Hey Jow Forums

Hey Jow Forums,

From consuming a vicious combination of both anime and redpill content,
I have gotten myself into a position where both my expectations of women are astronomic AND I can look through almost any deception and naturally assume the worst.
It's a damn shame because many girls show interest in me all the time because I'm smart, funny and good-looking.
Oh, and I actually managed to stay a virgin until now at 22.

And it's not even like I have anxiety or like I'm introverted. The opposite is the case. I also have lots of friends.
It's like, people actually think I'm trolling them when it comes up an I tell them that I'm a virgin.

The problems, well I have two problems that I can see:
1. I never EVER lose control over myself. You see, I am an extremely logical and calculating person. I would never do something irrational based on stupid emotions.
2. 3DPD is just that bad, isn't it? I will give you some examples, and there are many like that:
2.1. "The girl who has a boyfriend"
>Go to a party
>Girlfriend of some guy who I'm friends with
>Obviously hitting on me, I know what this looks like
WTF? I mean, that is so cheap, this fucking bitch is trying to cheat on her bf with me. I don't care if it's with me, I don't care for stupid lying cheating bitches, get lost.
2.2. "The whore"
>girl tells me about how many guys she has slept with
>tells me I'm hot and wants something from me
WTF? I mean, get lost fucking thot, we are not in Babylon, for Christ's sake.
2.3. "The landwhale/ugly girl"
>actually hits on me
Well, it's understandable, so I just let them down gently.
2.4. "I'm with stupid"
>Girl lacks all the flaws above
>I try some banter
>Girl does not get it
>Ask her something provocative
>Girl agrees with me, even though it was obviously a provocation
WTF? Don't you have your own opinion?

I think you will see my point. There are no girls like in anime in real life. Fuck real life.

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>You see, I am an extremely logical and calculating person. I would never do something irrational based on stupid emotions.

My man you're describing autism.

Also you say all that and then like 200 words into your manifesto you say

>I mean, get lost fucking thot, we are not in Babylon, for Christ's sake.

Which is an emotional judgement and reaction.

That's not a contradiction.
When I say
>I would never do something irrational based on stupid emotions
It means that my judgment would not be swayed by sexual stimuli or something like that.
>I mean, get lost fucking thot, we are not in Babylon, for Christ's sake.
Is a judgment based on values it's the opposite of that

Your values are emotional.

All values are emotional. Thats what makes OP a real faggot. He's unwilling to stand behind his convictions and instead needs to pretend that they're objective reality rather than a self imposed aesthetic which often leads to outcomes not concurrent with his desires.

"you cannot derive an ought from an is" or otherwise known as Hume's law

Values, therefore, can apriori not be derived from logic. It's a trivial observation.
I know what I said, and you know how I meant it. What's your point?


meanwhile he faps away to 2D waifus with the same background of the ones mentioned in his post

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>vee smashes a fembot arcanine style.mov

No, I would never fap to mai waifu, she is too pure for that.
I only fap to the purest guro and ryona shit that is only found on the deep web.
It is honestly at a point, that when I'm browsing doujins on nhentai, and a lewd of mai waifu commes up, then I will never click on it because that is heresy.
You see, my issues go even deeper than just that.

>What's your point?

If you went out and got your dick sucked you wouldn't be sitting here trying to compile human beings as if they were pieces of code and trying to argue your incel status, you'd be happier.

But happiness is an illogical emotion for dumb humans amiright?

You see, my problem is not that I fail at decompiling them like pieces of code - that works just fine, and it's actually quite interesting.
What is the problem is that I don't like what is written inside that code.

Also, the term incel is not correct.
It means "involuntarily" celibate. If I reject them by myself, then it is by definition voluntarily.

Oh, and
"If you went out and got your dick sucked you wouldn't be sitting here" => "you'd be happier"
Is a false derivation. I mean, I would have lots more problems, and I would have far less time to do the things that are actually interesting and important.
I don't actually care that much about sex, I want an emotional connection, not something petty like what you are describing, roastie.

>I want an emotional connection

>You see, I am an extremely logical and calculating person. I would never do something irrational based on stupid emotions.


Let me correct that phrase.
>You see, I am an extremely logical and calculating person. I would never do something irrational based on stupid emotions.
>You see, I am an extremely logical and calculating person. I would never do something impulsively at the moment, because I would never be overwhelmed by desire, due to a combination of iron self-control and lowish sex drive. I always without exception think about my actions before taking them.

That should be more clear. Don't be petty and hang up on semantics.

>I always without exception think about my actions before taking them.

Yeah you do? Where did that get you in life?

>have gotten myself into a position where both my expectations of women are astronomic and naturally assume the worst.

Well, I also have a degree in Maths,
a lot of Friends,
good relations with my family,
knowledge about lots of different things,
lots of ideas and ambitious projects,
and I'm extremely hardworking so everyone expects me to start my own business soon.
I have a pretty good life, all around, but no emotional connection.

So, you think I should lower my expectations?
That's a problem because I have pretty much been living by the motto:
"Never compromise, not even in the face of Armageddon"
And it worked out pretty well so far.

And which exactly? The part about whores, or should I steal the gf of one of my friends?
That wouldn't give me what I want anyway I think.

I think you should spend less time on the internet and also not be so fucking autistic to think that there only exists 2.4 types of women in the world or whatever it was you were writing earlier.

Those were examples.
There are many more of course

You sound really narcissistic and boring

Well, of course, I would sound like that when I describe something one-dimensional.
Why would I even try to avoid sounding like that here?

And I have absolutely no problems with anything that would be related to being this way at all.
Like, no one who ever saw me thinks that. I'm like the absolute theoretical opposite of an NPC.

>that's the textbook definition of narcissism
Well, except when it's objectively true. I'm actually not narcissistic at all, I mean, what do you expect?
Do you want a post about myself to not be focused on me?

roasties completely BTFO by based autistic chad user.

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the reason no "good" girls want you is bc they can smell that you fap to guro and ryona you freak

Oh, my problem is not rejection.
You see, I'm post the event horizon where the question "does the girl want me" is even asked.
Literally, every girl wants me, but they are all shit.

My problem is not the "I can't get the girl that I want"-problem.
It's the "I can get any girl, but they are all shit problem".

To make it as clear as possible:
I was once talking to a girl I met for the first time, and after 20 minutes I told her to the face:
"I'm a virgin, and I only fap to the purest guro and ryona shit because 3D pig is disgusting".
And she wanted me after that. Granted, she might not have known what those things mean.

You are the literal definition of an NPC. You are an autistic automaton with no original thoughts.

You mean autistic OP BTFO by logic.

alright now i know you're just making shit up

I swear to god, all of this is true.
Why don't you believe me?

Have you ever seen a thread like this here? If it is "not original", why is it then so extreme that people don't believe it? it can really be one or the other.

"Literally, every girl wants me" is a subjective perception.
There are probably some who don't.
But it's really overwhelmingly the case.

We get threads like this every day. There are lots of narcissistic delusional people who come here. It's always the same story.

>I am a literal demigod, the best man in everything, also the nicest guy in the world
>why don't girls like me stupid bitches whores cunts

You're nothing new, not a special snowflake. Just another guy who is completely deluded about his own worth.

>why don't girls like me stupid bitches whores cunts
But girls DO like me.
I don't like THEM.
Don't you understand?
Oh, and if you don't believe this, or think my judgment on this is bad, then it's your problem, not mine.

How do you know this? With your autism it's very likely you misread signals. Especially because you come across as a completely insufferable cunt. That's not a quality girls are attracted to.

Try misinterpreting the following sentences:
"user, You are hot"
"user, Kiss me"
"user, I want to have sex with you" (That's only happened once, granted)
"user, You are very handsome"
"user, you want my number?"
"Oh, I'm really attracted to you, what would happen if you did something?"
"Nice ass"

Try misinterpreting the following signals:
A girl blushes when talking to me
A girl tries to kiss me
A girl makes out with me
A girl grabs me by the dick

And people tell me:
"I thought she was your girlfriend, the way she acted towards you"
"user, why does she smile at you all the time?"

And I'm actually not bad at cold reading. On top of that.

>Especially because you come across as a completely insufferable cunt
Again, you can't judge me on how I come across here.
Imagine the following scenario:
I am actually a totally interesting and nice person, and I have the exact problem that is described here.
I mean, it's not possible AT ALL to describe this premise without coming off this way.
Just try looking at it from my perspective, instead of projecting everything on yourself.
All of it is true.

>There are no girls like in anime in real life. Fuck real life.
You're free to remain a virgin weeb for as long as you want. What the fuck do you want advice on you annoying piece of shit?

Why so Triggered, Roasties?
Aren’t you supposed to tell me that “not all women are like that?”
Or something reasonable? Instead of autistic screeching?

nothing you wrote says you are interesting or nice. it says that you are attractive and only attract women into flirting or hooking up, you are what you attract.

This is a board for advice, you aren't asking for advice on anything.

My advice is for you to remake this on Jow Forums

No my question is: what should I do?

I am interesting because I said so. I don’t need to prove anything

What do you want? This still applies >You're free to remain a virgin weeb for as long as you want

I already said, I want a gf that I could have a real emotional connection with, and not just a superficial cheating whore like all normal women

You can't have that.

Nice argument, you sure showed him what’s what.

Why not? I really want that

You should try generalizing about women more. They really love that.
You know what your problem is? Sure, you could theoretically bag any women, but the real test in life is seeing if she is willing to put up with every gross thing about you. Consider that first, and come back here. Maybe don’t jack it to guro.

They are. I’m pretty open about every gross thing about me. And again, I don’t have a problem with getting or keeping women. You are just completely talking to a stereotype in your mind that hast absolutely nothing to do with me. At least read my posts before posting.

Not possible. A girl who behaves just like would be a huge entitled cunt and you couldn't handle it.

>I am actually a totally intetesting and nice person
No. You're not. A nice person would write nothing of the sort of things you have. A nice person is not an angry person with a god complex and extremely argumentative who thinks he is better than everyone. Which is exactly what you are.

What makes you think you are interesting? If all your hobbies are animu and vidya?

I could handle an entitled cunt, as long as she is loyal and interesting.

You can be those things and still nice. You don’t know me. I am far more complex then you think.

>What makes you think you are interesting.
I won’t answer that, but it’s so overwhelmingly obvious that no one who ever saw me could possibly question it.
Also my hobbies are not only anime and vidya(I’m fact I don’t even play vidya).
I don’t need to prove it. Take it as a hypothetical.

>I won’t answer that
>I don't need to prove it

You don't have to answer or prove anything on this vietnamese basket-weaving manifesto - but nearly 24 hours after making your your thread, everyone agrees that you certainly at least sound like a boring entitled autist with delusions of grandeur.

>And again, I don’t have a problem with getting or keeping women.

You sound like a compulsive lair as well.

I never lie. That is one of my good qualities.
And my model of reality is extremely accurate, I have no delusions. The only difference is that I’m actually honest

The people who are telling you you are a boring entitled autist with delusions of grandeur are honest. But you never lie, is it?

>1. I never EVER lose control over myself. You see, I am an extremely logical and calculating person. I would never do something irrational based on stupid emotions.
This entire thread, you have lost control immediately, and acted completely on emotion. Like a hysterical chicken. Seriously, what logic is there in continuing to post in this thread?

Well, it is clear that you can’t give me advice retarded roastie.
You are so Triggered

>I never lie

You say

>I don’t have a problem with getting or keeping women.

and you started this thread by telling everyone that you're a virgin & making a list of all the girls have troubles with.

so tired of hearing every incel play this game with himself. get your fucking shit together.

And now you lash out in anger. You were supposed to never lose control? What did you expect from this thread, did you expect people to be awe in how great you are and sing praises to you? Since you are such a logical creature, what were you thinking you were going to get?

You'll grow up one day, I used to be like you. You'll need to realize it's not as black and white as you think.

Hello rebbit. I too am very smart and hate joy. Like Rick from Rick and Morty always says (wubba lubba dub dub xd) happiness is a farce for people with IQs below 120. You have to have a really high IQ to understand everything sucks and nothing is your fault.

>le triggered
Liberal roastie DESTROYED and TRIGGERED with FACTS and LOGIC (gone sexual) (GONE WRONG) (COPS CALLED)

>tfw I'm literally OP
It's hard bro, I feel your pain.

WAAAAAH WHY WONT GIRLS FUCK ME!!!!! Every fucking thread amounts to the same baiting bullshit. I dont even know what the fuck is real anymore. Imagine if you found a girl you like but she thought about men like you think about women, it wouldnt work out very well for you, would it?

>virgin at 22
Because you a motherfucking coward, bro, don't delude yourself otherwise

Are you also a tryhard autist with a messiah complex?

>i managed to stay virgin until 22
>i managed
look at this faggot and laugh, I just turned 27 today, 13 more years till wizardry.

Did you even read the thread?

Did you read the thread?

Why so Triggered Roasties? Guess you shouldn’t have been whores in your life

>I'm smart, funny and good-looking.
I've never heard anyone smart, funny, or good-looking just broadly describe themselves this way. Ever.
I'd ask OP to post a picture but I'm guessing we're not going to get there.

We've all read your "I'm great and everyone else is lame" diatribe. We're just wondering why the fuck you need to come to Jow Forums if you're so self-assured and have such a clean, clear grasp of everything at ripe ol' 20somethin'.

You guys never realize how painfully, objectively obvious you come off as, but in your head, you've developed innumerable systems to prevent you from ever accepting doubt, blame or responsibility. Your brain is a machination of mental gymnastics the likes of which could really, truly only succeed on Jow Forums, bitter, backwards and regressive as it is.

I'd offer advice of any sort if you weren't hooked up to a fucking IV of your own goddam kool-aid. I don't have interest in throwing coins into a bottomless well, and that's kind of what you and your thread are.

I guess you can keep being a single virgin, and the rest of us will move the fuck past beliefs we ascertained at age four-fucking-teen.

>he's from Europe
Never mind I found the problem
Forget it, false alarm. Everyone clear out, he's just European.

You really gave it to me there, roastie.
But again, your whole post can be summed up with:
>I-I don’t believe you, t-this c-can’t be true.
I already got some nice advice from GUYS, you see, roast, there is nothing you could tell me that is reasonable. You are just a stupid triggered roastbeef, you completely failed to think in the hypothetical, you seem to lack empathy as you STILL continue to talk not to me but a stereotype in your head. So get lost.

I'm a man who's been in a loving relationship for seven years, you're a young guy who projects on the internet and needs Jow Forums to validate his inability to get women. Oh, right, I'm sorry, the problem is just that every woman on Earth isn't up to your standards of 'anime girls.'

Amazing. I am in awe of your ability to handle life. You're so cool and good.

People grow out of thinking in hypotheticals when they're teenagers. Hypotheticals are the definition of useless, that's why they're hypotheticals and not real world experience.

Also, you are a stereotype. You fill every check box for the stereotype. You're literally just a stereotype who thinks he's not a stereotype.

I know I'll never make it past your intense mental gymnastics, but maybe we can plant the seed of self-awareness just once.

After all, lying on the internet is easy. Europeans would know a thing or two about shitting on people by lying about who or what they are, now, wouldn't they...?

>Being so triggered that you actually reply with 3 posts.
>Reddit spacing
>Claiming to be a man
>Hypotheticals are the definition of useless
Hypotheticals are the same as empathy, as by definition empathy is: "inserting yourself into the other person's position"
Triggered, lying and apparently sociopathic cunt detected.

All science is basically made like this: Assuming A and B, then C is valid.
All math and all natural sciences are hypothetical.
And quite in fact, it's impossible to have an IQ over 80 without the hypothetical. I am impressed you can even use the computer like that.

>You fill every check box for the stereotype
>The checkboxes.
Name even one checkbox that I fill, I am the OPPOSITE of that stereotype.
Except of course, if everything I said is false or even better yet, the opposite of what I said.

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>goes on Jow Forums and bitches at people with anti-woman propaganda
>thinks he's 'smart, funny and good-looking'
>thinks women are the enemy
>broad, sweeping generalizations against everyone
>anyone he doesn't like is a woman or a woman apologist

I can keep going, if you'd like.

>goes on Jow Forums and bitches at people with anti-woman propaganda
You bitch I just reply to your hatered. And anti-women propaganda implies this isn't my own experience.
>thinks he's 'smart, funny and good-looking'
It's true. So you are just don't believe me, fine.
>thinks women are the enemy
I never said that. I'm just disappointed with the state they are in.
>broad, sweeping generalizations against everyone
You literally just said I am a stereotype. I never generalized even once in this thread, if you would actually care to read it and not just assume everything.
>anyone he doesn't like is a woman or a woman apologist
There is literally only one cunt who uses Reddit spacing in this thread who literally is a triggered Roastie, don't you get that I want advice from men who were in a similar position? You are a stupid, retarded roastie, you literally can't contribute here.

Also what stereotype is that even?
The autist? The incel? The Jow Forums user? The European?

All of the above. Anything I say, you're just gonna refute with some platitude.

Eh, I don't expect much out of west Europe. It's kind of like the retarded baby of the world by now.

I mean, your OP opens with all the things I mentioned, you're just not interested in the truth that inconveniences you.
You'll live alone and sad for the rest of your life, constantly blaming others and hoping to God some woman sees through your self-wrought walls.

There's no helping you, no Jow Forumsice to be given to you that will do you any good. Sorry.

>You are a stereotype
>You are EVERY stereotype
Well, you at least are retarded.

>constantly blaming others
Look, again, I never even blamed others in this thread, if you would actually care to read it.
>and hoping to God some woman sees through your self-wrought walls.
user, for the 10th time, I am not your stereotype.
Do you know how I could get a gf?
If I just said "Yes, sure" next time a girl wants to be my gf. And that happens regularly.
I don't need a woman to "take the time to look at me", they all do anyway.
That is not my problem, and I never claimed that it was my problem.

Just actually read the fucking thread for once.

Since you're so hungry for replies, you dirty little slut (You).

Imagine you ask someone:
>I have a situation X and I want Z.
And the people reply with:
>I don't believe you that you have situation X, in situation Y(that you have and that is unrelated to X) you should do A to get Z.
>Well fair enough, but I have situation X and not Y, could you just assume that X is true and reply to it accordingly?
>REEEEEEEEEE, you don't have X REEEEEEEEEE do A, REEEEE you are just delusional and have Y, do A. REEEEE
This is literally retarded.

So what advice does he need?
How to stop hating women? Because we can't help him with that, he's gonna want a therapist.
How to meet women? Fuck, man, I hate when Europeans ask this. Go and fucking meet them, you ridiculous tool belt.
Or maybe he's just looking for validation for his belief that "3DPD" is the worst. Wow, what a funny, attractive guy. I totally believe everything he says and that he's not just wildly projecting onto Jow Forums so as to obtain validation he does not get in real life.

I could accept that he's telling the truth but instead of just asserting it, he goes down with this sinking ship, burning it to the base.

What, exactly, does he want advice on and why does it have to be on Jow Forums if he doesn't want advice? He could take this to /b/.

But he knows he'd get ignored on any other board. So he's here, hating on women, acting like he's not a dime a dozen Jow Forums user.

>All science is basically made like this: Assuming A and B, then C is valid.
>All math and all natural sciences are hypothetical.

Holy shit did you really just say that

>reasoning with western Europeans
Good luck.

If you boil it down, all science is basically a giant list of derivations.
That is literally the first thing you learn in linear algebra.

I'm just imagining a full downie retard who thinks he's smart beautiful,and funny while all the local girls have this ongoing joke to provoke reactions out of this fella by grabbing his dick and what not to see him sperg out

>all the local girls
Well, it's a global conspiracy then.

>who thinks
Just assume everything I said is true, I mean this is my own fucking advice thread.
There is no chance that I am wrong on any of those points.
Why can't you work with what I said? Are you literally too stupid to assume it to be true? Or can you not imagine someone like this actually existing because you lack imagination?
Also, why are you THIS triggered by my post?

Well, maybe he wants to know IF all women are like that, or if/where there are exceptions to the things he described.
He wasn't even hating on women, he is hating on very specific things.
He didn't even say "all women are like that" and made it very clear that those are just examples of things which he doesn't want.

Yes, this. Thanks, user.
Maybe I just didn't say it clear enough.
This user is just telling me things that are completely unrelated to my situation.
A complete idiot.

Woah, easy virgin, It's a joke

>be a narcissist
>paradoxically lack any self-awareness

OoOoOo you should stare into that lake a little longer

Where did that European meme come from? OP completely acts like an American, plus he is posting from an American timezone. It's obvious OP is not European, they are smarter than that.

You keep saying you are smart, funny, and good-looking. Then shit on everyone else because you think you are better than them. Think about this for a minute, what makes you think I am not smarter, funnier, better-looking than you?

Hint: I most likely am. Wouldn't you feel stupid if you boasted about these qualities, and all this time I've been superior to you in every way while you've called me a "roastie".

Well, if you have an IQ under 80, you can't be smart.
Hint: It's a hypothetical, you have problems with those

And I'm almost certain, you at some point in this thread wrote:
"b-but then you wouldn't have any problems with getting girls then", but before you posted that, you remembered that I claimed this to be the case.
My claims are entirely self-consistent. You just can't deal with someone like me existing.

>Then shit on everyone else because you think you are better than them.
>on everyone else
No, there is only one idiot with Reddit spacing in this thread and that is you.

>Think about this for a minute, what makes you think I am not smarter, funnier, better-looking than you?
This sentence only proves that you are a complete idiot.
If you are those things, then, by all means, GIVE ME SOME REASONABLE ADVICE instead of constantly being butthurt.
If you are those things, then why are you so insanely offended by my posts?
Do you actually think, saying something like this would even remotely attack me?
I mean, I already said: it's not a subjective opinion what I'm saying. It's a proven fact, it's proven by so many different factors time and time and time again, that I don't need to discuss those points here. I KNOW it to be true. And it's not even narcissism or something like that, because even if I correct the sample for a huge bias, the data would STILL be overwhelming.

>boasted about these qualities, and all this time
I'm not boasting about them, I just want people to give me advice knowing the full picture. What is wrong with that?
If you had just believed me from the start and said something reasonable with that in mind, then I wouldn't need to repeat that.
It's literally not possible to present this problem without mentioning these facts, so what should I have done?

I don't think you can be that smart if you think that the 10-20 posters who called you an autistic entitled faggot are just the one and the same.

Look at the reddit spacing. He also continues to use the same retarded “European” accusation.

>one line
>reddit spacing

At least all reddit spaced posts that accuse me of being European are definitely from the same person. There aren’t that many oneliners in this thread anyway

That is obvious to everyone. You are far too dumb to be European. That you actually think I'm that shitposter should make you ponder that you are not as as smart as you think.

What even is "Reddit spacing?"
If you try to break paragraphs on Reddit's format, it will just reformat it to the nearest space. So it'd look like
>I'm typing my paragraph, but I want to break
>So I do this.
normally, but on Reddit
>I'm typing my paragraph, but I want to break So I do this.

Jow Forums very much led me astray on how Reddit's formatting works. I'm not sure what's more sad, the fact that the accusation is blind or the fact that Reddit's formatting is so Rookie 2003.

I never said you are and I don’t think so desu.
What’s your point? I probably replied to some people calling me names as if they were that person. But it doesn’t change the fact that he was shitting up my thread for multiple days. If you think it is possible to decipher who is who flawlessly in a Jow Forums thread then you are the bigger foul between us two.

>he's still in his thread
I think the problem is that you're looking for validation, not advice, and so the negative replies in your thread are a response to your attitude in general rather than the topic at hand (which, again, appears to be more of a vent than a request of advice).

Maybe you'd get better results and not have to lurk your thread for actual days (*snap*) if you lightened up and refined your initial approach so as to get a more direct avenue for advice.
Not that I'm terribly sure you want to hear anything but whatever it is you came to this thread to get.

You call yourself intelligent, yet I'm one of the many you called "roastie", an incel meme term, despite being a male. Just think, if you were wrong about such a little detail, how many other things have you also been wrong about?

Don't worry, he has a response to that...