Is 25 too late to get a good girl? An user on /v/ was saying it was

Is 25 too late to get a good girl? An user on /v/ was saying it was.

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Yes, absolutely.
Delusional people here who had their first relationship at 16 will tell you otherwise. Don't listen to them.

No, and you shouldn't believe random shit stupid people say on Jow Forums, especially on /b/


Tinder is worth a try . Don't give up

No, your life is only your so in fact you are the only one that can achieve your life perfect time.

Dont be fooled to delusional anons that prefer to cope and avoid to face their responsability in their failures.

>being unsuccessful always means that someone didn't take responsibility for failure

Why aren't you a billionaire, then, user?

Male "value" usually increases until their 30's. You're fine.

Normal rules apply though. Have your shit together and be the average of three people:
1. The man you'd want your daughter to be with
2. The man you'd want to have as your father
3. The man who would steal yo girl from you if you weren't already that man

I'm not billionaire because I'm not creating any business/idea or any entrepeneur thing that can lead me to become billionaire, my actual focus is to survive because I'm not a preppie first world guy that can face his part of responsability on the failure.

And no, I dont said unsucess mean that the person dont did nothing, I'm telling you that some anons cope with the delusion that cant get nothing before even try it, period.

Try to think of it like this: if you were a normie, would (You) date a social recluse that's just now starting it's life at 25, ans trying to get experiences that everyone else got at 15?
Don't bother trying user. It is what it is, some things are simply not for everyone.

>"I'm not successful because I grew up in third world"
>"lmao learn to take responsibility for your failures people"
You are utterly narcissistic and delusional, m8.

>Just don't breed, user. Just let your genetic line die with you.

Try saying it like that sometime.

I don't want to give up...

Dude I live on a favela, and even that I'm into two graduations, I learned english alone and I have a gf that I taken her virginity, what else?

>I know and say this all as an authority on the subject because I am an incel
how close am I?

Not everyone gets to breed user. It's the truth of the world, only 25% of men passed down their genes through the eons.
And at 25, it's like throwing some low leve starting gear character in a high level area in an RPG. It's hopeless.
Your mindset is wrong user, you're not supossed to not want to give up, you're supossed to not want to try in the first place. Do more escapist stuff.
I don't know if incel is valid for me. I never really socialised with females after all, but I don't hate them or anything. It's my fault and from my mistakes I'm a shut-in, not theirs.
But even if I stop being one, which I'm planning to soon, I know better than to try and socialise with normals at this stage. That ship has sailed years ago for someone like me.

>it's okay when I make excuses but you have to take responsibility for yourself
fuck off you entitled nigger

It isn't. Try not to be too influenced by these idiot fucks.

>I learned english
Clearly not.

You are a crab in a bucket dragging other crabs down with you. At least be straightforward about it (even though you won't).

>hurr durr fack u now I can cope that I dont hold any responsability now let me jack off here hehehe
>hurr durr let me say he isnt grammarly correct and other shit related so I can cope with my passive agressive behavior hehehe own3d

Perhaps, but it would be hypocritical if I wasn't judging others by the same standards I judge myself.
I believe I'm competely hopeless because I didn't get these experiences at the right time, and now it's too late and my life is over, thus I believe the same for people in similar situations.
Is that wrong?
And I don't expect normal people to understand how tough it is for someone who never learned how to socialise.

What? No I socialized, I just broke up with my long distance BF I met on this shithole and have to find a girl now.

It's not like you're making some spelling mistakes here or there, it's actually really hard to understand what the fuck your broken-ass sentences are trying to say. It's pretty much gibberish.

I agree with the other user. If you didn't learn to socialize early on then it's literally all over for you, like it is for me. NPCs despise people like me who don't know how to socialize.

As long you can read it's fine for me, people dont understand things usually so it's fine.

This feel too defeatist for me.

Think about it this way. You date a woman starting when she is in her late 20s. That means several different things.
>hasn't been able to hold a relationship that long
>Has been undesirable for whatever reason that long
>Refused to date others until now for whatever stubborn reason

All of these things imply bad traits.

Just as successful marriages don't emerge after a series of failed ones, successful relationships don't happen because you had to fail a few in the past. These things work out when you (and your partner) have grown up and matured.

Where's the difference between someone who was immature until their mid-20s who had had failing relationships and someone who started life late and gets their first at 25 but finally got his shit together?
>you're weird
were talking 'bout the point where the weirdness is gone and the person is completely normal, like, fit for a relationship
>you lack experience
so what? teenager relationships are nothing like grown-up relationships. that experience doesn't neccessarily help. maybe you lack experience with screwing and stuff, but anybody can learn that.

t. normalfag

It's never too late until you're so old that you can't wipe your ass anymore. But if you're going for a girl in her early 20s, too late would be once you hit 45. It shouldn't even be difficult while you're under 35. However, if you're an autist who just sits at home all day and never tries anything or approaches anyone, it's not gonna happen. You need to change and improve yourself, and become proactive and assertive about dating.

surprise! it's a massive faggot who has zero experience or real advice to give moping about Jow Forums when he really should spend the rest of his days in Jow Forums

Doesn't really help me though.

This has to be bait. No one is this stupid.

It's not bait, I heard it and was wondering.

Normies who had healthy social and romantic lives in their teens and early twenties will tell you it's never too late and all that crap.
But they don't understand how hard it is.
Basically user, if you haven't had these experiences by that age, the ship has sailed.

I’m 40 years old and I’ve never had a girl. I’m a virgin. Pic related, it’s me.

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In the back of my mind I do think of it like this, minus the part about the hypothetical normie. There is no appeal in a psychologically mangled, broken human being that has progressed to the "shut down" range. Broken things are ugly and unsettling, and the truths they take as a given are inconvenient and a hassle, until they are your's too.

This world might seem fine and normal day to day, but it's on its way out. Sharp changes are coming, and things that have been building in the background will become overt. I'm really not sure what to do. I just want to be done at this point, with my health the way it's been, I feel like a brain damaged amnesiac most of the time. With the omnipresence of wireless devices, living and functioning in human society is not acceptable.

It's over.