Be 2nd generation japanese girl, adopted

>Be 2nd generation japanese girl, adopted
>Live in southern cali
>Obsessed with judo and boxing
>just want to be left alone
>spends time alone fishing
>Guys never leave me the fuck alone!

I understand i'm attractive and "exotic" and a real gem apparently, but I'm a just one person! I'm constantly spammed on facebook, approached in public, and stared at constantly. I'm conflicted because while i get approached by alot of sweet and sincere guys and i feel sorry for them, I'm just not interested in guys or love of any sort for that matter. I just want a friend to hang out with that won't lead me on only to feel like I owe him/her sex for some obscure favor that i thought was unconditional kindness.

I feel like a freak; an anomaly. Why do i hate being seen as some fictitious unicorn when I'm just a person. I shit just like you, i get nervous and embarrassed, i stutter, and eat pop tars. I'm just like you, i just happen to look a certain way and have certain interest.

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Should've had a childhood friend or two that you can still hang out with for that good old Westermarck effect.
Now in the real world normal men won't want to be friends with you, they'll want to fuck you. You can fish for abnormal men but careful what you wish for.

Get over yourself, you sound stupid af.

Self obsessed moron

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You honestly sound like quite a lot of good qualities. I mean most women in Cali are vapid social media sluts or fat butch dykes. And men like you because you aren't what I mentioned above. It's getting harder and harder to find good women. And for me, unless I can find a woman who can steal my heart again, I just stopped caring. And if thats you in the pic, you look great, its hard as well to find a Jow Forums woman nowadays. Thats just my two cents woman

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I just want someone "natural" and "organic", if that makes sense. I'd like him to the personification of a lullaby.

Great, At least there's one person doesn't think I'm perfect.

So what are you asking advice on? I didn't catch anything in your post about asking for advice.

You are as dumb as OP who is trying to convince us she is something other than a stuck-up self-centered slut.

Yeah its ok, I dont give a rat's ass about women anyway

You aren't at all perfect, you think the girl in the pic is pretty and that qualifies as something important. Fuck off cunt.

I'm in socal too. Wanna meet up and fight?

Can you post your face so we can get an idea?

Real life isn't like anime or other fiction

Yeah honestly this just sounds like you have bullshit standards on men

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I dunno, help? How to deal with all the dicks around me? All I really do is spend time alone, working on college homework and playing tony pro skater. I feel so cramped

incel spotted

Thanks. That's nice of you. Since I was young, I could never stand be around those trend followers. I always found them boring and "dry". How can you live life fitting yourself in some archetype. What's organic about that? So compact.

That's not me, but I could pass as her sister.

>How to deal with all the dicks around me?
Say no, and then
>I have to go, bye!
And then you go.

>not like anime
Yeah I know, in real life people have functioning libidos and social skills.

Incel pffft

You actually expect people to give you attention for some slutty pic you found online?



Yeah whatever, just keep up in shape and PLEASE, do not slut around.

>I just want a friend to hang out with that won't lead me on only to feel like I owe him/her sex for some obscure favor that i thought was unconditional kindness.

Stop trying to be friends with guys. Period. You will only find the type of friendship you’re looking for with other women.

I don't have sex


Not that guy, but you can't have your cake and eat it too. Especially in southern California.
You want guy friends? Befriend homosexuals. I don't see why they need to be straight.



It's depressing what Jow Forums has become.

This. If OP is an attractive girl, no fucking way that any guy who is straight is going to want to be just friends and nothing more. She needs to make friends with straight women and gay men and that’s it. Accept that platonic friendships with the opposite sex are exceedingly rare, if not impossible, when you’re good looking.

fine, i guess all i have to look forward to is a bunch of incel chad dicks flying at me

oh fuck off. Its soooooo hard being attractive and desired. Like, do you listen to yourself?

>incel chad

you realize this makes no sense right?

an incel is never chad.

timestamp pls

Nice get
Also you guys are being trolled. Stop replying to "her". The buzz words gave it away

Burn yourself in the face or get some sort of deformation in your face. See the numbers drop real quick.

I can't believe I'm telling someone to burn themselves baka.

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>people are giving me too much attention
Hey cupcake I think you got the wrong door. This place is for suicidal people who have literally never been on a date their entire life. Your "problem" really pales in comparison.

You're in Cali, a place full of people desperate to peacock their virtues. I bet you're not even in that good a shape, but tick the right boxes. People want the tolerance points of dating a nonwhite, without having to deal with a smelly mexican or ape faced negro girl.

How about you give some sympathy to the molested children turned adult hermits on this board? Or would you rather divert attention to yourself - which you supposedly hate?

Guys are guys. If you want a organic relationship developed from a friendship that requires guys that aren't really just friends. You could do what I did, it takes time and effort. Meet as many as possible, safely. Be picky, reject early. You don't owe them anything, so don't waste your time just block them. Date a few until you find the right one, get to know him and see. If not, rinse and repeat. Its like building a friendship first but with the intent of a long term relationship. You're going to meet a lot of garbage, have fun lol.

I mean what are you asking for
Guys do a lot of work to try and get into a girls pants, do you really expect some guy to want to be purely platonic friends with some attractive girl when he could be doing the same thing with someone else who might give them a chance to take it further? I'm sorry you don't like having orbiters but that's the way this works

>how to alienate polite company and incite rapists

It's how to find a fiancé and it worked.
>how to alienate polite company
"""""""polite company""""""" lol
>and incite rapists
Like they would need inciting. That's why I mentioned safely, but this was really a veiled threat that she better just hop on every dick or else.

Make female friends. You’re a grown woman, regardless of how “exotic” you say you are the only guys who will spend time with you are guys who want to fuck you, it’s not because you’re special.

That's too logical for her.

Machiavellian behaviour IS going to alienate polite company, and increase your odds of being targeted.

First thing she does when you point that out? She goes from liberated know it all, to a victim who's being threatened.