This girl I'm seeing is basically a 10/10 in every aspect...

This girl I'm seeing is basically a 10/10 in every aspect, she however told me today she is a "little" and wants me to be her daddy. Now this is something I'm intrigued in, but I'm unaware of how to do so.

She was sleepy and was legit showing me her stuffed elephant and calling it "Ellie" and just acting how a child would. I found it cute and tried to play along but it felt really forced on my behalf.

I also don't see the sexual part of the little, I'm into telling her what to do and the "daddy" name calling but I'm a bit lost as how to act.

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tell her to get some treatment because thats abnormal as fuck

How do you mean like a child? Girls often do that. They try acting really cute, etc. Even a grown woman will like, and name, a stuffed animal if you get it at a fair/carnival.

Without knowing too much, I'd say to instruct her to bend over, get spanked lightly, etc. because she's been "bad". Idk, dumb shit like that.

She said she wants to watch Disney movies while lying on my lap and have me read her books to go to sleep, she also said she's into colouring in books while listening to music.

But follows that up with wanting me to choke her and tell her shes daddys naughty girl.

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Sounds fucking retarded OP

Unless you're a pedo, back off of this psycho. If you are a pedo, I recommend killing yourself.

Paraphilic infantilism, or adult baby fetish.

Nah not a pedo, that's why I'm posting here because I'm struggling with the normality of it. Which is a shame because she's perfect in other aspects.

There is absolutely nothing sexually attractive about acting like a literal child. So if you're not a pedo you will tell her to seek therapy immediately and break it off

Just pretend to be her dad. Tell at her for watching too much TV and take her stuffed doll away when she needs to be punished. I think she's just being playful.

It's not normal and for normal (non pedo) guys it will be off putting to say at least. Its just weird and not sexy at all at least to me. is right

Yeah I was fine with the whole, her being cute, playing along a little, but the whole colouring in book shit got to me, and I'm unsure if I come out and just be like "Yo senpai you like sippy cups and diapers?" because that's a lot further than I'd go.

I think I'm more just into the whole, her being cute acting cute then choking her out.

Also Jow Forums auto changes F.a.m to senpai? wth.

There's a pretty good chance she was molested when she was young. The whole "Daddy" thing is basically normal though, most girls like to be submissive, and a "Daddy" is someone who would be dominant & in charge over her, but in a loving and caring way. She's just making it very literal with the childish behavior.

Idk user, it's up to you. If it were me, I would indulge her interests if it's just a private thing, as long as she's well-adjusted enough to handle her life and be normal around other people.

Like, to me this seems like it could be either normal or fucked up. Lots of basic white girls watch Disney movies, and with this whole hipster millennial bs thing going around, a lot of twentysomethings are into coloring. Letting your girlfriend rest on your lap is fine too.

The only really weird one is the reading her books. (Getting choked while calling her daddy's naughty girl can be a bit normal as well).

Do you know anything about her actual father? Did he abuse her, or did he treat her like a princess, or did he die?

Yeah shes a first year lawyer, has her shit to together so that's why it tripped me out, I feel like she has a fuck load of IRL responsibilities, so she uses this as an escape from it where she can be responsibility free.

Thanks for the advice, I'll see how it goes. I guess I know my stopping point, so hopefully she doesn't reach that.

Can't quote for some reason get connection errors, but yeah her dad is out of the picture, left when she was very young. She was a virgin up until this year (24 year old too) which was odd, she was in a 4 year relationship but he wasn't interested in it so I'm starting to think it was a thing he made her do because she said he was super controlling.

I feel like he didn't want the sex side of it and made her be submissive because I don't know, the cunt wanted a kid maybe?

So basically she is a pedophile.

If I were in your shoes, I'd roll with it. Lots of normal people have weird fetishes, you judge whether or not they're "crazy" by how they behave outside the bedroom.

That's a common thing for successful people, I'd say especially women. They like to be dominated in bed or at home, because they are constantly acting all tough etc. (Although it can sometimes go the other way, and they want to be in control and power in bed as well).

like I said though, don't think too much of the coloring book. A lot of these hipster millennial types do things which "relive" childhood. Heck, I see some adults use children's lunchboxes and shit.

Yeah, I'll roll with it see if it gets any worse, I guess everything here with some effort on my part can work.

Thanks for the talk and advice, appreciate it.

>but yeah her dad is out of the picture, left when she was very young
It kinda makes perfect sense, then. She just needs a strong, loving male presence in her life, someone to take care of her and give her something that has been missing from her life. She's fetishized it to make it "exciting" rather than kinda sad.

If everything else in the relationship is good, play the role for her and see where it goes. It seems a lot less weird now that you've filled in the blanks a little

She legit sounds molested by her dad, and disregard these sort of posts that always say that "women like x" with absolutely no factual basis.

>It kinda makes perfect sense
> It seems a lot less weird now

I've been with loads of girls who had dead or absent fathers from childhood and they never got into this age roleplay shit that OP is describing

OK so you wouldn't do it. that doesn't mean OP shouldn't. Everyone's got their thing, it's good to indulge your partner's kinks if it's kept private and it isn't hurting anyone.

Wanted to be dominated is normal. Acting like an actual child and treating it as a sexual fetish is not, and any man who would play along with it willingly probably has some form of deep rooted secret pedophilia

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>Wanted to be dominated is normal

There's that meme again.

>posts that always say that "women like x" with absolutely no factual basis.

but yeah the rest of your post does make sense that shit ain't right.

I don't know how OP feels about potentially starting a family with her and it reaches a point where he has to tuck in his kids and feed them bottles and read them bedtime stories and then he does the same thing to his wife before fucking her as he calls her daddy.

or accidentally getting a pavlovian response and getting hard and aroused when their daughter calls him daddy

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I think you're just a prude, m8. do your own thing

Age play is creepy as af. If you get off thinking about kids and adults you are a pedo. This woman is a pedo.

yeah I'm a prude for not wanting the mother of my children to be acting like a toddler during sex, haha I'm so gay

Good, stand your ground, don't be a degenerate.

>She was sleepy and was legit showing me her stuffed elephant and calling it "Ellie" and just acting how a child would
abort this asap mate she is nuts. dont stick your dick in crazy. I know your brain is on standby cause she is a "10/10" but PLEASE. leave this boat now.

why are people so keen on normalizing the whole daddy/age play shit? Is this because so many men are pedos deep inside, or what is it? I like rough sex and enjoy dominating my gf, she even calls me Master sometimes and I call her my pet names like sweetie, darling. I don't think it's wrong or abnormal. However, adding incestuous elements and some really frankly disturbing pedophilic elements and calling it normal is weird and honestly creeps me out. If someone needs their partner to double as their absent/abusive dad, then it's *really* not normal and it should be treated with caution, not glorified as a totally normal kink. And adult women who want to pretend they are little kids, makes my boner wilt and wonder what kind of abuse they went thru. Gross and creepy.

>Is this because so many men are pedos deep inside
Honestly I think it's the opposite. All my friends have at some point mentioned that it's weird and gross to them. As far as I know it's primarily girls with daddy issues roping their boyfriends into their freaky fetish.

Welcome newfag

My ex-gf was like that and she asked me to be her "mommy". I was kinda freaked out a little, but I ended up agreeing to it and it was actually a pretty good relationship.


DDLG is a form of BDSM. A pretty fun form of escapism, especially for persons in highly stressfull environments. Try to support her user. She needs someone by her side

It's a mental illness, not a "pretty fun form of escapism"

It could be a red flag or could just be a fetish. There are responsible women who like to act childish in bed as well as there are women who are immature in life AND in bed, it's not so simple as others have tried to explain here.
>but it felt really forced on my behalf.
You are not used to it, that's all. Everyone who starts doing something new feels awkward at first.
>I also don't see the sexual part of the little, I'm into telling her what to do and the "daddy" name calling but I'm a bit lost as how to act.
If you are not into it, you can tell her. But maybe she is actively looking for someone that does like this dynamic, so doing so will push her away. You have to ask yourself if she is worth it, relationship, sex, etc...

I am not sure what you wanted with this OP.