Why i can't tind a generic guy who just look a healthy quantity of anime to date?

Why i can't tind a generic guy who just look a healthy quantity of anime to date?

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They're not into you because you can't speak English properly

Screen, bitch. Hit on shy guys and at least 50% will have watched anime.

But they are creepy

Tough shit. Check out /soc/ if you're a larping attention whore.

>healthy quantity of anime
I watched fma: brotherhood once and that's but respect the artistic merit of stuff like Jojo. Do you guys think I'll be awarded a gf for being so middle of the road?

anime/manga fandom doesnt loan itself well to moderation.

>They are creepy
>shy guys are creepy
>i want a muscle chad with a good paying job who can watch anime with me
>I have to offer nothing but my wet hole in return

Seriously Girl, you should look harder because you won't find someone with these bad opinions. My gf is also into some mainstream animes which id why i'm watching them with her.

>shy guys are creepy
Found your problem, you're a brainless slut. Enjoy assholes pumping and dumping you like you're trash because that's all you're gonna get.
Also, stop playing "cute nerdy otaku girl UwU" when you're the average trashy whore. It's misleading.

Yeah jojo is cool.
I just dislike these cringy anime with meme girls like maid dragon and stuff.
Just someone normal muscles are hot.
You guys don't like girls with F cups and stuff?

First: average or above average good looking guys that are aware of social rules and judgement will hide their power level at a first glance.

Second: You probably just look for above average guys that are at somehow remarkable (read as guys that are the "shiny" ones).

Third: You want a chad that sometimes will watch anime (read as some DC cartoon) and that wont tell you your addiction is wrong, period, you dont wanna a real anime fan guy that have those wf pillows and that kind of shit.

Fourth: I dont know why I wasted time with you and your distorted reality problems.

Because you are gay, and most men are not.

I should just hit normal guys and expect that some day i will encounter a non-creepy anime watcher?

No, first of all you need to be a human being and understand that people have their hobbies, preferences and a lot of things that can like or not to do. You want to find someone that will really like you and not just bang you down and leave you after when you already old and not so beauty?

Find a man that is a real human being too, he can teach you what he like and you can teach him too, in that way you both can learn with each other.

Or you can continue on your restrictive delusional preferences that will lead many one night stands or sociopaths that will lie and break your heart.

Its not normal for a adult male to watch anime, any good looking guy will hide it, like you prolly do to being a woman.

>Just someone normal muscles are hot.
What does that have to do with the guy being shy or not?

>You guys don't like girls with F cups and stuff?
I for one don't give a fuck about boob size. But how is that relevant?

Why the fuck are girls like you so stupid and shallow? You watch anime yourself and are so into it that you want a partner based on that hobby, so maybe you should know there's nothing wrong with watching anime and you shouldn't assume that guys who watch anime are creepy on average?!

Have you ever seen someone musculous shy?

>But how is that relevant?
I don't care about muscles but if he is hot. Why not?

Look at this video youtube.com/watch?v=85y-N5GJa9g

This so much. I don't even watch anime anymore (haven't seen one in years) but girls like this piss me off so much.
They're always gonna assume if a guy is nice to them he's a loser, if he shares a passion they like he's a creep, if he shows interest in them he's needy, etc.
They just assume every guy who's not a complete fucking asshole is not one because he's a loser, basically. And then they're gonna complain about only dating assholes. Fucking stupid sluts.Thankfully not all girls are like that.

But yeah basically OP you're never gonna find a chill cute anime-watching bf because you're not looking for one and truth is you don't deserve one either. You're gonna stay a trashy slut who whores herself out for boring normies who pump and dump you. Stop playing princess now.

>Have you ever seen someone musculous shy?
Yes. Have you ever browsed Jow Forums? Literally 99% of the board is guys who are mountains of muscles and can't work out the courage to ask a girl out ever in their life.

>I don't care about muscles but if he is hot. Why not?
Yeah but that has nothing to do with being shy or not. I don't blame you for liking hot guys, but saying shy guys are "creeps" is so shockingly stupid, it instantly makes you dumb slut status.

>Look at this video
I've seen, it's hilariously cringy. But despite liking anime, you're (hopefully) nothing like the girls on the video, right? So why the fuck would you assume all guys who are into anime are like that? It's as stupid as thinking all shy guys are creeps. Which, like I've mentioned before, is pretty fucking stupid.

Shy guys are creep, shyness is different than introversion. Shyness is a cope mechanism for protect the individual into show himself in the real world, the shyness is the hability to hide himself to stay alive at a primitive level.

>shyness is different than introversion
Technically it is. In OP's low IQ mind, it's most likely one and the same.

>Shyness is a cope mechanism for protect the individual into show himself in the real world, the shyness is the hability to hide himself to stay alive at a primitive level.
Arguable and a little bit generalizing, but anyway I fail to see how a decent human would discard this as being "a creep".

What is problem of not liking shy people?

Not liking shy people is a bit stupid but it'd be acceptable I guess. Declaring that all shy people are "creeps" on the other hand is fucking retarded.

Shyness in a man means that he isnt able to confront others, so he wont be able to protect the woman and their child. In another words shyness is the same as the "eunuco" guys that had their penis cut to be able to be slaves to the masters.

You wont like a shy guy because that mean at a primite level that your sons gonna be weak and wont be able to stand and survive.

I'm talking about these shy and creep guys with hentai at wallapper of twitter.

Isnt retarded, if you are shy being a man if means you are a "creep", creep means you arent normal and socially aware, someone guy who prefer to be an outsider than be able to face life is someone that isnt a man at all, is someone that cant be considered socially functional because he will betray his clan and surrender at the first combat that happens.

I'm a dude. First, you have very limited notions of evolutionary psychology, it's far from being that simple and primitive. Human beings are infinitely more complex than that.
But still, my point that there's nothing creepy about that stands.

Yeah but that's just a stereotypical vision, a large majority of shy guys are not like that and a large majority of guys who are into anime are not like that.

You're the one who isn't socially aware and sound like a redpilled "woke" ex-incel type though. Most of your claims are ridiculous and the fact that you think it's backed by scientific facts is even more hilarious.

You are delusional, nature is nature,period.

If your dog or a lion hide himself from others that would mean he is weak and cant have a pack/clan and for any female that would mean to be pregnant of him would be something without any advantage.

I wont waste more time on you, continue being delusional besides the fact that the only fragility that is accepted is from woman, but you can always think to be weak enough to hide yourself from world doesnt means you are a social paria.

Nature is nature but you don't know the first thing about it. For your information, for instance, autism is (according to the most recent studies on the subject) related to a high peak of testosterone at birth, so basically in the old paleolithic setting we're taking all our humanly primitive instincts from, a man could totally be shy/reserved and still be a valuable asset for the community and a very good mate. Which tears a giant hole in your little baseless theory.
But hey, have fun believing what you want.

Why don't you just date a guy who doesn't watch anime but has other nerdy interests? Cuz you'll have a hard time finding weebs who are also functional adults.

>just look a healthy quantity of anime to date?
You mean none at all?

>Assuming OP is an adult
>OP wants a bf with nerdy qualities most likely to showoff.
Don't hate the player, hate the game.

>show off
What? I just want someone to watch and talk about anime but not be a creep perv.

Didn't respond to the 1st greentext one, huh.
Yeah there's only three types.
Decent guys who watch anime but are forced to put up a chad persona.
That shy kid across the room.
That fat guy playing vidya with other vidya gramers.

Any guy with guts is considered chad?

Not entirely, it's just a normie dude who wears brands and plays/watches sports and or has a lot of dude bros around him

Most normies are into Dragon Ball Z and basic anime.

Just introduce them to your stuff and if they like it good, why do women think they don't have to put in any effort to get the man they want.

I'm pretty sure OP doesn't wanna watch Naruto re-runs and One Pierce S523 with normie bf.
But turning a normie into an anime man is like making a bomb out of a bottle and a circuit board.

This is obviously bait.
Is literally everyone here retarded?

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We're not in the fucking bronze age anymore, the average guy is almost never going to need to protect anyone from any physical danger, and even if he did, the idea that a shy guy is incapable of survival doesn't make sense. You don't need to be a muscle chad to have basic self defense skills or know how to fire a gun