Cereal and Milk Alternative

Every day for the last 5 years I've had a big bowl of cereal and milk for breakfast, and it's holding my weight loss back.

I'm looking for an alternative to cereal and milk that's as easy to make and just as filling, but not as sugary. Do you have any suggesitons?

Must not involve cooking or dirtying more than one plate/bowl

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Oatmeal definitely your best bet. Can use plain rolled oats and add your own fruit/honey/spices.
If you really want top tier breakfast, though, make yourself a hearty omelette. Toss some bell pepper, onion, and a bit of mozzarella cheese in there. Add some meats if you like.
Really doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes tops, and makes me a lot happier than cereal or oatmeal throughout the day.

eggs and wheat toast

will actually satisfy your hunger

instant oatmeal is just as bad

How about eating cereal that isn't absolutely loaded with sugar?
Honey Bunches of Oats are god tier

A good alternative to cut down on sugar and calories with cereal is use almond milk or other types of milk. A cup of unsweetened almond milk has 30 calories as opposed to 80 in skim which is the lowest calorie cow milk. If you want to cut down more calories/sugar find the "healthy" cereals at the store and look for one which will fit into your diet.
If none of that works, then oatmeal is probably the way to go
honey bunches of oats have about just as much, if not more, sugar than the typically sugary cereals

Shit you're right about Honey Bunches of Oats
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Bran and (live culture) yogurt

Oats (rolled, steel cut or whole. Soak overnight in water to speed up cooking time by like 80% and improve digestion. Add milk/milk substitute before cooking, using it to soak doesn’t have great results in my experience).

>instant oatmeal is just as bad
It's not nearly as bad but it certainly isn't regular oatmeal that nobody has time to make unless they clock in past 9AM.


I thought the same too for a while
honestly any cereal can be fine tho as long as you're watching how much of it you eat and how many calories you're taking in

I should get a toaster oven to bake biscuits for breakfast Y/N

Plain rolled oats and unsweetened onions or almond milk. Nuke it for three minutes then sprinkle on some frozen fruit. Add some hemp seeds, chia seeds, or ground flax for some extra nutrition. This is my breakfast most days.

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Rolled oats cook in 1-2 minutes if you soak them overnight

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Go to the supermarket and get frozen fruit, low sugar/carb yogurt, milk if you prefer that and some grains. Blend that bastard up and you got yourself a low carb/sugar drink that keeps you full.

What kind of oats are you guys having? Oats can easily be eaten raw with milk. But if you want to cook it, a microwave oven can cook it in 2 minutes. That's my breakfast every morning. 1 part oats, 2 parts water, a pinch of salt, in a bowl, microwaved for 2 mins. A little sugar on top, and you're good to go. A filling meal that's rich in fiber.

Don’t think you’re supposed to eat them raw, look up phytic acid. You can just soak them rather than cooking to get rid of it, but who wants to eat cold, wet oats?

Oats are pretty much the only weight loss approved cereal. They're traditionally eaten warm, but nothing is stopping you from cooking a big batch the night before, and refrigerating them. Throw in some chopped nuts/frozen fruit/fresh fruit for texture. Sweeten lightly with honey or agave, or Splenda/Stevia (for zero calories). Throw in a tablespoon of PB if you want it more substantial. They sugar free preserves but they kinda taste like ass. You can make oatmeal taste however u want it to be. Just don't throw in 30 grams of sugar like an average bowl of cereal-cereal.

Peanut butter and almond bars