When Internet was cool

The internet used to be a place where you could meet people. Online games had dedicated servers with their regulars, and you could find at least one active forum on any topic with a small but dedicated/spammy community. You could have no friends AFK and you would still never feel alone.

Now the forums became reddit, which is a big downgrade in features and way too massive to actually meet people, rather than arguing with a different stranger every day. Videogames encourage you to play only with people you already know.

If you happen to have friends, chances are they became robots that are way too busy watching crap in a platform that they want to make the most of because they pay monthly.

Am I missing something or is this all the progress Internet has seen in the last 10 years? Socially speaking, of course. I could rant all day on the technological retardness...

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Retardness isnt a word.

oh yeah

Now it is

I know. Not a native speaker, didn't want to spend more than 5 seconds in finding a similar word that actually exists, when retardness gets the point across just fine.

Social media ruined it. People mentioning "memes" outside of the Internet will never not be weird to me, but I've just come to accept it.

No it isn’t

No it doesn’t. I don’t deal with fake words, so I refuse to answer your question.

You are a language terrorist. I don't negotiate with terrorists.

I refuse to answer your question until you delete this post, repost it, and use a real word instead of a fake one. Retardness isn’t a word. Didn’t you learn anything in school?

I demand that you delete and repost this thread using real words instead of fake ones.

Please. You can't be as cruel to deny me the divine insight that your answer would provide me.

Is samefag a real word?

I will deny you any advice until you learn to use real words.

I love how everyone is just arguing about this instead of helping OP

>Advises to use real words

I miss the old internet too. A new forum I just joined is pretty desolate due to the discord server they have, and one of the last forums I've been holding out on has been slowly dying for years now...

I have no where to go in real life, and it looks like it's going to be just about the same on the internet soon enough. I refresh the same three pages all day and non of them ever get much activity.

What is that image from?

OP here. I don't expect help any more than getting a time machine. But arguing about dumb shit can be fun, you should try it some day.

> What is that image from?
It's DM6, my fav level from Quake 3

No memes, my buddies old CS:Source servers were 24/7 office and 24/7 assault, always had players.
When you joined the Cheers theme song "Where everybody knows your name" would play.
Now you go into soulless matchmaking with Mexicans that barely speak English and little kids.

How old are you? This sort of feeling is really only applicable to early millennials born before or on 91.

t. boomer

the internet was never cool. go outside

From 92 actually. That is the year of the frontier, if you ask me. I also feel bad for babyfags like who can't understand what we've lost. And they never will, unless we change things.

I think he just has assburgers

The main issue is that internet connections used to cost thousands of dollars. The only people on there were scientists, militiary, businesspeople, or tech geeks willing to pay a second rent.

Net neutrality was repealed, so we may hopefully see a resurgence of that. A second tier internet for paying customers would be nice.

I think it was all good for as long as people were using computers. Look around you in public transport, and you'll see where all of the low quality posts are coming from. They'd at least put in more effort if it were stationary, and expensive.

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No, it has little to do with net neutrality. Besides, I've never lived in the US nor used to interact in english-speaking communities until recently.

The only place I feel as though I can try to make friends is Discord, and I haven't managed to find a good public server which doesn't disintegrate into drama and implode. Either a server is dead, or overrun with people talking over each other. At least in forums each thread had a set topic- you could have conversations which were less likely to be derailed.

Also in general, with the way the internet has scaled, it feels like everyone has become disingenuous. People break down and shitpost when they feel they aren't being paid enough attention. It's like trolling got normalised.

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