Girlfriend says she has bumps on vagina

My girl and I usually chill together on the weekend and end up having sex a few times. I've been seeing her for about a month and a half.

She says that after we had sex the first time, she got bumps on her vagina. She went for a test, I did too, we both got tested negative. But she said a doctor looked at her vagina and sent her to a gynecologist to test her for HPV.

She seems to not want to have sex until she has an appointment with the gynecologist that's 10 days from now. We have had sex a few times regardless, but I can tell she feels bad about it and says she's scared of giving me something. I honestly have zero symptoms: no bumps, no itch, nothing.

I don't want to pressure her into sex, I'll ask her if the bumps hurt or something like that. I mean, of course I want to have sex with her. I also worry if I am risking giving myself something, most of the time we never use protection cause we're both negative and she's on the pill. I mean logically thinking about it, if she had something, she's already likely given it to me. On the other hand, perhaps I had asymptomatic HPV and gave it to her. Feels bad man.

I have no idea what to do in this situation. Is it better to just abstain from sex? Even if it turns out we both have HPV, I don't want to break up with her because I still like her a lot. Any advice?

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Also if we can't have sex, are there some ways we could pleasure each other without risking transmitting HPV or something else? Just something where we could have some intimacy together.

Your natural microorganism are getting used to each other.

Are you guys from a very different circle or region?

I get crazy bumps on mine if I don't shave it regularly. My skin gets irritated from the new hairs growing in. They were so bad I thought it was an STD (it wasn't) so maybe it's just that.

This is honestly what I think it is.

She seems very worried she has an STD, but I'm thinking maybe our bodies are just getting used to intense physical contact, bodily fluid exchange etc. Also the first time we had sex, apparently I fucked her so hard her pussy bled a little bit, which she said doesn't happen often. I don't know if that has anything to do with it.

To be honest, we're both of the same ethnicity from South America (Guyanese). I was born in Canada, she was born and raised in Guyana and came to Canada about 8 years ago. But yeah, I'm thinking maybe our bodies are just having that kind of reaction to one another. I feel like if I actually had HPV or something, I'd have noticed an outbreak of bumps or sores or whatever.

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HPV strains 6 and 11 cause condyloma, but are harmless otherwise.

Get vaccinated with the quadrivalent or nonavalent vaccine and you'll be fine.

Had a similar situation. Boyfriend stopped sex after a few thrusts - it was painful for him, he has these bumps on his shaft. Even though I knew it was probably HPV, I blew him anyway - not full-on (kind of a half blowjob/handjob). I think rubbing her clit and her blowing you could be a good way of creating intimacy.

The next day went to get tested for HPV. He came back positive and was crying and told me I should leave him. I really was in a rut because I really cared about him, but herpes,'s incurable :/ He was given antibiotics.

I went to get checked and they said most of the population has HPV, it was likely I'd already contracted it too. In fact, my dad also got sold cores. I'm still with my bf, and it's been a year with no outbreaks.

I'll talk to her about this. I'm pretty sure I've had the vaccine before, but maybe I'll check if I can get it one more time just to be super safe.

Sorry to hear about that. In my case I'm the one with no symptoms, but glad it's been going good for you too.

This is pretty common, when you start to kiss too much someone is really common to have aptha yknow

Wouldn’t have had these problems if you stayed a virgin lol.

>being a virgin

lol dude I'm like 27 this month

Yeah, not only did we kiss a lot, we've both performed oral sex on each other quite a few times already.

The microorganism of your mouth and benis does not communicate unless you spit or give oral.

Why does "benis" sound so much more arousing than "cock" or "dick"?

because you're retarded I guess. If that was actually the case porn sites would be using it.

She cheated on you and wants it to look like you gave it to her. But you are too damn stupid to realize that.

>getting used to intense physical contact
>which she said doesn't happen often
>doesn't happen often

Your girl is a whore

Cancer takes some years to manifest. You need to check yourself constantly.

Men usually don't have symptoms but spread HPV, so you need to tell the rest of your partners the rest of your life.

>Men usually don't have symptoms but spread HPV, so you need to tell the rest of your partners the rest of your life.

Don't do this !

>year without outbreaks
I was talking about my boyfriend's outbreaks actually. I've never had an outbreak but I'm pretty sure I have it (asymptomatic?) because there's like a 3% chance of contracting even without open sores (and come on, after this long, I've been rolling the dice for a year).

I don't think I'd want to tell my partner unless I have open sores - what's the point? If most of the population, it's around 80% in the UK, have it, there's no point getting people scared about it. Especially because perception of the virus is misguided and extreme; the sores don't look horrendous and it's very prevalent.

user cancer and herpes are no joke. Well herpes kind of is.

But cancer is one of the main causes of death among women. You need to tell if not all at least the partners you care about.

Aren't you both vaccinated?

I don't want to alarm you because you are probably fine but cervical cancer takes up to 10 years to develop since the infection.

As you say you probably are ok, specially if a doctor checked you and you are sure is not the cancer kind but it would be a good idea to get anual checks.

This is true. Men are (usually) asymptomatic carriers of HPV, which means that if you catch it you won't show signs but will spread it to future partners.

Occasionally men can present symptoms and obtain warts, as well. It's not fun.

Condoms are effective barrier prevention. Use condoms and practice other forms of sex and intimacy. Also I'm sure she's feeling particularly unsexy right now, so I would really not push it at all.

Just to add, be mindful that HPV causes mouth and throat cancer.

I've got a cervical cancer jab, firstly, but also cervical cancer is uncommon compared to the prevalence of HPV. I think the NHS says that it's more common in smokers, those with lots of children/early sexual contact, and who use oral contraceptives. None of those apply to me, so I think I'm fine.

Also, the NHS are pretty good in that they do cervical smears routinely. But again, I don't see the need to disclose to my partners (especially because I don't have sex outside of committed relationships).

Yes, thank you. I forgot to mention this.

>Your natural microorganism are getting used to each other.
That's...strangely hot.