Nobody likes to be bothered by complete strangers on the bus, specially if you're wearing headphones...

nobody likes to be bothered by complete strangers on the bus, specially if you're wearing headphones, that's the biggest "don't talk to me" sign someone can give but...

there's this really cute girl that takes the same bus as me when I go home from work, so how do I get to approach her without being an annoying cunt?

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>get up
>sit down next to supposed cute female
>look her in the eye.gif
>smile !!
>give a friendly wave

Now say "hello!" :)

you're only going to be an annoying cunt if she finds you unattractive

This is correct, also the difference between what is sexual assault and what isn't.

>nobody likes to be bothered by complete strangers on the bus, especially if you're wearing headphones, that's the biggest "don't talk to me" sign someone can give but...

But nothing. Just because you want something doesn't mean you get to ignore what other people feel. You admit talking to her on the bus would be a bother, and you even go further and imply she is wearing headphones as an extra "don't talk to me" sign.

So don't talk to her.

Well I have no reason to say this will work but you could pretend to be curious about what she's listening to if you are near her. Maybe say you can hear it through the headphones because it's loud (but it probably isn't).

>nobody likes to be bothered by complete strangers on the bus
what if i do

I also like to be bothered by strangers on the bus. Even when it is some freako talking about his life story, I don't care.

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user talks to her, she Either:
Responds positively:
+ Bus mate
+ Possible gf/friend
+ Experience
+ Day = Made
Responds negatively:
~ Rejection (only negative if you don't learn how to deal with it. "How do I deal with it?" Experience.)
+ Experience
~ Now you have to deal with the fact that you share a bus together, this will be increasingly made worse (or not at all) by the factor of how much spaghetti you dropped during your convo; so act cool, smile and shake it off if she says she doesn't want to talk or the convo dies.

It doesn't matter if she likes you or felt bothered, the end game is getting the experience required to land the girl you actually want, not some random stranger in a bus. Good luck and welcome to the rice fields motherfucker.

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>I know something is wrong to do
>I want to do it anyway
Leave her alone user

Dude it'll be obvious you're coming onto her. Women are scared of being approached. It'll take some combination of your own attractiveness (be honest with yourself) and her own low inhibitions to get good results.

You'll feel like you're breaking a social rule. A real faux pas. You have project the opposite. Without displaying true confidence and ease you will look creepy. If you try to downplay the fact that you showed interest in them it'll be obviously dishonest (scary). Compliments can trigger a knee jerk rejection too if they aren't implemented smoothly. Neutral, well-known topics are best to gauge their speaking style and establish rapport without conflicting with unconscious deal-breakers they may have. Niche topics are likely to introduce insecurity and create a negative mood. If you can segue to a personal topic that you can both contribute on you'll build a lot of trust.

These are just some of my ways one could talk to strangers of the opposite sex. It's really up to your personal preferences and style but try to be wary of the context and the other persons possible feelings. Try not to talk to continue if they aren't obviously interested within a a minute of the conversation. If it goes well you might be in a good place to ask for her number or Facebook

Well, it WOULD be a bother, so I would say "don't".
Conversations with strangers don't just pop up with "hi!"s and small talk, try and spot her interests or anything you might find similar, strike up a conversation about that, see if it goes from there.

i wish strangers bothered me on the bus. or on the street. oh bog im so lonely

Imagine being this selfish, lol. Chick clearly doesn't want to socialize with some randos and spends her journey chilling and listening to music but some desperate user judged her to be a fine piece of ass so now he will disregard her obvious discomfort and hassle her anyway because she is ''really cute''.

you might have autism

Kindly, gently and quietly. Try not to invade, just ask if she's opposed to a visitor. Might be worth saying 'it's fine if not' or something.

All you can do is go for it. Some people don't mind but some people do. It's true of taken and single people both.

I'd like to make friends with strangers..

OP here:

you guys make good points

you ALSO make good points

so I figure I'll let it to chance and if the bus happens to be crowded one day and she happens to sit next to me then maybe I'll try to strike up conversation.

I always wear headphones though
Don't particularly care about being bothered

>nobody likes to be bothered by complete strangers on the bus, specially if you're wearing headphones, that's the biggest "don't talk to me" sign someone can give
I wouldn't be totally sure about that. I usually wear headphones when i'm on the bus to the university i go to. However, i do it simply because i'm bored so i might as well listen to some music. If someone wanted to have a casual conversation with me i would be totally fine with that. But yes i understand where you are coming from because i also tend to leave people alone who wear headphones just like me. But wearing headphones doesn't necessarily mean that person doesn't want to get bothered.

The actual answer is to just talk to her. If you do it right, you won't come off like an annoying cunt, so there's no downside. Even if you do annoy her, who cares? You're not ruining her day by making chit-chat on a fucking bus.
You can't go into social interactions with the idea that even engaging with anyone is an annoyance to them, even if it's true

A cute girl once sat next to me on the bus and I thought she might have been making eyes at me. Then I began to wonder if she was on drugs.

Conversely I don't wear headphones and hate being bothered.


The only way to make a social connection with a complete stranger is just to talk to them and see how it goes. Not "Hey will you go out with me" obviously, but just a friendly harmless banal exchange of words to determine if she's open to actually talking or not.

If she gives you one word answers or seems uncomfortable/not engaged in the conversation, then just let the convo end naturally. No harm done, and you won't come off as annoying or impolite.

If she seems more engaged, offers up questions/ideas of her own, etc. then you may actually have a shot at making friends with her.

Either way, you have to risk "rejection" if you want anything to happen. It's not easy talking to strangers, least of all ones who you are attracted to, which is why people don't do it very often.

You're only "annoying" if you ignore the social cues someone gives you that they don't want to talk anymore.