How do I do online dating if I’m a 5’6 guy ? I have a decent white collar job and I’m like a 7/10 looks wise...

How do I do online dating if I’m a 5’6 guy ? I have a decent white collar job and I’m like a 7/10 looks wise. Are there any tips ? I lost my height on dating sites because I feel like it matters. I’m 27 years old.

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Women are shallow as fuck and won't give you the time of day if they see a height like that on a profile.

Best to just not put that information on there AT ALL.

If you were born below 5'10" you got fucked in the ass for luck when it comes to dating.

I dated a short guy. I was in love with him forever.

Seeing this kinda stuff sucks, 5'6 is not that short. You will be fine, literally most girls are like 5'3. Don't worry about it. The importance of height is overblown on the internet

This. I'm 5'8" and an attorney. I have no problem with online dating whatsoever. Don't list your height because you sound like you have a complex about it (which you honestly appear to have).

>The importance of height is overblown on the internet
If you're as short as the OP, 80% of women are automatically off-limits to you.

just don't put it but def don't lie. 5'6" is very average. you are probably generally interested in smaller girls anyways. i have dated many shorter guys... obviously a preference would be over 6' but it aint a big deal.

This is outright false.

nice cope, m8

The secret is that girls can't see your height in the pictures like the chubby girls pretending to have big boobies.

>it's not my fault, i'm just too short! gosh darn it, i'll just do something other than fix my horrible personality
that's honestly the biggest cope of the century

Projecting much?


I am a woman, and I can tell you that just isn't true either. It's something guys get stuck in their heads. Let her decide if she doesn't like short guys, don't do it for her

This is put well. "Women aren't into me because I'm too short" is absolutely a maladaptive coping mechanism, the goal being to avoid confronting correctable personal deficiencies and instead blaming unchangeable personal traits. I believe this sort of thing is done because of the intense cognitive dissonance that results from realizing that it's a straightforward but annoying and time-consuming task to correct things like personality defects, being overweight, or having no education. You force yourself to "realize" that it's unfixable and then race through the grief cycle to "acceptance" that you'll never have a girlfriend.

Yes, it's true that some women don't like to date men who are shorter than them. It's also true that many women like men who are tall. But in practice "being tall" is more of a perk than a requirement.

Women only say good things about short men because they make good wallets that other women won't try to steal because they're not attractive sexually

Online dating is also a cesspool of filth. Think for a second what kind of women need or want to use those sites.

All in all. Not worth the trouble desu


You are taller than Tom Cruise or Martin Luther King. Google "short men with beautiful women" and find another excuse

Lel. This is what lanklet virgins actually believe.

go to South America or asian countries. they'll be more focused on you being white.

>create dating profile
>message girls
>get dates