are growing up a lot later than they used to, wealth and safety have greatly increased the option to develop into a stable adult at a slower speed. Nineteen year olds you wouldn't trust with anything now were parents to two kids for most of history. The lack of exposure to "the real world" (responsibilities, death, trauma) allows people to remain childlike and thus emotionally vulnerable for longer.

Having said that, your great grandmother could've helped out around the house, which was often very welcome in a time when household chores (particularly washing clothes) were still MUCH more time intensive than they are today.

I mean, that's what she ended up doing from 12 to 14 (then she started having kids). And my grandmother did from 12 to 16 when she met my grandfather.

What I'm saying is don't worry about the guys potentially hitting on your daughter. Just let her know that she should rebuff their advances, and know that society is currently structured such that it protects her from such things.

When society changes to the point that they are a threat again, they will no longer be threatening, but welcome, if you know what I mean. I'm trying to reassure you, perhaps it's not coming across well.

The effort is much appreciated but I'm afraid it's not a rational thing. In general having kids makes you vulnerable to losing them and the chance that one of my kids at some point gets hit by a car or sick or whatever is bigger than that a pedo takes off with them. It's just that the thought of a grown man looking at my child of eleven or something and thinking she'd look great on his dick evokes really strong feelings in me and my own experiences make it hard for me to believe that this is as rare as most people seem to think it is.

I guess it just comes with the territory, I really want to become a mother and this won't stop me, it's just something I feel uneasy about.

It's not rare. What is rare is people acting on it and going past flirting with you. People don't want to be raped by tyrone in jail.

The people you have to worry about aren't people who are talking with your 11-14 year old daughter, it's the people creeping on your 0-10 year old daughter. They are deeply mentally ill and actually kidnap kids. After 12 it's your daughter making mistakes usually that leads to things, so you need to teach her well.

I guess for those ages it is still harder to imagine me or another parental figure not being around, especially living in a very densely populated country with high social control.

Older girls (or boys for that matter) also get kidnapped and it's not always easy. Of course you can teach kids to not go with strangers and all that stuff, but many children are abused by a teacher, a family friend, a neighbor, someone who won their trust first. You want to teach your kid to have their own back and be on their guard, and still not make them jaded and fearful towards other people.

>The literal city and state of the moralfaggotry in this thread.
Holy fuck >>>/tumblr/ and stay there.
There is literally porn for the kind of age play OP wants it doesn't mean he's gonna go out and fuck an actual kid.

First OP congrats of finding a chick who doubles as an outlet for this kind of thing.
Second, listen up because I'm about to get your chick slapping on pigtails, slipping on light up sketchers and calling you daddy...Though it seems she does the latter already, good job.

Now, you are going to have to suggest RPs where YOU are the younger person if you haven't already. See if she's willing to have you play a 12 or 13 year old. Females lusting after younger kids are far more socially acceptable and so she'd likely be more willing. Whatever the situation in your role ACT EVEN YOUNGER, dress the part if you have to. Play these roles a couple of times and then one day switch roles. After having gone long enough playing the woman lusting after a tween, she's going to feel obliged to swap at least once. Now you be the one in power and she can be the 12 or 13 year old. She is very likely going to use your own previous actions as a base for her own exaggerated 12 to 13 year old role. BAM, you've done it, Girlfriend acting like your own personal loli.

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and somehow I cant find a woman at all...

please love yourself.

Finally a sensible person. Thinking a smaller and younger looking woman is hot does not mean OP is raping children.

Until you start using it against him.

I disagree. If he can channel his perversion into an adaptive, positive relationship with consent, I think that’s sort of what we’re all after.

Try juvenile terms of endearment. “I wuv you.” Shit like that. Normalize within the relationship an infantile interaction that placates your perversion while reinforcing a healthy relationship.

As an old man, sometimes it’s not bad perversion so much as bad eyes. Sometimes I honestly can’t tell whether a girl is 12 or 30, so I ogle until I figure out I shouldn’t.

this place isn't good for my head. just let me normalize


You'd better keep it a fantasy or a roleplay, because you cannot even comprehend the kind of suffering I'll put you through otherwise

It's perfectly natural to have thoughts and do roleplay, but don't act it out or society will rightfully remove you.

Yeah, I kinda gave up on finding any answer other than how “wrong” I am and pretty much abandoned thread so I’m glad I came back one more time to read your post.

That actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea, it’s pretty damn clever. Only problem that might come up is that usually I’m the person playing the role of authority/dominant because of the size difference. I’m always the older brother or the dad or the teacher or the coach or the crooked cop etc. she tends to not be as comfortable or she loses the immersion when she takes the lead/authoritative role.

Wut? #metoo has energized a wave of feminist puritanism.

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Hey, I'm a sex offender therapist. I wouldn't recommend the roleplay. It rehearses the deviant sexual behavior and increased your chances of offending a child when you tire of the fantasy.

Wait such things exist?

How do you treat people like this? What is the process?

Yeah it exists. I work for the state and do therapy to inmates. We use cognitive-behavioral therapy, pretty long term. Kids go through between 1-3 years and have about a 5% recidivism rate, adults need much longer and the recidivism rate is much higher. It's really similar to the treatment murderer's get, all based on devaluing another human being.

>innocent and naive 31 year old women

Absolutely bullshit.
People do RAPE roleplay, it's not like either participant are going to go off and rape other people.

You sound boring as fuck.

You can easily still play a dominant role while acting as a younger age. Do blackmail, be an overly aggressive youth simply exploring sex, be the child of someone in power over whatever role your girlfriend plays, be a young king forced to marry an older woman.

Explore this shit.

Rape roleplay is all fun and good if you're not an actual rapist. Pedofilia is a geniuine brain disorder, the best way to combat it is to not reinforce it.

So rather than have a legal, healthy, consensual outlet you want to let him keep his desires caged in until he explodes his desire on an actual child, that sounds about right?

I'd recommend therapy to be honest. Assist him in obtaining meaningful sexual experiences that are healthy and assist him in lowering his risks to go to jail.


Your recommendation to OP is legitimately bullshit. If he is just role playing and is not harming anyone at all or causing any bodily harm to himself or others and both participants are enjoying themselves, that is a genuinely healthy sexual experience.

Lowering risks to go to jail?
He has a living breathing outlet for his urges. People who have an outlet for these things are well documented to be the least likely to criminally offend in the first place.

You honestly sound like someone who is sexually jaded or at least living in a bubble.

This sorta thing is the result of obsession and bad habits.

The longer you can hold yourself off from satisfying this fantasy, the easier it will be to forget.

Time heals all wounds. If you have the strength to not let these thoughts fester in your mind, eventually they will become less and less relevant in your life until you rarely catch yourself thinking about it at all.

Can't help that you're attracted to children, I think most people understand how hard it can be, but its when you want to harm children that you REALLY need to take a step back and learn self control by making it a focus in your life.

OP, you need to dress your GF in a Japanese schoolgirl uniform. Your dick will absolutely explode.

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OP here.
I think I need to address this because it keeps coming up with robotic efficiency.

I do not want to harm actual children.
I just want my own girlfriend to role play as one and to try and see the best way to convince her to do it if it can be done at all.

She’s already got a couple of school girl uniforms for some of the High School role play. No sailor uniforms though maybe I should look into it.