You want a weak submissive woman because you are weak and you can't handle strength...

You want a weak submissive woman because you are weak and you can't handle strength.You want a girl who will do whatever you want because you are powerless in life and intimidated by a woman who is able to call you on your shit. You aren't going to find the woman you want in Eastern countries because you're a loser and no women wants a loser.

If you manage to find a stupid one to submit to you, I guarantee she will hate you eventually.

Grow up, stop whining and work on your character, that's the best advice you'll get.

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I don’t care I’m only worried about getting money and fucking hoes.

>strong woman who dont need no man!
See you in 20 years when your eggs dry up and your cats aren't enough for you anymore

No one cares about you and what you want. Why bother even posting that? You're a nobody.

I am weak and powerless. Is it too much to ask for a mate of similar stature?

You're a clueless retard.

>no one cares

Never bitched about people having to care about what I should say didn’t i dumb bitch, opinions are like buttholes everybody has one and they all smell like shit including yours, if you talk shit on a site dedicated to Chinese cartoons thinking people give a hats ass about opinions? Lol fucking loser get off this site and do something with you’re life.

I dont want a submisive woman but a femenine one that understand that we are a team both with the same objective but doing different work to complement each other

Women don't want weak losers.

Yes OP yes. All men for the last 200,000 years have actually all been weak. It has nothing to do with sexual dimorphism whatsoever.

We men sit around in our caves jacking off to the thought of bullying helpless maidens to use as slaves.

lawl. oh I am a laffin. nah I like strong women that get the fuck up and handle their shit. but they will submit.

you don't know me OP. lol get fucked.

I'm not powerless. I'm basically a wizard. I can even see into the future; It's you curled up on the couch under a blanket of Snickers wrappers with your cats licking the cheeto dust from your sausage fingers.

Lmao. My gf talked like this as well. Now she's barefoot in the kitchen making me a burger

Same. Someone nice...not submissive. I hate these weak idiots that try to dominate me and are on power trips.

That's quite a generalization for half the population

How did you get from here to there?

Every guy that takes offense to this is a loser. lol

It's been my experience that women want to be submissive more than I want to be submissive. Every woman I've been with I actually wished she would be stronger, more independent, more capable of handling her own shit without being told what to do or coddled. I don't mind the submissive thing up to a point, but it's actually not my request or my preference, and I think I would be much happier with a more equal relationship.

I don't know who you think you're talking to. but often, women will blame men for their own faults - "I am this way because that's what men WANT me to be!!!" when that usually isn't even the case. I kinda think that's what you're doing here. Some women also mistake confrontational abrasiveness for strength, and that might be why you're single

Who is this thread even for? Go jack off somewhere else.

*more than I want them to be submissive

>That projection.

someone gets under OPs skin just by existing because OP is a massive faggot like always. it's hilarious.

Dominated her respectfully but completely. She wanted to submit deep down, all this women empowerment crap was just an elaborate shit test to select the right mate

In my experience it’s the strongest women who want to feel like their boyfriend or husband actually owns them. In the benevolent dictator/slave master way. They just don’t want a weak guy LARPing as stronk to own them.