Ask any question. People who answer start by saying how many people they've had sex with, then answer you.


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How many women actively disliked sucking cock?

I had sex with three women, everyone loved to suck cock.

I've had sex with three men so far.

I enjoy it but several of my female friends see it as a chore, so I guess it depends.

Do you women prefer: Shallow and fast or deep and slow penetrations?

I'm deeply antisocial, and sex is probably the most social act there is. I imagine there must be a thousand subtle emotional and social cues inherent to it that I would somehow ruin.

Is this a misunderstanding? Am I blowing it out of proportion?

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Sex with 3 people.

I think you're blowing it out of proportion. Sex is (usually) busy between 2 people and therefore really isn't very social. Going to a work event full of people you have to talk to and behave correctly is more sociable imo.

To me its acceptable if its under 5 minutes. After that the novelty wears off and im just tryna get the guy to cum already

Both, try each one for about a minute or so and stick to which ever cause her to spasm or tighten up, then ride at that pace till she cums.

Is it normal for people to have oral sex during casual hookups?

Sex isn't social, the precursor is. Just try to be receptive to your partner's desires. Don't be selfish, or a cuck either.

Really, I get more girls into bed quickly by not chatting too much. If you're not a 5 or below, you could probably get substantial pussy by being enigmatic (but not intentionally, that's creepy). That may sound confusing, what I'm really saying is keep talking about you to a minimum unless it's really worth discussing and keep the requests for hangouts>sex frequent.

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do girls actually like being choked? i do it a little just because i think they like it, and then they seem to but im also not sure if they are just pretending to like it for my sake, ie we are both pretending to like guy choking girl for each other. im not talking about anything crazy either, just hand on neck and slight pressure

>and then they seem to but im also not sure if they are just pretending to like it for my sake

Does the difference even matter for women?

How common are kinky people? Approximately what portion of the dating pool could be described as "kinky af"?

I've had one gf and when she sucked my dick she'd quickly stop because my dick is pretty big and she'd say her jaw hurt. She did have teeth problem related to her jaw being too small so that'd make sens as to why she couldn't bj me for a long time.

Its a common fetish for women. I would say its unlikely they are humoring you. but if your really concerned just ask your partner

Should I give POF a shot?


How will I know when I'm ready to have sex with him (I'm a girl). I'm looking for long term so I don't want to screw it up. Thanks.

You will know when you're ready because your vaginal lubrication will increase and then a penis will penetrate you

I get depressed. When in a depressive episode, my sex drive pretty much disappears, I don't have any motivation to perform, I don't jack off. Even my morning wood is half-assed.
What do?

Ready? Have sex with him if you want when you want, and don't if you don't.

I've had sex with one man.

I love sucking dick. I wish I could do it more often but >tfw no bf. And I hate the idea of casual sex. It's not as fun when the man the dick is attached to has no intentions of reciprocating, though.

Both have their appeals, but deep and slow is hotter imo.

You shouldn't think too much about it. I was really nervous the first time and it was ruined because it was too painful because I couldn't get wet (even though we used lube). The act depends upon both parties being really "into it," which is impossible to do if you overthink. It's like you have to throw your normal human brain out the window and let your animal brain take over. I've never actually succeeding in doing this, but it's what people tell me, so maybe there's some truth to it.

I don't like be choked, but if the man just places his hand gently on my neck it's pretty fucking hot, like how you described.

basically agree with the other girls. its a blast for 5 minutes and then loses all charm. lol I had a bf who NEVER came from a bj, so i just did it for 5 minutes or so and then move on to sex.

idk. i would say 90% of guys i have slept with highly expect a blowjob no matter what. i dont have a preference or rule about it.

i definitely like it for real. dont do it though if you dont already know they like it a little rough or you yourself like it. no point otherwise.

probably a little over half. just a guess.

yes but know that it is a free-for-all. if you are a girl, it is a chore sorting through the messages and bullshit people send. i have hooked up on it twice and it was with two micropenis-ed people. lmao. so i quit.

if im actually trying to date a guy i usually wait at least until the 3rd-6th date. long enough to confirm that you all are dating but short enough to secure their interest

>idk. i would say 90% of guys i have slept with highly expect a blowjob no matter what.
OK. And how often have the guys you've slept with eaten you out?

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I only go down on a girl if I know her well. Almost all ONS have given me head yet none have complained when I didn't return the favour

Virgin here.

How do people actually manage hookups? I missed my chance in college because I was fat, and now, even though I'm getting Jow Forums, I'm stuck in salary position and don't know how to meet anyone..


I've tried it. Usually even when I get a match, I get no response or the person is just uninterested.

you're not actually suppose to suck though. Just the soft warm and lips lips and tongue and the like. You use the hand to do the pressure part.

The worst thing you can do in a BJ is to take the dick out and finish using JUST your hand. When guys have sex it really is allllll about the climax, that's when they get the most feel and pleasure. So when you just switch to a handy right before the best part it's super anti-climatic and you might as well just given a handy from the beginning.

You don't have to swallow but for the love of god don't stop sucking that dick. It would be like if a guy stopped thrusting just as you start cumming. You have to see that shit through.

Oral sex is far more intimate. Even using a condom for oral sex, their dick is in their fucking FACE. Sex is all like... I don't know, just kinda bland and what you're suppose to be doing. Oral sex takes extra effort and they kiss people with those mouths. It's far more giving and selfless. Like... you have to REALLY like someone to put their junk in your mouth.

Why does it hurt so much that I can't have it?

One woman.

My girlfriend wants to suck my dick, but it is large enough to cause her jaw pain. We mutually agreed to give her jaw a break and maybe have her do less blowjobs in the long term. I am still allowed to eat her out, and thank god for that because I love doing it. My question is there anything we can do to make her giving blowjobs less painful in the future? I love her blowjobs, and crave for them now that I don't receive many right now. They're not worth hurting her though and I can live without them.

Another thing I wanted to ask yall about: She likes it in doggie, but I don't feel it as much as in other positions. Her ass is beautiful and it is a waste to not mount her from behind. My question is if anyone else has experienced this and knows a solution to making doggie more enjoyable for me? Thanks in advance because she really likes this position. Every other position feels amazing.

> How to make bjs less painful?
Maybe she could do jaw stretching exercises before going down on u? Just google that

>I only go down on a girl if I know her well. Almost all ONS have given me head yet none have complained when I didn't return the favour
I feel like it's really common for guys to not want to eat pussy. Why is this? Is it because there's a higher risk of STD's with sucking a vag as opposed to a dick? Or is it just because it's 'nastier'?

>Oral sex is far more intimate.
Are you sure about that? The other two anons just indicated that most girls eat dick in ONS's..

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It's cause vag secretes a lot compard to dick (outside of climax).
Most likely has more of a "taste" to it, but I'm no dick sucker so I can only speculate.
You can see a parallel in most girls not wanting to swallow, especially not in ONS.

Realistically, how much can you postpone sex when you are dating as an adult?
Let's say we both want to get serious.

If you both want to, a lifetime.
Realistically tho: it boils down to both your sex drives and wants out of the relationship.
t. me and my fiance have only started being sexually active 3 months or so ago out of the 2 yrs together. We max had "sex", that is, oral, twice. We just dont really feel like fucking often.

3rd date or 2 months into the relationship.

5 (or 6?)

what's it like when a guy cums in you? asking for a friend

My girlfriend can't feel me cum inside of her, only my penis jerking a bit and pumping her full. But not the sensation of sperm being released itself. It fascinated us for the longest time. Probably came in her over a hundred times by now.

My ex says she could feel my penis like "flexing" in a way and then it got a little warm thats about it

Women who are into cervix stuff, why? That just seems like the woman's equivalent of wanting to get kicked in the balls.

Today I had sex with my girlfriend.

We always do it with a condom and I always feel like I need to try hard to perform. I even felt like I was suffering from ED and stopped masturbating for half a month to try and get my penis to crave sex again.

But today my girlfriend and I decided to be a bit bold and have sex without a condom. And holy shit, the difference is like night and day. It actually felt good to be inside her and i managed to cum quicker than I usually do. Actually with a condom I need to masturbate before climaxing because I'm just used to that feeling.

So I guess the problem is: since I'm uncut, I'm used to the feeling of my foreskin sliding up and down my penis and that feels good to me. But with a condom my foreskin is pushed back and I have to try harder to stay erect because my body is not used to that feeling.

So now that I know what might have been happening all along I'm wondering if I should try to get used to masturbating by using a condom or pulling my foreskin all the way down and sort of rubbing my head. Which doesn't feel as good but if I want to be able to enjoy sex with a condom then I feel like i need to put effort into changing what I'm used to.

Or what's the solution?

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>24 m
>4 partners
I'm starting to lose my sex drive.

I'm starting to find it disgusting. Periods, other fluids, and queefs are pretty nasty. It's basically a guessing game every time and I've gotta check every now and then when we're doing it. That along with the added risk of pregnancy which I absolutely don't want, and it's just not worth having sex to me.

I'm in a committed relationship, but the more I think about it the more I realise I don't want a serious relationship, which is what we've discussed we are. I think this might be the culprit. If I wanted a serious relationship, the girl I'm with would be a good choice. Now that I'm a little less than 2 years in I'm realising I think I want to date more and have more freedom. Maybe I'm just sleazy. But when I was younger and in my last relationship I didn't care at all. It actually turned me on a bit.

After typing this I think I need my own thread, but I'll see how it goes here

My girlfriend likes when I fuck her cervix IF I do it right and am not too rough. In her own words she likes me being really deep. She can feel herself being stretched and used, her cervix being pressured, and that sensation fulfills her.

As a man it's a bit weird. Because it's not entirely pleasant to cockpunch her cervix, but I will do about anything to make her cum. She goes crazy whenever I am that far in her though.

Ditch condoms and have her get on the pill. I don't use condoms. I'm allergic and sex is not as good with them on. Girlfriend doesn't care for them either

His whole body, including dick, slightly shivers and I can feel his hot cum inside me. It is a nice sensation desu

>It's cause vag secretes a lot compard to dick (outside of climax).
Ok fair enough - but is this in context of STD's or perceived nastiness?

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I have sex once and may never do it again, to be fair I did fuck a whore who really didn't seem that into it, although I did go for nearly 30 mins and didn't even cum. Should I try again but with someone special to me or just save up for a doll?

So... what’s the plan if your girl has an extremely small vagina opening? Like, we first tried to have normal sex, and she said it hurt too much when I barely put it 5cm in. Then we tried fingering and the most she could handle was just one finger without pain.

Is this common?

Has anybody had any negative experiences with older women?

I usually date younger. I'm 28 matched with this woman on bumble. she's 35.

Pic related shes obviously dtf

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I am so uninterested at this point that I care too little about anything involving love. I'm just waiting the day I run out of fuel.

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Multiple tries.
Even if it takes months, use fingers, then small toys, stretching up to your penis. Itll take a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot of lube, but it will be worth it 100%.
t. girl with extremely small vaginal opening and a bigger than average boyfriend

How should I approach having sex with someone when i'm a 28khv?

she might have a condition called vaginismus.

alright depresso that wasn't a question

For a ONS would it seem reasonable not to blow a guy if he didnt want to eat me out? I'm not keen on sucking a dick anyways, I feel the only way I'd do is if I got something in return.

5 men, 2 women
I hate giving blowjobs but i love getting oral. What i do instead is just blow the guys mind off with a handjob + edging quite a few times. Is that ok Jow Forums?

Perfectly reasonable honestly.


25yr Male. Lost it @ 14. Taken 3 virginities. I Havnt fucked since I was 22. They would call me a Vol. I wasnt always a manslut. Like most tragedies it began with falling in love with a whore. And to get over said where I adopted her method. Now I'm sad and lonely.
Does it get better?

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It’s because guys are selfish, they think it’s a scoring competition where the one with the highest number of partners wins, and not about actually satisfying the woman.

Ok. Add a question mark on the last sentence and you got one.

Its does get better. Stop fapping and you'll be surprised be how willing you'll be to jump back on the horse. My number is in the double digits as well and I went through some tough times like you. Quitting porn has helped me get back out there and learn to love being around feminine energy again.

As far as relationships go, look up RSD's content on the matter. It could open your perspective on how the female mind works.

My bf and I were talking about improving foreplay with a sex toy and he surprised me with a dildo he ordered online.
I was surprised and happy at first, I never really used any sex toys but the one he bought really doesn't do anything for me. It is big, but it is completely smooth and it vibrates. I don't feel anything when it goes in and out and the vibration feels weird and I feel it pressuring against my colon more than anything... How do I politely tell him that I really appreciate the gesture but it's really the wrong product? Maybe there is a way to use the product in a different way? Maybe put on a a condom with knobs or smth? Any advice or ideas?

In the sex department? No. Mid-30s freaks have always been great in bed in my experience.

Just know what you're getting into. From the sound of that convo, she's obviously easy and sexually adventurous. If that's all you're looking for, she's perfect. If you have expectations of anything more serious, strongly consider those qualities she's displaying and how they likely contributed to her being 35 and essentially throwing herself at duded on Tinder.

Thanks for the insight. I guess it's good to take a step back and look at all the implications. Only thinking with my dick.

Yeah these nofap challenges are real. I've made it 5 days before then my nuts started hurting.. and also if I go 2 to 3 days without 85 percent of the time I'll have a wet dream is that normal?

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My bf sucks at sex because his dick is small (3 inches when hard) and he won't do oral or use toys. He won't learn to finger me (last time we tried his nails were long and uneven and he scratched me from the inside). Is there a hope to teach him sex or should I dump?

STDs and if you don't know her well you don't know how clean she keeps that bad boy.
Or if she was recently with another dude.

you already said that he's unwilling to learn, so dump him.

>I've made it 5 days before then my nuts started hurting.
What the fuck? When I was 15 I went on a month long course abroad and didn't jerk off for the whole 35 day trip.
Last summer I went 28 days without jerking it, and I'm a 19 year old male who masturbates like twice a day. I don't believe in nofap but if you can't do a month you have a problem.

Like other user said.
If he isn't willing to change or accommodate you, not much hope of improvement.

Do you think you could be satisfied if he would go down on you though even with his affliction?

So RSD is basicly saying I have a border line personality disorder. I know I've alway as 'different' but I wouldn't call it a disorder

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It is real indeed. Placebo or not it puts me in a flow state and let's me be able to talk to anyone.

Wet dreams are normal if you are younger or edge alot.

It's kind of a harsh way to look at it but yeah in a way.

You just have to not fall into the trap of bending over backwards for every girl. You might get a positive reaction at first but it can turn into a situation where the woman calls all the shots. This strokes their ego but women actually crave opposition and challenges from guys.


I recently started having an intimate relationship with my girlfriend and she has a really small vagina, which made it very difficult to get inside her we switched positions three times but ultimately she needed to get on top and basically jam it inside herself. I've never had this problem before with previous partners is there a way to get my cock inside her more reliably despite the openings size?

>STDs and if you don't know her well you don't know how clean she keeps that bad boy.

Dang. I have a small peen, and eating pussy was supposed to be my saving grace. I guess i could just stick to girlfriends stuff, but I don't want that kind of commitment. I want to be a man-hoe! :/

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