My dad was a massive ladies man who already had 4 girlfriends by my age (20) and he ranted at me yesterday...

My dad was a massive ladies man who already had 4 girlfriends by my age (20) and he ranted at me yesterday, when i came over to his house for some paperwork, for being a virgin failure.
I honestly didnt know how to respond and dont really know why im posting this. Im just really pissed and need to tell someone but i have no friends

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It sucks that your dad isn’t accepting of you. What makes you a failure? I doubt you’re as bad as he says

I think im a failure myself too. I just try not to think about it, i distract myself online and with my studies so i dont think about this so hard.
I mean i do want a girlfriend and stuff, it just scares me immensely
Im completely retarded when it comes to girls, zero, null, like many people here so i'm not special in any way.
It just sucks that ill never be as good as him

Not having a girlfriend doesn’t make you a failure. It sounds like you need some confidence

>My dad was a massive ladies man
Well, if that's true then i guess you did inherit 'chad genes' right? So i'm sure there must be potential somewhere inside of you?

Not fucking someone isn't bad you fucking moron, your dad is stupid if he thinks so. If you're a good for nothing then you're a failure, if you're bad with girls then you're not, it's not even that hard to compreehend this.

Ask your dad what else he did with his life. Some of the dumbest people ever to have beeen born have had sex, who fucking cares

Wow my dad is the exact same. He had 20 or more so stacy gfs before settling down with my nerd mom. And he was 23. Also tell your dad to fuck off. You cant controll that shit

The issue is that man isn’t OPs father.


Mine too and he still gets piles of pussy but he helped me with game. Problem though is I cannot take any girl around him. Not that he comes on to them, he wouldn't fuck a girl I want, but the stupid whore girls make absolute fools of themselves. One started stalking him. mean she would park outside his house and she wasn't looking for me.

ask him to take you to a strip club. you'll get to stare at tits and touch some ass and you will see its nothing to be afraid of.

Mine didn't do anything like this, he said thats not real since they are up on you for money. What he did do is tell me which girls are ready to fuck and which were checking me out. He was kinda a secret wingman. Like in HS I was on the football team (not a starter and never played a down) but he would come to the games, always with some new gf, to watch in case I got in. He would see which girls were checking me out and once he sat behind and overheard one that was interested. I had sex with her after the next home game. He told me don't wait around for miss perfect for you, go for the hot ones that fuck and don't fall in love.

My father was a mega chad too, but luckily for me he understands my situation

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My dad was a piece of shit, he drank and smoked so much he ruined his lungs and livers and died from that.
But he was THE ladie's man, despite being peniless after wasting a massive family fortune.
When I was a teenager, he was fucking 17yo girls.
He was always dating high school and college age girls.
When he died in his 'sleep' by heart failure, he was living with his 25 year old uni student gf.
He never gave me any tips or anything when I saw him.
I'm still a virgin at 26. He wasn't even good looking, he was short and kinda fat, so no 'chad genes' here.

How some people do it is a complete mystery to me.
Sex and flirting in general are so foreign to me i cant comprehend how people would interact for the purpose of having sex

>no friends
Pic related?

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>le very introverted webcomic bikecuck artist
>u dont actually try, man. Bee ursefl!
>btw lemme shill my discord

SO why is it that only men have to put in the effort?

This is what it feels like to me. The implication that OP had to go to his dads house for paperwork implies either his dad is actively in the process of getting divorced or that hes a lonely pos spending his custody time ensuring his son is as big a failure as himself

And why is it only men who are told to do self-improvement?
>just meet girls through your hobbies XD
I tried that and the girls didn't show up next time.

Nah, mate.
My dad is divorced since i were little but i was there for some tax related stuff since he's an accountant and knows about that.
Lookswise im a carbon copy of how he looked younger so theres no chance thats the case

getting girlfriends is easy. one timing girls is difficult.

my dad did the same to me when he got drunk in thanksgiving. just don’t respond.

he probably wanted you to bring a girlfriend over so he could bang her behind your back

girls have cooties, hiv and herpes. stay away if u can

t. boomer chadlet

>girls have cooties
Incomprehensibly based.

Wow. 4 girlfriends by 20. I guess literally half of the guys in my high school were "massive ladies men" OP.

People like this usually project other successes and other peoples' failures to hide the fact that they were never enough of a personal catch for someone to genuinely stay around, or that they could never find someone who scratched their itch and it's probably their fault.

Better to ignore it. If it comes back up just tell the has-been to go out and get his own ass laid instead of trying to cum vicariously through your cock, the queermo.

Because to make baby it takes ~5 minutes of fun for him but 9 months for her and most likely next ~10 years.

So yeah, something about evolution and survival strategies.

Tell him it's his fault and dont speak to him until hes begging to talk to you

Him and your mom decided the roll the dice with their genes and they failed. They're fault for playing the game.

>birth control
No fucking excuses

Would you willingly have sex with the lady on the bench for free? Why do you think men can be picky but women cant? Double standards much?

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