What keeps you going? If you are over 30 and your don't have your shit together...

What keeps you going? If you are over 30 and your don't have your shit together, nobody cares about you except for your pets.

Why isn't there an easy way to die?

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My pets don't care about me, they just shout across the house and expect me to drop what I'm doing for them.

>If you are over 30 and your don't have your shit together, nobody cares about you except for your pets.
thats not true. plenty of people don't 'have their shit together' and people still care about them. that being said, in what world is the solution 'kill yourself' instead of 'get your shit together'?

get your shit together.

I'm eight years a hermit and I just don't know how to get my shit together. Gym, eat healthy, meds, therapy... Nothing has worked.

Honestly having my pets love me has kept me sane. I love my dogs.

I care about you user. I care about you a lot. Imagine my voice wrapping around your mind with a warm hug. My heart beat gently pounding next to yours, in this moment we are binded together in a genuine second of empathy. I love you user, keep fighting.

well part of the problem is that you don't define what 'getting your shit together' means. how would gym ,eating healthy, meds, or therapy, either individually or in combination, lead to it?

you're acting like just going ot the gym a few times a week would make the rest of your life fall in to place. its really weird how you are wording your posts.

32 year old former pissbottling NEET here

>What keeps you going?


Also I guess this is going to get me downvoted, but I sort of really like living in the future?

If you told me like 12 year old me that 20 years later we'd all be walking around with tiny computers in our pockets that shits all over the most power Pentium computer from 1995 and you can talk with people from all over the world and download nearly all of the world's recorded knowledge and media for free I just wouldn't believe you.

VR tech is also starting to take off after shitting the bed with the virtua boy back in the day.

I don't know how to feel happiness anymore. Been isolated for a long time.

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Then feel sad user. Feel sad for as long as you need and you be happy when you want to be. Ask yourself if you really want to be happy right now, and if you still feel sad then perhaps now's not the right time. This and other songs like it are what I like to listen to when I'm sad. user I don't know what time it is where you live or where home is, but walking at 3AM in the morning with no one around at night where I am, it's amazing. The fog rolls in sometimes and it's just blackness and empty road. Occasionally a car rolls by and then it's gone alongside the loudness it brought. Quiet fills my air except for this music bringing sweet harmony and emotions into my mind. It always makes me feel things and I never want to give that up, even if the emotions are negative. When you are ready to be happy you will be happy. For now, let's be sad.


I feel you... I get out of the military in a few months. Anyone i considered a friend got out 6+ months ago. My entire blood family hates me over dumb shit. I have a wonderful wife and dogs but ive been away from them for months. I feel like i have nothing and that the entire world is against me. I can't enjoy anything and think about suicide daily.

I know that was a half assed attempt at a joke

37 here. My life looks a lot like your picture op. In fact, right now im on my bed, naked except for a tshirt typing this. My house and mind are disasters.

Ive lost willpower and motivation. You can only be beat up by life so much before you recoil into the fetal position and just give up. Im about there op. Pretty much an exercise in hiding my misery from others ona daily basis.

Why is anybody supposed to care about someone who doesn't care about themselves?

This is why euthanasia should be legalized for those that don't want to stick around.

Nobody is stopping you from killing yourself but you're not going to do it because you don't really want to, you just romanticize it because it seems like an easy escape from your problem. Your problem is that you lack the kind of commitment that suicide would take. If you had any kind of follow through you wouldn't be in this situation to begin with.

Keep it together soldier. You'll get back to it eventually.

I don't have anything that keeps me going, that's the reason I browse Jow Forums so often. I'm 26 and don't have a job or advanced studies, pretty much I'm still kicking because my father is good with me, but personally I don't have goals, desires or motivation

I guess I will stick around for my dad and that's it

I get the impression you maybe tried each of those things a few months and gave up.

>in what world is the solution 'kill yourself' instead of 'get your shit together'?
This one, the one in which nothing matters or has intrinsic value or blah blah blah life finds a way.

I am far from having my shit together but I have an 18 year old girlfriend so...

Knee deep in my 40s. Have, at times, had my shit together. At other times, not. Life is more interesting if you do a little of both.

it could be much worse.

>Future tech

31 y.o. back in school after 6 years looking for a second career change. Was wondering what I have to look forward to the other day and this exact thing came into my head. Sure a lot of bad stuff could happen but technology might get me a stem-cell-generated thyroid to replace the one I have that sucks donkey balls.

I have no wife, girlfriend or decent job. My ex is taunting me by saying she wants to be e-mail pen pals while she has a new man. Count your blessings.


over 30? yeah lol your fucked dude. you had 11 thousand + days to fix yourself and you didnt. your degenerate brain pathways have been permanently etched into you're brain. you were too pussy to do anything in life so you're probably too pussy to kill yourself aswell.

They care user, I promise.

>that being said, in what world is the solution 'kill yourself' instead of 'get your shit together'?

This world. Posts like OP usually forget to expand the 'shit together' part:
>socially retarded
>sexually inexperienced
>lacking in social or outdoor experience in general

Additional ones
>lacking professional progression

To catch up on 10-20 years of socialising is virtually impossible at this age.

You can't catch up, but you can move on with your life.

move on by putting a bullet in ur head

Move on to what?
I mean, what opportunities are there for people on the backfoot? Socially? Professionally?

Hey OP. So I don't know much about you, and I don't know if you'll even read this point, but i'll put in my 2 cents

I don't know what your situation is, and I don't know what you mean by "getting your shit together" but maybe I can offer you some perspective

You can be at any stage of life, with any factor, and still be miserable

I've known people who seemingly "have it all" married, kids, nice house, cars, and have attempted suicide. Conversely I know people with not much going on for them who make the most out of it. I think perspective is a huge factor

You're around 30, the average human lives to be roughly 85, so the way I see it you have 40+ years to live, 40 years to make the most of them of what it means to you. Operate on what you love, even if it's just your pets

This thread.

He forgot this wasn't reddit.

I met a Tinder girl. After some dating she asked if I have tried to build up my biceps, I have but didn't get much result and quit after a few months. Add social anxiety, depression, fat, no muscle, no education bcus social anxiety. What a fucking catch I am. I basically don't have any motivation at all. My old hobbies, I don't enjoy them anymore. Fuck this shit.

user we just take it one day at a time. We all want off the ride some days. The smarter ones make little changes here and there for the better (better food, getting outdoors, reading more)..or add challenges to break up the monotony.

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Is there even such a thing as a depressed animal?

Yes, dummy. Animals have emotions..they play, some even cry/whine and lose the will to live like the rest of us.

If you have an open field in your area, wait for a thunder and let the lighting strike you, fucking easy

I love how people say shit like this, but for people like , there's no reply. No fucking help.

where does a man get their hands on benzos or barbiturates
i could easily get it prescribed but i really don't want to make an effort

What about sharks? Can they get depressed?

Dying is really easy, user. You just haven't even tried.

Idk..they are one of the oldest apex predators on the planet. Theyve evolved ti be immune to almost everything and super high test. I'm going to assume no. But maybe some sharks, sure..that one that lives in under the artic ice and is basically a slug is probably pretty miserable.

After a 2 sec Google search, yes, they do. Great Whites can't be held in captivity because they get so depressed they lose ability to thrive/stop eating and then die. Maybe that could help OP..to just get out and explore some stuff. Maybe he is one of those types..