Got pretty close with someone last night, wat do?

>get pretty drunk last night with a friend at a party
>we both leave early after they ran out of beer
>she tells me about how she broke up with her bf
>ask her out jokingly
>she laughs then we make out
>end up going to her room to watch Mr Robot (great show btw)
>ffw to 1:30
>"i'm gonna go to bed user"
>"okay then, I'll be on my way then if you want me to leave"
>"wanna give me a good night kiss before you leave"
>kiss her and head back to the dorm
>wake up this morning
>havent heard from her since
did i fuck up guys? she made it clear that she didnt want to fuck, and i respected her boundries, but we still made out and cuddled.
am I overthinking this or should I ask her out again?

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she was telling me how her last bf would constantly bitch at her for sex, so I decided not to make the same mistake.
Im was a HKV up until last night, never even had a gf before. I was comfortable with just that, neither of us felt like we wanted to go any further. how do these things work? im so clueless

Send her a text bro see whats going on

i did but she hasn't responded since.

Dammit man, this really fucking sucks! Like yeah i like her alot, but I dont wanna ruin what we already have; we were really chill friends.

You did the right thing by not being pushy or pressuring her. That's attractive.

It's only the next morning. Give her time to respond man. She probably feels conflicted about the whole thing. Whatever you do, DON'T blow up her phone with txts and don't freak out about it.

Just play it cool and give it time. You want to seem calm and collected, not desperate and horny.

Ive only sent one "hey", and im only freaking out alone in my room. How could I feel so stressed out about someone else? is this love? infactuation perhaps? What the fuck am I feeling man, I didnt sign up for this shit.

Wait it hasn’t been a day?? Fucking chill dude you’re overthinking

Infatuation and first time performance anxiety. So don't let it get to your head too bad

Leave the ball in her court and move on. If she wanna be one of them mind games bitches you got better shit to blow your time on so GTFO.

Fuck fuck fuck FUCKING SHIT, how do I calm down? I'm fucking out of beer in my dorm.

UPDATE: were talking like normal and neither of us mentioned last night yet. I think I made it boys but where do I go from there?

>hey anonete I really liked previous night, maybe wanna meet and go somewhere to hang out soon?

Your fucking with me, Arent you?
if your not then i'm at the student center doing ES homework

Go, fucker.

im willing to meet there if you wanna hang out, or do you wanna meet in your room? i cant go to mine since my roomate's probably laying pipe with some girl atm

I don't think that's anonette. That's an user telling you what to say to anonette, OP. Contact her for real

oh fuck your right.
man, the stress is making me retarede at his point

its you being deprived of this type of attention your whole life and liking it. Dont confuse it with love. I was KHV for 23 years, and when i got my first gf it was because i was desperate and settling. It felt so amazing, but i finally had to get the willpower to end it because she was simply not what i wanted.

Just go with the flow, and expect nothing. If you have the chance, i say date her for the experience. But the thing about being a KHV, you should never let your first gf be "the one," so expect to break up with her. You will never know if you could have better if you stay with your first.

Also, maybe im just an asshole, but i woulda at least pushed a little bit for sex. You're a fucking rebound, she doesnt care about you. And any type of care you show to her is just straight up cuck imo. I would pushed for sex, and if denied i woulda let it go and move on. Dont treat girls like theyre good people bro, they're pieces of shit.

im fine with going slow, shes a virgin too so maybe she was just awkward about it. Im in no position to do that kind of thing, hell just the very notion of me asking her out is pretty fucking crazy.
Im a 2/10, 5'8, 170lbs spainish guy with barely any social skills (when im sober apparently)

do you have a hardcore accent, or do you speak english fluently?

also lets go a bit /soc/ for a sec, and post a pic. I really doubt you're below average.

>is practically having an anxiety attack in his post
>calls himself 2/10
Obviously he is exaggerating to some degree, he sounds like he is really harsh on himself

Since you fuckers are asking for it, here you go.
>I heard I look better with a hat on due to my shitty haircut

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The Hunchback of Notre Dame(Ecuadorean Bootleg Edition).jpg

UPDATE: she said that despite the things that happened last night, she feels that its better to be friends since it hasn't been that long since the breakup with her last bf.

And Im okay with that, perfectly fine. I may have rushed things while drunk and I'm way too anxious and shit to be in one.

thanks for all of your help you guys.(even if it was all for naught).

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this is really cute. just continue doing what youre doing and you'll be fine!.

Good luck dude


Ikr, shits fucked 6 ways from sunday, and on top of that I might be balding. Looks like it's time to commit my dudes

You retard he is laughing because you arent 2/10.

Hit the gym hard, develop a personality and you'll slay.

user here, I fuckin kekt from that

You enormous faggot, you're not 2/10, you're like a 5 on a bad day and probably a 6 regularly, perfectly plain looking.
Hit the gym, maybe reconsider haircuts and you already look better.