I'm probably going to be homeless soon

I'm probably going to be homeless soon.
I was homeless in North Dakota but,
the job market was good there.
I got out of it.
Where I live now I'm homeless and I don't have any friends who would let me crash on their couch or anything.
I don't have friends really.
How should I prepare for this?
Is it time to an hero?

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I suppose this is what I get for not posting about a sex or relationship on this board.

There should be homeless shelters, you could live there while you look for a job. Umm, get access to food, save up as much money as you can (if you can), and prepare to live in a car if you don't want to be homeless. Live near a place with a lot of churchs, they will feed you if you need it.

Sorry never been homeless so that is the best I can give. bumping t

Don't have a car.
I guess I'll have to break down and get food from a church.
It seems like my end is nearing.


What resources do you have? How much money, food, what kind of an area do you live in, how are you accessing the internet?

Assuming this isn't bait I will keep this on the front page for a bit. Maybe some of the other fags on here can give better advice

come on faggots can't you respond to something that isn't about "muh gf problem" for once. Bump

I am trying op. You can try to talk to me until someone else responds.


Not homeless at the moment.
Got like $80 live in a shitty us city.
Dad is kicking me out.
A chunk of it is my fault.
I'm trying to get job but, he sees no results and that means failure, yes he's asian.
but, i've been depressed and moping around the house depressed and he gets angry at my depression.

It's just not an easy problem to solve or help with anonymous advice. It's not that I don't care, I just don't really know what I could say or do to improve this situation. OP doesn't need advice, he needs money, he needs a job, he needs a place to stay.

Girl problems might not be as serious, but they can actually be helped with advice

How long until he kicks you out? Have you tried a temp agency? if you have time you might be able to get a job from a temp agency, which might get your dad to stop being a douche

Get a job, find a homeless shelter, contact your estranged family and ask for help

And you could give him advice on how to get these things. At least you responded though

Get your shit together, user. People in your situation don't have the luxury of being depressed and moping around, sorry. Beg your dad to let you stay and intensify your job hunt.

Next Monday he says he'll kick me out.
I hit up 4 of the 5 temp agencies near me and they all say the same thing "Oh we'll have work for you soon"
I call them everyday and it's nothing.
At best I get a "Oh we have an unconfirmed job" Then it's nothing.
Seems like all the homeless shelters around here accept families not singles.
Makes my situation harder.

Hit up the last one. Apply at fast food places (ik not appealing but a job is a job). Also are there any factories around you? They usually need workers pretty bad.

Also this you don't have the luxury of being depressed, unfortunately. I was in the same situation a few months ago. Beg your dad to let you stay.

three questions OP:
1. you said your father is asian so i assume you are too? it can do wonders contacting people of your background. is this an option?
2. what skills do you have? any degrees maybe?
3. how far are you willing to go to stay alive if all else fails?

Yeah they aren't open on Sunday's.
I already did and begging doesn't work.
I've been applying to factories. Nothing happening.
Glassdoor,monster,snagajob It's all bullshit.
Not once have they landed me a job.

I don't see any of my kind of asian around here.
I'm a hapa so those fresh off the boat business owners see me as just another white boy.
I graduated trade school but, learned the hard way that graduating a school means nothing compared to experience which I don't have.
I'm unsure about the 3rd one.

Okay, how about your resume? What is on there?

Maybe your resume is part of the problem. If we can get that improved you could try showing your dad that you are legitima

*legitimately trying

Truth be told I've been a chronic fuck up for the last 4 years or so.
I mildly lie and say I left on my own. Last time I got laid off and not fired.
I got fired from the last 4 jobs before that though. Half of them didn't explain anything to me just gave me my check. So I guess I'm not fired then just say I got laid off.
Career services from school helped polish my resume to look good, but if they really digged into my info they would see I'm probably not worth hiring.

Why were you fired from those jobs? Also, you need to act like you are worth hiring regardless of how you feel.

i see. well man, there are two options right now. in the first one you are somehow exaggerating and your situation isn't nearly as bleak as your portray it to be. in this case things will get resolved with a good end and/ or you might apply the advice already posted here.

now listen up. for the case that everything goes wrong and you are done for, i'll give you two options that nobody will like to hear. but if all this is true and you stand before ruin, first option is to do something to land yourself in jail. at least then you would have a place to sleep and something to eat and could improve from there.

alternatively pack your bags and only take essential things and go to some really big city and pray that there things might look different. don't have cash for a ticket? go by foot, no matter the distance, go on the long march. travel lightly and arm yourself. don't look back.

if you're not lying and have already tried everything else, then these are your only options.

Seek out a job that pays money room and board.

shit this start the process to join the military. Not a good option, but it is better than nothing.

>One was for being late 1 too many times.
>Apparently not working fast enough.
>2 jobs no reason given.
>Last job was a small company, got laid off. Said he might have some day jobs (1 day work 1 day pay under the table) but, nothing happening.

I've been sending in applications and they just say "thanks for applying but, we believe we have found our better candidate"

The second option sounds really good actually, I've done something like that before. Not sure where I'll go but, maybe it will be better. Or maybe I was destined to be a doomed adventurer of sorts.

I'm black listed from joining the military.
Health reasons, (Asthma)

me too. unironically autism. Are you going to try to go to another city? We could see about trying to figure out how you get the things you need to survive that.

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I'm closer to Cali then I am to there.
I heard Cali has jobs. I'll overlook the commie hard core leftist bullshit if I had a job.
I think I need a change of scenery.

well friend, i don't want to force you into anything, and only do this as a last resort, but if you take the long journey, it might be for the better. i don't know anything about the US, so your own inner compass will ahve to guide you. perhaps you get an epiphany on the way. it might become your last march, or it might become the prelude to your new life, nobody knows. i wish you courage and strength, and you better report on us after your adventures!

Yeah but, Iive in the southwest US.
Seems like only mexicans or people's family have jobs. I don't have those kinds of connections. Figure if I move to another city and it's the same type of shit at least I'll be in a different place I've lived here too long.

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I've heard of Catalina Island.
I could afford a bus ticket to LA. It would still be a long march.
That sounds doable. I'm going to look into this more.

I got an errand to run so I'll be back in a half an hour


Yeah hopefully it will be better. I hope everything works out for you op. Make sure to get your hands on a knife if you don't have a place to sleep wherever you go, you don't know what other people will do.

Op you here still?

he should be back

Sell all your shit OP. That’ll give you money to move.

Okay, thanks. Op you need a car to at least to sleep in. Your goal is to get a car. Like or a grand or two, you can even flip the car and make money off it and upgrade it for ideally a 3 or 4k car that won't break. Get to a major city and look for immediate hiring jobs on craigslist, there from temp agencies. Easy as fuk to get hired. Stack money for apartment or buy a van and life in that. Then focus on getting a better job.

move to a warm state. you will die homeless in north dakota

get a minimum wage job, lease or buy a cheap a car and live in it at night. many cities allow it, many do not. refer to mucipital code first. easy to get away with in tinted four door sedans

OP here again and back.
Yeah I guess I gotta get a job first.
I have one last temp agency to hit up and then there's a job fair on Tuesday so I suppose that will land me something for the time being.

Are there any temp agencies in your town? If you don’t have a lengthy criminal record you can get a job through one. They aren’t ideal in terms of pay, but it’s better than nothing.