A few months ago...

A few months ago, my brother’s gf asked me if I wanted to move in with her and a friend so she could save money with roommmates. I declined because I preferred free living with my parents and I didn’t want to have to get a new job in her area. Now my dad is moving and I don’t want to cling onto him so I want to move out. She (jokingly?) said she has a crawl space under her stairs, so I asked if I could move in there. I would pay rent to her and her roommate, of course.

Is this a bad idea? Am I crazy for being serious about this? Would she only accept this because she’s too nice to tell me no? I don’t want to ask for too much. Oh yeah, and I have a slight crush on her on an unrelated note, but I would never act on it for many reasons. Pic related is what I’m guessing the crawl space is like.

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Your autism is showing.

So should my “autistic” ass go for this or not?

Horrible idea. She is gonna just use you because now you're running to her. Don't do it, idiot.

Use me? This is a mutually beneficial deal. This is going to be cheaper than any apartment I could find. I was thinking about living out of my car too, but that sounds scary.

Okay. Then do it.

I might. I just wish I could know what she (not to mention the other guy) thinks of this. If I knew she was totally fine with it, I’d be happy to give this a shot.

She probably thinks "Hey its cool to get a few extra bucks knocked off of my rent but there's no way on god's green earth that I'd fuck the dude that lives under my stairs like some kind of autistic bridge troll."

This. Is honestly why I said to not do it and that she was using you.

Lmao this is reassuring. As long as she doesn’t secretly hate my presence. I’m not trying to fuck her FYI. I’ll save that for my imagination.

>As long as she doesn’t secretly hate my presence
She probably won't hate you but her thinking you're incredibly strange for agreeing to live under some stairs is unavoidable. There will definitely be some Harry Potter jokes made at your expense. Also, if she even picks up for a moment on the fact that you have a crush on her she'll probably start treating you like gum on the bottom of her shoe. There's no way to live under the stairs and maintain even a minimal amount of self-respect. That's all I'm saying.

No. Lol.

I’m always afraid she knows. She’s the first female in my life I could almost call a friend, so it’s hard not to be a little infatuated with her. I have to suppress my smile when she’s around because I’m usually very stone-faced. But she never sees me when she’s not around, obviously, so how could she know that?

I don’t think she would treat me like garbage even if she knew because she is nice and I’m her bf’s brother.

As for self respect, I have little, but, regardless, I don’t see what’s so bad about super cheap housing. I don’t need a big fancy apartment.

And why do you say that? I can’t imagine spending more than $200 a month on this. Isn’t that a sweet deal?

>I don’t see what’s so bad about super cheap housing
user, renting a dumpster for $1.50 a month qualifies as super cheap housing but its still embarrassing. Living in a closet is embarrassing. Its demeaning.

Now that I think about it, she must know. I sent a super embarrassing text to her sister that I barely knew, begging her for sex because I was a virgin and I had never kissed a girl and yadda yadda yadda. I don’t see how she couldn’t figure out that I will fuck anything.

For a 2x3 ft space...


this is getting bad
>get an actual room or don't cohabitate, also hide your infatuation
>if you're supremely successful in hiding your infatuation to her, and yourself, she may put out
>get a gf

That’s just a guess. I was counting WiFi, water, heating and electricity too. I care a lot more about money then having a spacious room. I’m fucking poor.

I don’t know what you’re saying, sorry. I don’t want to actually fuck my brother’s gf.

Why not ask your brother

Is this a real thread? I can't tell if this is fake or real. Please, I want to believe.

>user agrees to live in a closet, while he falls in love with his brothers girlfriend

This sounds like some funny ass anime

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Surely you don’t mean about me wanting to dick his gf? I will never admit to that. I guess I could ask him if lhe thinks living in a crawl space is a good idea.
Of course it’s real baka. If this was an anime, I would imagine lots of funny, awkward sexual moments, but I can’t think of a good ending. If I actually do this, it won’t be funny because real life sucks.

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wait until you hear her and your brother drunkenly staggering up the stairs in the middle of the night and he makes her scream in pleasure with his penis. You gonna jerk it under the stairs to the thought of your fucking brother? You'll be ready to move out. Honestly dude this is just pathetic.

I dunno, I’m pretty sure they have really quiet sex because she’s stayed over in my brother’s room just down the hall from mine many times, and I’ve never heard anything I could construe as sex noises. She’s said she’s nearly asexual too and my brother wanted to leave her so he could have more sex. I don’t know if they have an open relationship now or what; I’m afraid to ask.
>You gonna jerk it under the stairs to the thought of your fucking brother?
Maybe? I have voyeuristic tendencies. I can just forget about my brother and self-insert.
>Honestly dude this is just pathetic.
Maybe, but don’t forget the positive aspects of this arrangement that I’ve mentioned ITT. Namely: low cost. I don’t have to stay there forever anyway.

That must be a very special city you live in where the only room available to rent is a cupboard under someone's stairs.

Obviously it’s not. However, I’m very lazy and poor. This is great for me because it doesn’t require me searching for an apartment and there’s nothing cheaper than this besides homelessness. You might say “why not get a real apartment?”, but I only have a part time income since my hours were cut at work and I’m wary of an expense line that.

Don't live under some stairs baka
Why are you even considering this?

I think post right above yours answers your question. If you're asking why I would be content with living like that, I don't know. Maybe I wouldn't be, I've never tried it. I feel like my life needs a major shakeup one way or another.

Your dad is moving but what about your mom?
You are about to push yourself even further into autism, coasting on the bare minimum

My parents are getting divorced and my dad is the primary breadwinner, although alimony should even them out for the next five years. I never considered moving in with my mom. She doesn't have as many expectations of me and I feel more relaxed around her, but she's a bipolar alcoholic. She's not abusive, but it's hard to live with that.
>You are about to push yourself even further into autism, coasting on the bare minimum
It's better than living with your parents for free, no?
pic related

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No it's not, because living with parents for free is a smarter financial decision than paying for a fucking closet under some stairs.
You need to be working on improving your finances while it's easy. Save as aggressively as possible while you're young.

But is it worse? Like I said, I think I need to shake up my life somehow. I now realize that moving in with someone I know isn't the biggest change I could make, but it's something. I feel very stuck in a rut in every way. Besides working a near minimum wage job, my life is nearly identical to how it was when I was a child.

This thread is ridiculous. OP keeps avoiding any question about asking his brother what he thinks or even renting a place with his brother since the father is moving.

Sorry, I'm not very close with my brother (or anyone ha), so I'm afraid of asking serious questions. I'm not even sure what you want me to ask him. It's not a horrible idea to move in with him, but he's going to be living pretty far away near his college for another year and I don't have any connections there besides him. All my friends and family are around where me and my brother's gf live.

Imagine this scenario. She brings a chad over one night and you crawl out of that "bedroom". This has to be a human rights violation. This cunt is giving you a room with no windows to live in. Are you a wizard harry??

It is a terrible fucking idea. DO NOT DO THAT. Find a place somewhere else.

Is OP larping harry potter??

She is not a cunt! She is a nice girl that has done nothing wrong. In fact, she said she will help me find a real place to live if I want that. She has only ever had sex with my brother anyway, and he's hardly a chad.
I think that's what I'll probably do unless the space under the stairs is more spacious than I'm imagining. I might go check it out today if I have the time and energy to drive over.
Harry Potter lived under his PARENTS' stairs dummy. And he didn't have a brother.

Yes it's worse, you're paying for less room. At least a girl might fuck you in your parents house. Nobody's gonna do that under the stairs.

Retard, Harry lived in the cupboard under the stairs with his aunt, uncle and cousin.

I'm a long ways away from thinking about actually fucking girls, so that doesn't matter
I am retarded. Harry doesn't have a brother though, r-right?

More like one of those shitty manga with female authors that /a/ loves to hateread but are in fact only good for your daily dose of anger.

Ron is Harry's brother

Only in spirit