Favelanon here, this thread is really important, dont ignore it

Favelanon here, this thread is really important, dont ignore it.

I'm thankfull to all you guys that helped and that are helping me. Now I'm loaded with faith and motivation so here we go boy.

In exchange for all the help you guys gave me I'll do a pack with unique content that I'll release for free in a way to help anons (not just bizfags but advfags or any other user too) to achieve more social knowledge and concious awareness. That content will be 100% free, without the need for any monetary investment.

Things I will include until now:
-Ways to Increase Height
-Ways to increase girth and make your penis large
-Social knowledge basic, medium and advanced level
-Ways to detox your mind from dank underground shit and loser/weak attitudes
-Realpill content

Then I'll shill it 24/7 over many places too, to be able to reach and help the max anons.

What I need from you guys are advice, recommendations or any good/bad aspect of it.

This will be a trial version, if my idea works I'll be able to employ real professionals to be able to do life coach for anons.

>why should you listen
I have already seen death face to face, had my best friend killed at my front, almost starved to death, hummiliated because I'm poor and I study at richer areas/unis and even with all those facts I'll make it, already have a gf (that was virgin), doing two graduations and now motivated and recovered my faith. All I wish is to be able to help as I dont think anyone deserve to be isolated/ostracized of experiences because he dont even know how the game works.

Thanks for your attention!


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All that content sounds stupid.
I'd rather ask questions about Brazil or whatever thirdie place you're from. It sounds like you've lived an interesting life. Interesting meaning different than a Canadian one

How did you learn English? Since you've been to uni I assume you've been trained since, but as a kid, how'd you do it?

Not op but brazilian and in uni.
Universities wont teach you english. Ypure supposed to already know that.
Since the school system is in shambles, he would have to had learnt it alone

How did you do it?
My dad wasn't an anglophone and he says he learned English through comics and crappy English TV.
Though even after 50 years of speaking English, he still can't say "third" without saying "turd", haha

It's because you have to show honey for the bee's appear, its a way to reach people that usually you wont reach.

You can ask anything, no problem. I'm brazilian, live on São Paulo, Zona Leste (poorest area).

I learned english from old magazines, books, donated dvd's and I would go to lan houses (br version of cybercofee) and play Tibia a lot to make many gold and sell it. Did it from 13-17 and was able to buy a PC by myself and kept going forward searching and studying, would ask for rich people donate me their old DVD series and then I would watch on the TV with only subtitles.

That's the way I learned it, I have some grammar problems, but I can atleast understand others.

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Grammar seems fine to me, bud.
Lil spelling is off but nothing major.

What's the yellow stuff on the upper right there in your pic?

tell me about brazil. it makes me think of what a real life cyberpunk existence would be.

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We call it "farofa", its a mixing of "tritured 'mandioca', some tritured corn and with some flavor in it. We usually make barbecue and pass the meat on the "farofa", it appears to make the meal flavor more intense.

< one is "Pão de alho" bread of garlic, its bread that have cheese with garlic pasta, it tastes good and the other is just "queijo coalho", like cheese that can be made like barbecue.

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Here you just have two options: or you are born/part of the upper class and elite or you will be fucked and have to work until 60 years old, period.

The ones that will have beauty woman, with good ass and all shit that they say is brazilian woman are upper classes/elite and other exceptions like criminals, soccer players and singers, the average brazilian will have a flat ass woman with not many white traces and celulite.

The things you see (beach, quality things) are just for the ones who can afford.

80% here survive with less than R$1.000 (Less than $250), it's a fucking hell, economical recession, political crisis and 23 million unemployed.

But if you have money you can come here and be a walking god among humans, good drinks, good food, good girls, good life and safety.

If you are like me welcome to hell

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I had some corn tonight as it happens. Burnt my tongue with it though.
I assume that your "farofa" is like the American South's grits but less milky?

I find it interesting how similar that Brazilian Portuguese is to French
"Pao do alho" is "pain de ail". Which in English is pronounced like "peh de ay".
It's all romance languages I guess.

What's the Brazilian national alcohol? Poor people around the world always drink.
In fact, I'm drunk now. On the Caribbean national dink. Not my nation but I like the taste.

What do Brazilians drink?

We drink "Caipirinha" - Mixed of "pinga" (brazilian destilate from cana de açucar with lemon and sugar, we drink "espanhola" (spain) that is wine with "leite condensado/condensed milk" and with some fruits.

But the average men just drink "beer", the woman drink Tequila, Caipirinha, Espanhola and some other drinks.
I cant drink, was alcohol addicted, hope you enjoy your time.

I'm searching for a online job, harsh times here.

Man, if I lived in a place where you could see such obvious disparity, I'd be pissed all the time.
They're RIGHT there. And they're flaunting their money.

I also don't get how favela people don't at least try to improve their bullshit.
I get that shit's fucked and the mindset is shit is gonna be fucked forever.
But like, why live in a house that is made of stopgaps? Why not try to improve it? Get some cinderblocks and build a wall. Try to have some real pillars instead of the makeshift bullcrap that holds up the roof.
Is the idea of improvement a "rich American" idea?

Because you live in a illegal house, time to time government come and crush everything, you cant do with cinderblocks because they are expensive and you cant afford the risk of the government come and destroy the house you lose all investment.

>rich american Idea

Nah bro, people live in favela because they cant afford "rent", they have money for survival and just that, they cant invest because they cant risk, I dont know if you can see how fucking shit is the situation.

This is subway and itaquera world cup stadium (never had money to watch a game there, not even since 2014).

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Afk a bit, let me eat.

Pinga sounds like rum and "espanhola" is like a shitty white Russian.
Wine and condensed milk, wew.
I find it also funny that it's a womanly thing to drink liquor like Tequila.

I've also been addicted to alcohol. Still am too :)

Shit's bad here too. I'm sure it's different than Brazil. But even though, it's not the land of milk and honey here in Atlantic Canada. Ever since the fish all died, there's been fuck all to do.
I've got military service coming up. That's my escape.

How do you salute someone when you drink? In English we say "Cheers!" in French we say "Chin Chin" or "Sante"
I like learning these types of salutes

I get it.
It's "Why should I care, I could be moving tomorrow"
I'm living that idea now
I thought I'd be moving out my current place within months of living here. It's been 2 years and I still don't care about my surroundings

What are you eating, mate?
I love talking about food because it's one of the human things that everyone absolutely needs to do.

In some universities they have their own way to salute, besides that we just say "vamos brindar" (brindar) and its just that, I got fucked up because of alcohol, did a lot of real shit, lol.

What is your current situation?

Arroz, feijão, couve e farofa.
Rice, beans, "couve" (like aspargo) and brazilian farofa.

Drunk an cheap powder juice.

Virgem anão aqui. Como que eu chego em uma colega de sala da minha faculdade pelo Facebook? É estranho se eu começar mandando um oi pra ela? O problema é que a partir daí eu não tenho a mínima ideia do que falar ou como desenvolver assunto. Me ajuda meu amigo morador de favela. Se quiser responde em inglês

Hey three (you)s in one

Brindar seems dumb. Well at least as dumb as "chin chin". I guess it's cognate with "imbibe" given the b.

My current situation is still waiting on moving and waiting on military service. I've recently accelerated my track in that regard. Gotta fill out some new papers and by the end of the month out to training.
I figure there is a cultural difference about military service between Brazil and Canada. Here we think it's useless and "cute". For you guys, probably like "Getting on the payroll huh?"
Or something

Sounds delicious. A lot of people make fun of me for eating my family's chili with rice (and with beans if the people mocking are Texan). I figure that 's an ancestral memory.
Rice and beans forever.

Tonight, I ate corn on the cob, and bread, cheese, and pork sandwich. With good mustard.
I feel like I should open a mustard shop down below the equator. Mustard is the one spice Euros have to boast.

I will answer you in english.

First: How she will perceive you?
In your profile from 0 to 10 (0 stalker - 10 megachad) what would be your grade from a social perspective?

Second: inner circles
Does she know you (are you beautifull enough or exotic that she will know that you have by some way got in touch with her)

Third: Builiding connection
What things would you have of mutual

You are virgin so you dont have "social malice", imagine you are her, a probably good looking girl that is approached by gangstalker everyday, if you dont look like a really nice guy you will be in average zone.

My best advice would be to you never shit where you eat, if she think you are strange in some way it will fuck your relationship with the classmates and yada yada.

In a scale from 0 - 10 of social knowledge and attitude what would be your grade?

If you gonna start to fish your first bet should be a normal one and not a whale.

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Yes, we use "tin tin" too, top kek.

Nah bro, its hard to get in the militia nowadays, even the guys that want to be miitar cant get into.

I really hope you find your way into the militia and achieve hapiness, even here on brazil the elite eat different things of us (the poor proletariums).

Thanks man
I'm pretty pissed off about my military.
(btw militia and military mean different things in English)

I tried to be an officer but they weren't hiring. So I'm going to be lower. Even though I qualify for higher.
I have to quash my thinking of being better than my comrades.
I AM better than they are. But I can't think that. All that makes me sound like an asshole.

You posted an image of what I assume is public transport.
I love public transport. Use it every day.

Final thing, how do you use "caralho" properly? It's the only word I know in BR Portuguese.
I know it means like cock and it can be used for emphasis
But still, I want to hear it from the horse's mouth

Caralho can be used in many ways
Vai tomar no cu caralho
It intensifies the "vai tomar no cu" go fuck yourself
or just "Caralho" it means surprise like "DAFUQ" "WTF"
Or can means dick (penis)- Caralho

it will depend of the context
Você é gostosa pra caralho
you are really (really) hot

It can be used in many ways, but its a "bad word" and it means lack of education, lol.

She'd perceive me as an 8/10
No, I never got to talk to her and she mostly sticks to herself
It seems wew both have a mutual passion for cinema from what I saw of her pictures/etc
And I usualy know when people are interested in me or Just annoyed, but I've 0 attitude.
So, what do you say, should I shit where I eat or not?
Also, she's an 8/10 as well

You seems to be not so mind poisoned.
I would say to you start a conversation, just something trivial in order to in the next days you be able to "hey" "hello" and brief introductions, then after that it would be normal to send her a Fb friend request.

But dont go to her talking "I saw your fb and you like that kind of movie right" she will scare her unless you are some male model beauty level.

I think you will just grow as a human if you have courage to see what happens.

At the end she is another human like you.

Thanks for the advice brother, and I also can't wait for your pack. Wish you the best in your life

Wish you the best too, dont get fooled by the shit some guys say, believe on yourself and respect the people that really love and help you and you will be fine, at worst case you didnt helped to fuck this place more than its already fucked.

How does one break out of a long isolation? Unlike brazil there are no people my age here, everyone is old, the entire town is old.

Where you live?

Small town in Canada. I need to somehow bootstrap myself to the point I can make enough money to move to a large city.

Understood, besides the work you aint into any social activity (graduation,sport,etc)?

Nope, unless I feel like hanging out with a bunch of boomers there really isn't anyone here. Small town canada is hollowing out.

when you need to chat just send me a email, I'll give you my telegram nick.

[email protected]