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I've been meeting a lot of new people lately and many have been asking for my Instagram. I don't have Instagram but do have snapchat. They always get offput by this fact and ask why I don't have Instagram or Facebook. I always explain that I had them but didn't care for the politics and shameless ego boosting that happens there. This explanation does little to reverse the damage. What should I tell them Jow Forums? Should I tell them I was banned? Or my account got hacked so I had to delete them?

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Bumping because I am in the same situation, typically what I say currently is that I've never wanted one, or say that I have a snapchat. Def want to hear what the rest of /adv says though.

>I always explain that I had them but didn't care for the politics and shameless ego boosting that happens there. This explanation does little to reverse the damage.
Probably because they're guilty of the very politics and shameless ego boosting you're talking about. Why do you want friends who actually give a fuck about whether or not you're going to follow them on some stupid app?

I don't have an instagram and no one has ever been "offput" by it. I honestly don't know what you're talking about. It also doesn't help that your answer to their question is essentially "I think I'm better than everyone on Instagram and Facebook." I think perhaps this "damage" you're experiencing has less to do with your lack of an Instagram and more to do with just who you are as a person.

>your answer to their question is essentially "I think I'm better than everyone on Instagram and Facebook."
That's a pretty defensive perspective to take when he literally fucking said he just didn't care for it. It's probably the same shitty attitude that these people have. Why are people so fucking threatened by those who don't want to spend 5 hours a day scrolling through thousands of pictures of food and idiots taking pictures of themselves?

Because finding a attractive women who doesn't have social media and will have sex with me is like finding a needle in a haystack

Juat tell them you dont have time for that, nd to text or email.

Take yourself more seriously.


Just bite the bullet make one imo . I made mine today.

Better to make the connections than hold out for some lofty ideals that no one cares about

You don't have to scroll through at all. Just post a few pics of shit you're doing so that girls can check you out and get a sense of your personality. It's like trying to create funnels to get customers for a business, but in this instance it's building your social life.

Nah I'm with him, the answer comes across like he's calling people who use social media egoists. All you have to say is "I'm not really into social media" instead of the extra comments about the politics and egoism and shit.

>its better to make your life worse by filling it with stupid bullshit when compared to just not having that toxicity part of your life
not op but I don't do it because when I did I would be emotionally affected by the bullshit. Best to just sidestep the problem

Its more because when I had FB and instagram I was horribly insecure. The idealism is just a front so I don't look beta

Depends on what you value I guess. If you want to meet a lot of people and stay connected with them, social media can be worth it.

We all know people are just posting curated highlights of their life. No need to be insecure about it, it's just marketing.

not so much that I see other people doing shit and feel left out. More like people will see the number of friends/likes I have and the lack of meaningful content on my page and think I'm a looser. I'm smart enough to see threw other peoples bullshit

people like you are never worth keeping around anymore.
Social media are for egotists and their followers.

Fuck you Zuckerberg. No one is interested in your psyop egobox spyware. Social media is normalfag garbage. If you find it an essential part of life you are a hopeless lost cause. KYS.

yeah say it was hacked or something idk.

I agree. At the same time, the majority of attractive young girls are using it. If your philosophy of social critique is more important to you than access to attractive young women, more power to you.

I don't think it's an essential part of life. I think it's potentially an effective tool for expanding your social circle.

Just get an Instagram, post a few pics of yourself, and from there only use the dm function. No one is forcing you to look at anything in Instagram.

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>That's a pretty defensive perspective to take when he literally fucking said he just didn't care for it.
Incorrect. He didn't say "I didn't care for it." he said "I hate the politics and shameless ego boosting." Whether or not he actually thinks he is better than them isn't the point. The point is that he communicated it in a very elitist way, heavily implying that the people who he is interacting with that have Instagram are likely shameless ego boosting. I'll give you a bit of helpful bit of advice;. This may be basic social intelligence but a lot of people don't know this; talking shit about other people makes you look weak. It doesn't matter if you're right or not it only matters whether or not you look like an asshole. You can attack my for my perspective all you want but at the end of the day making relationships and meeting people is all about perspective and if you start out your interactions by talking shit about the things they like chances are their perception of you will be that you're a cunt. No one said he had to enjoy scrolling through thousands of pictures 5 hours a day. Just don't act like a cunt. Its pretty simple.

People like you are even worse keeping around; the staunch idealists who consider following any kind of trend as the worst kind of sin. You look down on large groups of people who enjoy any one thing because you can't even momentarily let go of the idea that you're better than them. Starbucks tastes good. Drake makes some catchy songs. Instagram can be cool sometimes. Get the fuck over it. It only shows your complete lack of depth that you're incapable of experiencing any popular group activities on the basis of your anti-social principals. Everyone else is enjoying their lives while you dig your feet into the sand and exalt being an isolationist over everyone and everything and the saddest part is while you sit there with your nose above the crowd, basking in your own self-importance, nobody else gives a shit. I mean, I don't like stupid dumb bobble heads just as much as the next guy but being able to drop my fucking ego and exist in the same spaces as them is an invaluable tool in life. Nobody likes an asshole.

just say you deactivated it because you are busy and want to limit distractions. its what i said when i was on tinder and girls would ask for social media, it never seemed to be a deal breaker

Stop giving a fuck about what they think. I haven't been on facebook since 06. Social media is dumb as balls. If they are that weirded out by you, then I guess they aren't worth your time right? Only younger kids and bored housewives care about bullshit anyway

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Tell the truth. That Facebook sells you as their product and that you take issues with that.
If they don't understand, either switch the topic or move on to people that have a measurable IQ.

You could also weave in that you dislike "social" media and would much rather talk in person to people. Women mostly dig that explanation.

I don't think anyone but old people use facebook anymore.