Birth Control

My wife has been on the pill for a couple years and is sick of it messing with her brain. I concur. However we are super young and poor and are NOT ready for kids yet. Is there any trustworthy way to track her cycle or otherwise prevent pregnancy without condoms or pulling out?
A year or two ago I saw something somewhere on the chans about Japanese people using test strips but I can't find it in the archives.

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>Is there any trustworthy way to track her cycle
Get an app called "Flo." Barring any complications with her cycle, it's a pretty great app for tracking when it'll occur and such. The safest time for sex would be, of course during her period, and directly after it. Master the pull out.

get a vasectomy

get a vasectomy, you can always reverse it later if you really want to. either that or have her look into getting a copper IUD or something. it doesn’t fuck with hormones the same way regular BC does.

If you wait too long, a vasectomy can have permanent damage.

>Master the pull out.

doesn’t work. honestly every single one of my friends with kids got pregnant because of their boyfriends using the pull out method. you don’t even have to finish inside for it to happen.

Nursing student + pull out user, here. It works. It only doesn't work if you go again without peeing.

ok then go for the IUD. pulling out and tracking her cycle isn’t reliable enough and i doubt he wants to put her through the emotional and psychological stress of aborting her husband’s baby because they aren’t ready yet.

maybe you just have shitty sperm. ever been tested? you’re assuming it works but maybe the girls you fuck wouldn’t be getting pregnant even if you didn’t pull out. ever consider that?

that's a myth
it's only theorized to be possible if the man has ejaculated previously recently and not urinated since and even then the chance would be extremely slim

what’s a myth? i literally have friends who now have children after having sex with no condom, even though their bf pulled out before ejaculating.

maybe your friends are liars and just had shitty drunken sex without thinking about what the fuck they were doing. ever consider that?

She could try a different birth control method. There’s the patch, the Nuva ring, the depro shot, the IUD, and the arm implant.
Is she taking anything else besides BC? I’ve found that my memory has gone to shit over the years since I’ve started antidepressants, but I need them to be able to function.
Also, going to a doctor or getting a second opinion about the options is a good idea.

Yeah. You were present at the moment of conception to witness this happening, I'm sure.

>ever been tested?
>you’re assuming it works
I know it works. Pre-seminal fluid contains no spermatozoa whatsoever. However, spermatozoa can remain in the urethra after ejaculation. That's why going for round two after pulling out is advised against until after you urinate.

the idea that pregnancy caused by precum is a common occurance is a myth

Those are all hormonal just like the pill you idiot.

This app Natural Cycles is FDA certified and boasts 99% effectiveness at preventing pregnancy by tracking fertility (meaning you need to use condoms or abstain for specific days a month, but have the all clear on other days). I've only taken a cursory glance to keep it in mind as a backup if hormonal methods don't work out for me, but it seems pretty legit. You don't just input your period data, it actually requires temperature readings and shit for max accuracy.

But there are shit tons of alternate birth control methods than the pill. Even different brands of the same pill use different synthetic hormones that can effect women differently. Probably worth shopping around for something that works.

And if you're really nervous about it, which is totally understandable, talk about getting a copper IUD. That, + pull out is almost guaranteed safe. Just be sure to pull out long before your threshold.

whoops, I meant 93%
But that's still almost as effective as the mini pill, not too shabby
but remember, abortions cost more than +99% effective birth control

OP didn’t mention hormones. Also, even if they are hormonal they have different dosages. I get severe migraines on hormonal BC and yet when I finally tried the Nexplanon implant it worked and there were no migraines as a side effect. Every woman is different and if OPs wife is trying not to get pregnant then why not try the other methods. There may be a different hormonal method that is better for her.

Different user, but not all hormones are the same (eg combo pill vs mini pill), and even the same hormone will be synthesised differently depending on the product/brand (eg etonogestrel vs levonorgestrel), and dosed differently depending on the brand and applicator (eg pill vs implant). All of this variation can drastically change how an individual's body reacts to it. Having a bad reaction to one hormonal contraceptive doesn't mean having a bad reaction to all of them (though I imagine that can be the case for some). Many women shop around for a long time before finding something that works for them, and even that can change as they age.
The problem for OP is that shopping around requires a fair few doctors appointments.

OP here. No way I'm getting a vasectomy. We both want kids, lots of kids, we just need a couple years to get our shit together. I'm not risking that with a surgical procedure, and leaving both our reproductive systems untampered would put us both at ease for the future.
NaturalCycles looks perfect actually, thank you user. She is definitely motivated and organized enough to follow the program correctly and I think the added benefit of understanding her cycles more would help her emotionally. Going to suggest it to her tomorrow.

What's wrong with condoms?

Copper IUD, AKA Paraguard, is the only totally non-hormonal birth control barring, barrier protection like condoms obviously.

Reading the reviews and accounts for it online will be a mixed bag and everyone seems to have something different to say on the matter. But, I have one and will give you my opinion. I had not previously given birth which is something they sometimes say about IUD. Before giving birth your uterus is more rigid and it might be easier/less painful if it is more flexible. I was fine without it though.

Paraguard is not for everyone. It was painful and expensive to get. I live in America and it was about $1000 to buy and get put in. However, with insurance it would be much more affordable. The pain was a localized, sharp pain that felt almost like a birth contraction and lasted for 2 minutes. I had severe cramps and bleeding for 3 days afterward.

After that its been perfect. I get very heavy periods but thats about it. My ex boyfriend and current boyfriend has cum inside me every time with no problem. You can't feel the string at all either. I love it and I know that no matter what I will be protected from a pregnancy since I have complete control over my birth control.