Where in this world can I bang hookers who are regularly tested for HIV?

Where in this world can I bang hookers who are regularly tested for HIV?

I went to Tijuana and they were insanely hot but it's sketches me out.

Do they test on a regular basis in Nevada?

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Japan if you are careful about where you go.
Socal if you want to trust in blind faith.

Nevada tests on a regular basis. Its required by law.
Just remember that its illegal in vegas so no one is required to test.

Guess, I'm going to Nevada. How much does it cost there?

Way more than normal.
Like $400?

Hmm.. That's kind of a lot.. but hey at least there's no std's and they speak English.

Australia. Its safer to bang a hooker there than pick up a girl from a bar.

Do they test? Is it legal?

What about European countries? Don't they require testing and are much cheaper?

Yes. Checkup is mandatory. They even check the people visiting brothels. Read up some material online. As far as I know, prostitution in Australia is most efficiently managed

Cool shit. What's the pricing?

What about herpes? How do you prevent that?

Auscunt here
Brothels are only legal in some states.
Vic & NSW I think, it’s expensive here.
Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Pattaya, Medellin are better and cheaper options.

350-400$ is the normal

Is that USD or Kangaroo Dollars?

Not sure about that

Oz dollars

Guess I have to re evaluate my information


Australia it’s $225-250 an hour.

Pattaya is $150 an entire night until morning next day all inclusive.

Dam $150 for all day.. Wtf.

Whatever you save with the whore will cost you tenfold treating all the STDs you get

Good point...

It used to be $50

Office girls are far less sexual protection aware than sex workers.
Sex workers mostly use condoms, lube, suppression medications if needed, etc.
Office girls will let you bareback them first night they meet you if you’re handsome enough.

Then there's the cost of being blamed for somebody else's offspring, and rubber-stamp family law courts entering it as official without giving you a fair chance to fight it. Family law is basically exempt from everything because "think of the children," if you think this set of words has limits then keep in mind that Hitler used it as an effective tool for his own purposes as well.

Just go on a trip to Europe. It's legal in places like Germany and Netherlands, and prostitutes are all regularly tested. You can find the whole range from budget to high end prostitutes.

I can't answer your question OP, but I would like to know about this:

What's the chance that my boyfriend has used whores in the past? He's quite the chad but I think is into sex without strings. I've asked him and he says he says no, but I'm not sure if he's truthful.

Depends on his age and location, but the odds are pretty good. Far more men than you think have been to hookers. And it's exactly the type of man you describe who is the most usual client. Men who go to prostitutes are the ones who can also get it "without paying". Beta virgin incels will remain beta virgin incels, a beta loser is too much of a beta loser to ever go to a prostitute.

That being said stop bothering him about it and drop the subject for good.

Or drop him for good, I guess? :/

Is this the only reason you would drop him for? Then don't. Or are you already thinking about doing it anyway and this is just the last straw you need?

>Non Japanese tourist attempting to sleep with prostitute
Lol good luck mate

Try oz

There are options for foreigners, they are just limited.

t. white guy who has fucked Japanese prostitutes

Germany is objectively the best option.

Correct. Not only because of legal brothels, but plausible deniability. If someone asks you why you are going to Switzerland, you can just tell him you want to see the castles, the culture, the food, the beer.

I don't know why I typed out Switzerland instead of Germany. Well, Switzerland is also a pretty good option, they also have legal brothels. As do Austria. And all three have perfect plausible deniability.

This seems like a non-issue. As stated earlier, prostitutes are more away of the risks than the average girl having a wild weekend, and protect themselves better. It would likely be safer if he had only fucked classy prostitutes than had he several one night stands.

Well, he's had both. I try not to judge because I really like him and I've never had such a deep connection with someone before. But :/ it still makes me feel some way